Activities to be done in Fethiye

Activities To Be Done in Fethiye

Activities to be done in Fethiye , the pearl of the Mediterranean , local and foreign tourists have a wonderful summer holiday. Today, the region is often referred to as the trio of sea, sand and sun. However, there are great extreme sports in the nature that makes this place a paradise and in the sea that amazes with its view . From paragliding to ATV, from underwater diving to safari, it offers vacationers a unique experience. Perhaps this is the most important feature that distinguishes it from other seaside resorts…

As can be expected, the summer holidays are generally short-lived. Individuals spend an average of 1 week for this. As a matter of fact, a good planning is required in order to have a pleasant process. Because Fethiye Ölüdeniz is famous for its activity alternatives . With planning, each one can be experienced in turn and the door to unique entertainments can be opened. But what is on the list of activities to do in Fethiye ? As the SKY Fethiye brand, we offered you 7 days of fun that you will never regret doing. Here are the details…

Fethiye Daily Activity

Many entertainments are offered in all-inclusive concepts in the region. These shows, which mainly consist of private shows at the beach or poolside during the day, can lose their attraction for individuals after a while. Moreover, while there is a world full of entertainment outside the hotel, frankly, spending time in the hotel will not be a good choice. For this, daily activities will create great alternatives for you. After a hearty breakfast at your hotel in the morning, you will spend an unforgettable day with activities to do in Fethiye .

For a Unique Flight Experience in the Sky: Paragliding

When Fethiye or Ölüdeniz is mentioned, paragliding comes to mind first, whether local or foreign tourists. Every day, hundreds of flight enthusiasts flap their wings towards the clouds from the Babadağ runway, which has become a global brand. During this flight, which offers unforgettable views with its unique beauties, you witness the moments where you will say ‘I’m glad I did it’.

activities to do in Fethiye, of course, paragliding will be the best option for you. Every person must experience this activity before they die. In fact, tandem flight is just a holiday in itself. You will not be able to get rid of the effect all year, and you will tell your loved ones about the pleasure of being in the sky throughout the year. If you want to have information about flights and prices, you can use the SKY Fethiye communication line.

To Uncover the Mystery of the Underwater World: Scuba Diving

People have always been attracted under the seas and blues. It is a passion for many to see the life, living things and the workings of the cycle up close. In general, failure to realize this passion is shown as not being a good swimmer or not having enough equipment. End it now! With SKY Fethiye scuba diving activity, all you need is a swimsuit. We prepare all other needs and requirements for you. All you have to do is enjoy the mysterious world under the water.

Scuba diving is one of the most beautiful options among the activities to be done in Fethiye. Moreover, it is budget friendly in terms of prices. Even if you have no experience, you can realize this passion by giving small numbers. Contact us for detailed information.

For a Traditional Activity: Horse Riding

Horses have a great importance in history not only for our country, but also for humankind. Horses are one of the elements that bring people to a settled life and accelerate their development. These two creatures, who have always lived in harmony throughout history, continue to maintain their ties today. Among the activities to be done in Fethiye , you can remember these ties with horseback riding, and moreover, you can strengthen them. How about a day with nature on horseback on wonderful routes? If your answer is yes, we welcome you to the SKY Fethiye family.

Activities to be done in Fethiye

To Set Out To The Blues: Boat Tour

Above and below the sea is a passion for people. Watching the scenery as much as swimming is an important factor for achieving mental calmness. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find this serenity on the coasts. Because the central points now have an overpopulation of people. At this point, Fethiye boat tour, the importance of which is understood, awaits its participants for a daily activity.

fact, people do not have much difficulty in terms of activities to be done in Fethiye . Because this city has many alternatives. Boat tour is one of them and maybe even the most important one. The captain who steers his sails to the horizon with a limited number of people, the crew waiting for you to experience happy and fun-filled moments all day long, and delicious menus… Here is a great opportunity for you to enjoy your holiday.

For an Extreme Experience Intertwined with Nature: ATV Safari

An ATV vehicle is a very comfortable vehicle that drives in difficult terrain conditions. When this feature is combined with safari tours, it becomes a great option. Yes, if you haven’t traveled on an ATV with your loved ones on a route in the heart of nature before, you’re missing out. But it’s not too late. SKY Fethiye offers the best solutions to these demands. Take your place in Ölüdeniz ATV Safari before it’s too late .

Activities to be done in Fethiye

For An Unforgettable Extreme Activity: Jeep Safari

When Jeep Safari, one of the most enjoyable and adventurous activities in our country, is carried out in those unique beautiful fields of Fethiye, magnificent squares emerge. One of the sine qua non of jeep safari is tough and difficult terrain conditions. However, it is enjoyable that way. You will find this much in the route we have prepared specially for you. Moreover, with budget-friendly 2022 prices…

For Dancing With Water: Rafting

Rafting is a passion and indispensable for most people. In many parts of the world, this is accepted as a sports culture. There is also a great route in Fethiye Oludeniz region. Even just to experience this route, people from many parts of the world flock to it. In short, rafting has a special place among the activities to be done in Fethiye.

Activities to be done in Fethiye

To Challenge Speed in Water Slides: Aquapark

aquapark is a good choice to dive into cool pools in the summer heat, slide on adrenaline slides and have fun in wave pools . It has one of the largest facilities in the region. There are activities suitable for the taste of everyone from 7 to 70. Moreover, the entrance fees to other facilities in 2022 are at very reasonable levels. You and your family can have pleasant moments on a daily basis.

Fethiye Activity Prices 2022

Above, we have suggested many great activities for you. Of course, in order to participate in these, it is useful to have information about the prices. Because the holiday process is costly for holidaymakers. Even the smallest details matter. In 2022, the average fee for jumping with paragliding was determined as 150 dollars. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say anything clear about how many activities such as ATV, horseback riding, scuba diving and aquapark are available. Because there may be differences in the season according to the company and the process.

What to do in Fethiye Holiday?

It’s one of the questions we hear often. For those who have not been to the region before, there may be a daily activity problem. For this, we have presented you a list of activities to do in Fethiye above. It is useful to collect them in one place as follows:

  • paragliding activity
  • scuba diving activity
  • horse riding activity
  • ATV Safari activity
  • Jeep Safari activity
  • rafting activity
  • Aquapark activity

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