Babadağ Paragliding Prices 2024

Babadağ paragliding price

Babadağ paragliding prices 2024 have been announced for 2024. Adrenaline enthusiasts can greet the earth from the sky with prices starting from 150 dollars, that is, around 4,500-5,500 TL per person. While planning a holiday for the summer, tandem flight, which is the famous activity of the Babadag region, is the focus of attention. To experience this excitement at an altitude of 1969 meters, we have compiled an article as a guide for those who are wondering how much is the single-person paragliding season.

Babadag tracks consist of different heights. The highest is 1969 meters while the shortest runway is 1200 meters. Since the jumping areas are a completely private business, they are subject to a certain fee. At the same time, it is a must to get private pilot service from an official flight school. All these costs are provided by you as a list of Babadağ paragliding prices 2024 at once . As the prices vary according to the season, there are also changes in the summer season from month to month. Here is the price list…

The most suitable Babadag paragliding prices in 2024:

  • Babadağ paragliding price for one person in 2024 – 150 Dollars *1,650 TL
  • 2024 early booking prices for Babadag flights – from 100 to 150 dollars
  • 2024 Paragliding price with a female pilot in Babadağ – around 4,500 TL
  • 2024 Babadağ paragliding discount flight – 4,500 TL
  • 2024 Video and picture price for paragliding in Babadağ – 1000-1500 TL

* Figures are for informational purposes only. Current rates are announced over the phone.

Babadag Paragliding Prices 2024 List

How much is paragliding on Babadağ runway this year ? The question has already been asked. While making their plans, holidaymakers first book the flight ticket, then the accommodation and finally the paragliding reservation. Because taking part in Babadağ track early is always affordable and cheaper. Babadag paragliding prices 2024 rates start from 4,500-5,500 TL (150 dollars) and are suitable for all budgets. When you add a tandem jump on Turkey’s most beautiful track, besides the sea, sand and historical elements that make up the paradise of the region, you open the door to an unforgettable holiday.

Amateur sky enthusiasts do not have the opportunity to make an individual jump in Babadağ. However, it is possible to fly with the SKY Fethiye brand with many advantages. You do not pay for the track and cable car. In addition, you do not need to rent the flight equipment, which is quite expensive. All in one package are available in the range of 100 – 110 – 125 and 150 dollars. Children are also included in this fee. If a female pilot requests, an extra amount has to be paid.

a)      Single Person Paragliding Price in Babadağ 2024

Tandem flights from Babadağ runway are made with one person. Two or more people are prohibited from parachuting. As a result, the fees are calculated according to the paragliding per person. The price of single person paragliding in Babadağ in 2024 starts from around 4,500 – 5.500 TL (150 Dollars). Of course, this figure varies during the season. It sees the levels of 110 – 150 dollars in places. For the flight, let’s say that the cheapest Babadağ paragliding prices are in June 2024.

The cheapest paragliding price in Babadağ for a single person in 2024:

Parachute price in Babadağ for April 2024 100 – 150 dollars 4.500-5.500 TL
Paragliding price in Babadağ in May 2024 100 – 150 dollars 4.500-5.500 TL
Parachute price in Babadağ for June 2024 100 – 150 dollars 4.500-5.500 TL
Paragliding price in Babadağ in July 2024 100 – 150 dollars 4.500-5.500 TL
August 2024 parachute price in Babadağ 100 – 150 dollars 4.500-5.500 TL
Paragliding price in Babadağ in September 2024 100 – 150 dollars 4.500-5.500 TL
October 2024 parachute price in Babadağ 100 – 150 dollars 4.500-5.500 TL

*Call us for current paragliding fees.

b)      Photo & Video Fee for Babadağ Paragliding 2024

Everyone wants to create an album of good memories by taking lots of pictures on holiday. Making happy moments immortal is something everyone dreams of. Moreover, taking photos and videos is very important in an adrenaline-filled activity such as paragliding. While Babadağ paragliding picture fee was around 1000 – 1500 TL in the past years , these prices are 1000 TL in 2024. During the busy August period, it can reach 1000 TL. During the flight, your pictures and videos are taken from many angles. At the end of the flight, these are transferred to the digital areas you specify. Every moment of your excitement is recorded.

ATTENTION: It is forbidden for participants to make phone calls with their personal devices on all Babadag region flights. This practice puts flight safety at risk.

c)      Parachuting from Babadağ How Much TL in 2024?

Imagine stepping into the void from a 1969 altitude hill. Those caring hands of the wind are gently gliding you in the sky. This is a feeling that everyone should try, whether they like the sky or not. Moreover, skydiving from Babadağ so that everyone can experience it consists of cheap prices starting from 1,650 TL in 2024. Apart from this payment, no other money will be requested from you. All services are included in this payment.

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Prices of Female Pilots in Babadağ Paragliding Event of 2024

The pilot team of Babadağ runway consists of 90% male instructors. However, the most reliable female paragliding pilots also serve for conservative and veiled female individuals. Paragliding in Babadağ with a female pilot is 100% in line with Islamic values. However, their prices are slightly higher than male pilots. Babadağ paragliding prices with a female pylon start from 125 dollars (4,655 TL) in 2024. The expanded price list is as follows.

Babadağ paragliding flight price for one person with a female pilot:

  • 2024 April Babadağ female pilot price – around 4.500-5.500 TL
  • 2024 May Babadag female pilot price – around 200 to 250 dollars
  • 2024 June Babadağ female pilot price – around 4.500-5.500 TL
  • 2024 July Babadağ female pilot price – around 200 to 250 dollars
  • 2024 August Babadağ female pilot price – around 4.500-5.500 TL
  • 2024 September Babadağ female pilot price – around 200 to 250 dollars
  • 2024 October Babadağ female pilot price – around 4.500-5.500 TL

* Figures are for informational purposes only. Prices are being updated.

The Cheapest Paragliding Companies in Babadag 2024

The sky is a passion and this passion can be easily reached with paragliding. While doing this, it is desirable to make a reservation with the cheapest prices. This is possible with the SKY Fethiye brand. We talked about the opportunities in detail in our Fethiye Paragliding prices article before. To put it briefly, the easiest way to fly cheaply from the Babadağ runway in 2024 is to make a group reservation. When you join with your large group of friends, you will have a considerable discount.

You can choose our SKY Fethiye flight school this year to find opportunities for Babadağ paragliding prices 2024. You can create your 24/7 reservations at affordable prices. Take advantage of your opportunity to be in a different excitement during your 2024 summer vacation right now. We wish you an exciting flight and a pleasant holiday. Have a nice day.

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