Bodrum Event Calendar 2022


Bodrum event calendar has been determined for the summer season of 2022. Bodrum, one of the most valuable tourism regions of our country, hosts more than one million domestic and foreign tourists every summer. Many factors can be counted in this. Its unique nature, the sea with every shade of blue, and its peaceful coves are some of them. But we must also add adrenaline-filled activities and concerts, festivals, theater and stage performances.

There are different details that make a holiday beautiful and special and unforgettable. When these are experienced, dozens of memories are left at the end of the holiday. You can do adrenaline activities during the day and jump, then dive into the cool waters of Bodrum beach and have your dinner with the sunset view in the evening. At night, you can say goodbye to the day full of art, music and dance with the Bodrum event calendar 2022 suggestions. So, which activities should you go to in Bodrum in summer? Here are the details…

Bodrum Event Calendar 2022
Bodrum Event Calendar 2022

Bodrum Events Calendar List

Bodrum event calendar list , which will be held in the summer of 2022 and will leave pleasant memories , has now been shaped in general. The venues and times of unique concerts and festival performances have been announced. Whichever of the suggestions and details you choose in this article, you will definitely not regret it. As the SKY Fethiye family, we wish you a fun-filled holiday in advance.

1.      Halikarnassos Bodrum Music Festival 2022

The festival, which will be held for the first time this year, will feature pioneers of 2 orchestras and 3 chamber music genres. In the festival program, the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Orchestra will also perform, as well as the master artists of their field. It was announced that the event will be held on 4-5-7-11 and 13 April. The venue will be held at the Herodot Cultural Center and Nurol Cultural Center venues. The program list is as follows:

  • Ney Master Ercan Irmak: 4 April at 20:30
  • Irina Nicotina – Julia Krepak – Aslı Tuncay: 5 April at 20:30
  • İzmir Clarinet Quartet: 7 April at 20:30
  • Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Orchestra: 11 April at 20:30
  • Halit Turgay: 13 April at 20:30

2.      Ahmet Aslan Solo Concert

Ahmet Aslan, who is shown as the representative of Anatolian music and fascinates music lovers with his one-man performances, will perform in Bodrum on Tuesday, May 24 at 21:00. There is a great demand for tickets. The event will be held on the stage of Bodrum Herodotus Cultural Center. If you like ethnic music, you should definitely experience this program, which is on our Bodrum event calendar 2022 list.

3.      Bodrum Jazz Festival 2022

This festival, which brings together the best representatives of jazz culture and gives the participants a jazz dream, will be held in Bodrum in 2022. He has a great list of performances this year as well. Jazz masters come not only from local but also from all parts of the world. The festival will be held on Thursday, June 16. You can visit the main page of the event website to purchase tickets. If you want to experience a different music experience during your summer vacation, all you have to do is buy a jazz festival ticket, which is on the Bodrum event calendar list.

Bodrum Event Calendar 2022
Bodrum Event Calendar 2022

4.      Bodrum Yachts Fest 2022

How about music and dancing on the sea? If your answer is yes, Bodrum Yacht Fest offers you a great opportunity. The festival has the concept of our country’s first boutique sea days. The event, which will be held for the first time , will be held on Thursday, June 16. Stay tuned to our website for up-to-date and detailed information.

5.      International Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival

Classical music is a passion. Wherever you rest, it gives you peace and makes you feel alive. If a live performance is experienced, it will be an unforgettable pleasure. Gumusluk Classical Music Festival, which is listed in the Bodrum event calendar 2022, is waiting for you. There will be dozens of different local and foreign artists on the stage and a classical music feast will be experienced. Here is the performance list:

  • Gulsin Onay & Ancyra Ensemble & Nisan Ak: 24 July at 21:00 – Ancient Stone Quarry
  • North Sea String Quartet: Monday, July 26 at 21:00 – Ancient Quarry
  • Kisuk Kwon : Thursday, July 29 at 21.00 – Zefirya
  • Meral Polat Jazz Trio: Sunday, August 1 at 20.30 – Gümüşlük Festival Center
  • Pablo Galdio : Wednesday, August 4th at 21.00 – Ancient Stone Quarry

Bodrum Concert 2022 Calendar

Bodrum has great alternatives for concerts and performances for music-loving holidaymakers . For the 2022 season, special names will sing their songs on Bodrum stages and will give people special nights. From electronic music genre to rap culture, techno It is possible to find an event suitable for almost every style, from sounds to pop music. So what ‘s on the Bodrum event calendar 2022 list? Here are the details…

A)     Edis Bodrum Concert 2022

Edis , one of the pioneers of pop music in Turkey and reaching 100 millions of listeners on digital platforms with the songs he has made in recent years , continues his tours. Bodrum will be one of its stops during the summer months. Edis Bodrum concert will be held on July 5 at 21:00 at the Antique Theater venue . Tickets are on sale. If you want to dance to Edis songs and have a fun-filled night, we recommend that you make a reservation in advance. Because the interest in the night is very intense.

B)      Sila Bodrum Concert 2022

Turkey’s best pop and slow music female artists, will perform her songs for Bodrum residents this time on her concert tour throughout the year. Tickets for the event, which is expected to take place at the Ancient Theatre, are on sale. We invite you here on July 1st. If you are wondering about Bodrum event calendar 2022 on holiday , we recommend this performance to you. You will have fun with its moving songs and you will be sad with slow songs.

C)      Mabel Matiz Bodrum Concert 2022

Mabel matiz, who has participated in Bodrum festival performances before, is preparing for an individual stage show this time. The date of the event was announced as July 8 at 21:15. It will take place at the Ancient Theatre, one of the most beautiful places in Bodrum that smells of art. A great opportunity to experience the artist’s special style live.

D)     Cem Adrian Bodrum Concert 2022

Music is sometimes much more than expectations. One of the rare artists who can reach these levels is Cem Adrian . Bodrum event calendar is getting ready to offer an unforgettable night to the holidaymakers and locals of the city within the scope of 2022. Whether it’s their own sounds or their covers , every minute of it will fascinate you. We invite you to the Ancient Theater on Saturday, July 16th. Tickets are on sale on Biletix page.

Bodrum Event Calendar 2022
Bodrum Event Calendar 2022

Bodrum Festival 2022

Bodrum is one of the first holiday regions that come to mind in our country when it comes to festivals. With its natural beauty, blue seas and historical texture, it offers great items to vacationers. When festival events are added to this, an enormous process emerges. For this reason , we have prepared the Bodrum festival 2022 calendar. You will have fun during the day and get your fill of music and art in the evenings.

Bodrum Festival List of 2022:

  • Bodrum Yachts Fest – 16.06.2022 / 07.08.2022
  • Bodrum Paw Fest – 25.06.2022
  • İdil Biret Music Festival – 01.08.2022 / 04.08.2022
  • International Bodrum Ballet Festival – 08.08.2022 / 16.08.2022
  • Heritage Festival Halicarnassus – 05.10.2022 / 09.10.2022
  • Bodrum Bridge Festival – 13.10.2022 / 16.10.2022
  • The Bodrum Cup – 17.10.2022 / 22.10.2022

full of concerts, festivals, art, history, dance, theater and music in Bodrum . We are constantly updating the events on our site. You can also follow us to get accurate information about Bodrum event calendar 2022.


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