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Paragliding rules are applications that have been put in place to make this most popular activity in aviation in the world safe. Especially after the 2000s, with the start of commercial flights and the high demand for the activity, it became inevitable to regulate sports. While countries around the world determine this within the framework of different institutions, THK, the Turkish Aviation Institution, has brought some rules in Turkey. In our article, we will tell you what kind of rules there are in tandem flights that you love or aim to do this summer vacation.

Paragliding is a very fun activity. Especially when it is performed on the Babadağ summit of Fethiye district, the view of Ölüdeniz that you will see below will fascinate you. Those who will experience it for the first time will experience the most different and adrenaline-filled 30-35 minutes of their lives. These unforgettable moments are recorded and immortalized with photos and videos. In the following years, he participates in flights again and again. But there are some measures and practices that make such an adrenaline-filled sport innocent. Yes, flying is not an easy task. But with the rules of paragliding, it is possible to make it easy and safe. What are these? Let’s list it with short titles.

List of rules for paragliding:

  • In tandem flights, the responsibility and authority of the aircraft belongs to the pilot 100%.
  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet and life jacket.
  • During the flight, the pilot must have a first aid kit.
  • If the weather is favourable, you can jump with a parachute.
  • It is forbidden to jump and fly except for the specified number of people.
  • It is obligatory to have spare parachutes and inflatable boats for commercial flights.
  • Comfortable clothes are worn during the flight.
  • People with some health problems cannot do this sport.
  • Separate weight limits have been set for men and women.
  • Alcoholic jumping is prohibited.
  • There is a minimum age limit in paragliding.

THK has determined some of the rules above, and some of them have created flight schools over time. When all of these come together, the security level is high, and naturally a fun flight period emerges. Now we will write the details and reasons for these rules.

What are the Paragliding Rules?

Paragliding rules are something everyone is curious about . Because those who will try it for the first time want to have all the information about this sport with a detailed research. Height scares the person who does not reach that level. It’s natural. However, when you hear the rules and their explanations, you will overcome these fears. Because you will definitely witness how serious measures are actually taken. But what rules are applied when paragliding? What are the reasons? Here are the details…

a)      All Authority Belongs to the Pilot During the Process

At the top of the list of rules is authority and responsibility. These belong entirely to the pilot. In tandem, that is, commercial flights, pilots make many decisions such as the preparation of the aircraft, whether there is air suitable for jumping, and the duration of the flight. Participants cannot do anything according to their own wishes. If the pilot wishes, he can stop the activity early, even if he is in the air.

b)      Wearing a Helmet and Vest is a Paragliding Rule

Why would I need a helmet and vest when I’m in the air? Don’t think so. Flight schools have to consider even the slightest risk factor. Because your safety belongs to these people. Although rare, collisions with another parachute may occur during take-off. Or, although it is rare, a harsh attitude can be seen during the descent. For this reason, this rule is important for pilot and participant health. If the weather conditions allow, your pilot may allow you to remove your helmet.

c)      Aircraft Must Have First Aid Kit

Since it is an extreme sport, every possibility should be considered. Although it has not happened before, the parachute may get caught in a tree or a different injury may occur. The first aid kit is important for first aid until the teams arrive.

d)      Paragliding Is Done When Suitable Weather Conditions Occur

Among the paragliding rules, it is very important to jump at a time suitable for the weather conditions. As it is known, the correct wind level and direction are very valuable for the parachute to glide through the air in a healthy and comfortable way. Before the flight, the pilots make the necessary measurements and start or cancel the process accordingly.

e)      Number of Persons is Limited in Paragliding

Requests such as I want to fly with my girlfriend if we take my friend with us are common in this activity. However, tandem jumps are limited to 2 people. In other words, 2 people, 1 pilot and 1 participant, can get on the parachute. Normally, the power of the parachute is capable of lifting much more, but it is undesirable to risk the safety of individuals in this regard.

f)       Spare Parachute and Inflatable Boat are Required

paragliding rules is the obligation to have spare parachutes and inflatable boats. If there is a malfunction in the main parachute in the air, the backup parachute is immediately activated and a healthy landing is performed. Sometimes a forced landing on the sea can also be made. For this, a skewer boat is used.

g)      Wearing Comfortable Clothes While Parachuting

Wearing comfortable clothes is actually a recommendation rather than a rule. Because the more comfortable you are in the air, the better you can enjoy the sky and the scenery. Swimsuits and mini-lords are not recommended. Instead, long shorts, tights or trousers will be a good choice. Also, don’t forget to wear sunglasses and sneakers. Some demand flip-flops. This is not possible.

h)      People with Serious Health Problems Cannot Paraglide

Being in the sky gives you a lot of adrenaline. Since the dosage of entertainment is high, it is not recommended for people with certain diseases to participate, for their own safety. The most important among them are heart attack patients and asthma patients. Also, pregnant women, unfortunately, cannot be among us.

i)        Paragliding Has 105 Kilos Rule

Paragliding is one of the most durable aircraft. It has the engineering that can easily lift even a few tons of weight. However, in order to ensure 100% safety, the 105 kg rule has been introduced in this regard. In other words, individuals over 105 kilos cannot participate in the event. The main reason for this is that the pilot and the participant must be in parallel with a certain weight. Otherwise, there is a possibility of problems in the control of the aircraft.

j)        Paragliding cannot be done with alcohol.

The prohibition of alcohol is perhaps one of the most stringent issues among paragliding rules. Because an alcoholic participant can complicate the pilot’s job with the effect of adrenaline and alcohol in the air. This puts the safety of both people at serious risk. If you have drunk alcohol, please do not request skydiving. Also, be careful not to consume alcohol on the day of your reservation.

k)      There is an Age Limit Rule in Paragliding

There is an age restriction among the paragliding rules set by aviation schools. While this limit is shown as a minimum of 16, there is no rule for the upper limit. You can jump even at the age of 100. There are many people who already do this. But the lower age limit can be stretched to a certain extent. It all depends on the condition of the child and the preference of the pilot. It is possible to fly even with a 5-year-old child if he takes responsibility. As a matter of fact, we have already flown with small individuals many times .

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