Fethiye Paragliding

30-40 min. Flight

Fethiye'de yamaç paraşütü yapmak istiyorum

Security 100%

Fethiye Paragliding

100 Photo shoot

Fethiye Paragliding
Fethiye Paragliding
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Everything you need to make your dream come true is here!

Skilled, Professional and friendly instructors, high level of safety, modern parachute equipment, world’s most beautiful view and a group of passionate soulmates to support you!

Activities & Tours

Activities and tours to be done in Fethiye

Sky Fethiye is the most reliable paragliding center. We are the number one choice for the Tandem Paragliding. We are proud to offer first-class paragliding service to guests from all over the world, accompanied by the perfect view of Ölüdeniz. You can call us for Fethiye Paragliding prices.

Accompanied by a magnificent view of the Ölüdeniz
do you want to do a paragliding?

Butterfly Valley Tour Opsion

If you inform your pilot that you want to see the Butterfly Valley from above before your flight, we can offer you this experience in the sky, depending on the availability of the weather

Hight Excitement Option

If you want an adrenaline rush and want more during your flight, this option is right for you. Just let us know your aerobatic request.

Flight Experience At Sunset

If you want to fly with the sunset in the most beautiful view of the world. This option is right for you. Just let us know if you want a sunset flight when you book your flight.

Pilot Experience in The Sky

You wonder what it feels like to be a paragliding pilot? We can give you the controls, and you can fly the paragliding by listening to our instructions.
Paragliding Tour Program
General information about the activity
If your hotel location is in Ölüdeniz, Ovacık, our shuttles can pick you up from your hotel for paragliding 20-30 minutes before your flight. Or you can come to the shuttle departure point in Ölüdeniz 20-40 minutes before your flight.
Our shuttle will bring you to our office 10-15 minutes before the flight. You can leave your bags etc. you want to leave at our office.
When your flight time arrives, we leave our office and take our shuttles to our paragliding track to Babadağ. After a journey of 25-30 minutes, we arrive at the hill where paragliding will take place.

After reaching the top, check for the availability of weather and prepare flight if weather conditions are suitable for weight limits. Right after you put on the flight equipment, your paragliding pilot will tell you what to do during takeoff.

And your paragliding flight begins. You can start enjoying the world’s most beautiful view.

After a 25-30 minute paragliding flight, we land at Ölüdeniz beach and go to our office. If you wish, you can view your photos and videos, or you can upload all flight images to your phone with our special equipment.

You can shoot professional photos with about 100-150 GoPro, 4-5 full HD video shots and 8-10 360 cameras.

Our shuttles can drop you back to your hotel after your flight and image upload are complete.