Babadağ Festival 2022


As the Babadağ festival 2022 program gradually began to be announced, the excitement of entertainment enthusiasts began to increase. The most famous artists of the country come to the concerts held every year on the 1200 meter summit of Babadağ under the name of Entertainment Dorukta. On the one hand, the music and the scenery, on the other hand, when the paragliding takes place, it is inevitable to have a wonderful day. We will see unforgettable performances this year. Who isn’t? Artists from all genres of music, from Koray Avcı to Manga , from Yaşar to Hande Yener, will be on stage.

How about having fun at a height of 1200 meters? If your answer is yes, Babadağ festival and concert event is just for you. You will witness the birth of stars after the sunset. If you want to get detailed information about the tightest organization of the region, you can read the rest of the article.

Babadag Festival 2022 Program

Babadağ is a natural wonder known only for its paragliding activities. However, it also offers great alternatives to individuals with its cultural and artistic activities. The program details of the concert and festival, which will also be held in 2022, have been announced. The most beautiful artists in the fields of pop, jazz, rock , rap and slow music will take over the Babadağ track. Tickets are on sale on Biletix platform. So who is performing this year? Here are the details…

List of concerts to be held at Babadağ Cable Car stage in 2022:

  • Cem Adrian – Friday, 8 July / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Hande Yener – Saturday, 9 July / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Murat Dalkılıç – Sunday, July 10 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Uğur Aslan – Monday, July 11 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Volkan Konak – Tuesday, July 12 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Serdar Ortaç – Wednesday, July 13 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Fatih Erkoç & Kerem Görsev – Thursday, July 14 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage

Babadag festivals 2022 artist list:

  • Hakan Altun – Friday, 15 July / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Melek Mosso – Saturday, July 16 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Haluk Levent – Wednesday, July 20 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Fire of Anatolia – Friday, July 22 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Taksim Trio – Saturday, July 23 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Emir Can İğrek – Sunday, July 24 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Koray Avcı – Tuesday, July 26 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage

Concerts on the Babadag 1200 meter track:

  • Berkay – Friday, 29 July / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Nil Karaibrahimgil – Saturday, July 30 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Yaşar- Sunday, July 31st / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Manga – Wednesday, August 3 / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Çakal & Reckol – Friday, 5 August / Babadağ Cable Car Stage
  • Fahir Atakoğlu – Saturday, 6 August / Babadağ Cable Car Stage


Babadag Cem Adrian Concert

Adrian , who has left his mark on the charts in recent years with his different musical style , will be on the Babadağ stage on July 8 at 21:00. The event start time is set at 18:00. You can prepare well for the night with master DJ performances before the concert. Or you can make your day beautiful by experiencing adrenaline-filled moments with paragliding. Tickets are on sale and the cheapest is 275.00 TL.

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Babadag Hakan Altun Concert

Altun , the living prince of Turkish slow music, will take the stage at the 1200 meter track as part of the Babadağ festivals 2022 . The artist, who is loved and listened to by everyone from 7 to 70, will be performing many of his old and new songs live here. Let’s say that the ticket price starts from 275.00 TL. If you don’t have a mania, make sure to attend the wonderful night.

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Babadag Melek Mosso Concert

In recent years, many female artists have achieved success in the industry. But the number of people who have their name permanently written on the market is quite small. Melek Mosso is one of them. With his distinctive voice and style, he is among the most listened singers today. We recommend that you do not miss the concert that will be held on the Babadağ Cable Car track. The front of the stage ticket price was determined as 660.00 TL.

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Babadag Haluk Levent Concert

we can say that the name Haluk Levent, which you call Turkish rock music, is a brand. Moreover, we liked him very much with his participation in charity projects in recent years. We can both have fun with their music and show our love by going to the Babadağ concert. You can take your place in this organization by paying 275.00 TL.

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Babadag Koray Avci Concert

Koray Avcı, who has an enchanting voice. He has already won the appreciation of all of us with the songs he has made in recent years. This time, we have the opportunity to watch him live on the Babadağ track. On Tuesday, July 26, the artist will be on stage at 21:00. Do not forget to participate in the activities before. Doors open at 18:00.

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Babadag Ibrahim Tatlises Concert

Everyone must have an İbrahim Tatlıses song in this life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he is the most listened and loved singer of the country. The master artist, who took a break from the stage for many years due to health problems, starts touring again in the summer of 2022. Babadağ will perform on the 1200 meter track as part of the festival. Ticket prices are a bit high, but considering the performance to be exhibited, it should not be missed. The lowest category is 330.00 TL.

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Babadag Manga Concert

On the night of August 3, Manga will once again meet with music lovers from Fethiye. This event on the Babadağ Cable Car track will start at 21:00. There is a 6-year-old rule at the event. Anyone above this limit has the right to participate. Moreover, the tickets are very reasonable. You can be a part of 2 hours of entertainment by paying a fee of 275.00 TL.

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Babadag Festival Ticket Price

Babadağ Cable Car Stage is getting ready to show unforgettable performances again in 2022. There is great interest from the participants, with only a few days before the events. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, how much is the Babadag festival ticket price? wonders the question. It should be noted that each artist gives concerts at different prices. For example, İbrahim Tatlıses tickets can go up to 2310.00 TL. Koray Avcı concert tickets are on sale for a maximum of 660.00 TL. Let’s take a look at how much is the activity of master artists .

Ticket price list of Babadag concerts:

Koray Avci 275.00 TL 660.00 TL
Ibrahim Tatlises 330.00 TL 2310.00 TL
Cem Adrian 275.00 TL 1210.00 TL
Hande Yener 275.00 TL 1210.00 TL
Hakan Altun 275.00 TL 1210.00 TL
Haluk Levent 275.00 TL 935.00 TL


Babadag Festival 2022 How Much TL?

Babadağ concert organizations is paid. You can only tickets through Biletix platform. ratios are sold differently for each artist. We can say that the average prices for the lowest category are 275.00 TL. There is also an increase by category. If you want to be at the forefront of the stage, you have to sacrifice a figure like 1000.00 TL.

Babadag Festival 2022 How Much?

Everyone who came out of a long and tiring winter began to look for concerts, events, entertainment and vacations in the summer of 2022. Most individuals prefer Fethiye Babadağ region to enjoy the sea and sun during the day and to spend a night full of music in the evenings. Especially in terms of concerts, Babadağ offers great options in July and August . You can be a part of the fun-filled process by adding a ticket price between 275.00 TL and 1000.00 TL to your holiday planning. As SKY Fethiye, we wish you a good night in advance.

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