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For domestic and foreign tourists who want to participate in Bodrum paragliding tours, where to do this activity is an important issue. In the summer, when the heat comes, the beaches are full of people. Those who want to enjoy the sun on untouched beaches flock to Bodrum beaches. The nightlife is as colorful as the daytime in this region. But entertainment here is not only music, dance, sea and sun. It also has many adrenaline activities options.

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This charming town of Muğla takes on a calm and serene atmosphere during the winter months. However, when the weather starts to warm up, domestic and foreign tourists come to the five-star hotels in the region for a holiday. Of course, every corner of the city is heaven. There are many options to relax and find peace. But sometimes people want to do something different during the holidays. Participating in original and adrenaline-filled activities is one of these requests. Bodrum paragliding comes to the fore at this point. But where can it be done? In this context, we have compiled a detailed article for you. We wish you pleasant reading.

How to do Bodrum Paragliding?

How to do paragliding in Bodrum is a matter of curiosity. Because there is no mountain or track suitable for this activity in the region. But you don’t need to be alarmed. Because you have the opportunity to experience the most beautiful flights in Fethiye, which is very close to here. You can also benefit from the transfer services in this event, where you will go and return as a day-to-day.

paraglide in Bodrum should first contact the SKY Fethiye flight school. Because only our company meets the skydiving demands in Bodrum. Afterwards, you can take advantage of the transfer conditions provided by us or you can come with your own vehicle. When you put your feet on the ground from the Babadag track, you can have a unique experience among the clouds. Moreover , you are floating like a bird over Ölüdeniz , one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world .

Those living in Bodrum should not be upset that there is no parachuting track. Now you have the opportunity to do this activity from the most beautiful track of the country. Moreover, you do not need to buy or rent any equipment for this. All you have to do is make a reservation. Afterwards, SKY Fethiye manages the whole process on your behalf. You can have detailed information through our communication tools.

Is There Any Place To Jump With A Parachute In Bodrum?

Skydiving is an activity that every person must experience in their life. Especially for individuals who have turned flying into a passion from a very young age, paragliding is the easiest and most accessible sport today. Our country has a wealth of tracks in this regard. There are great tracks in Denizli, Babadağ, Antalya and many other places. But unfortunately, there is no summit in Bodrum where this activity will be held. Today , Bodrum paragliding demands are met in the Ölüdeniz region.

Where to do Paragliding in Bodrum?

Bodrum region, which acts as a locomotive in the field of tourism in our country, hosts more than a million tourists every year. It would not be an exaggeration to say that every visitor admires this place with its deep blue sea and untouched bays. But for an unforgettable holiday, much more is needed than the sea and the beach. For example , the Bodrum paragliding event. If you want to talk about where it is held, there is a runway in Milas. But it is not possible to say that it is very suitable for this sport. But then where do we jump from? Here is the answer…

Milas runway is quite inadequate for Bodrum residents who want to fly. Jumps from a distance of about 400 meters are both short and do not include the process of meeting the excitement of this sport. If you’re wondering where it is made, let’s answer it. The best option in this regard is, of course, the Fethiye region. Because Babadağ track is one of the most beautiful and magnificent tracks in the world. With a height of more than 1900 meters, you can easily see that you are above the clouds without even jumping. When you let yourself go down the slope, you enjoy gliding through the clouds.

Best Company in Bodrum Parachuting

Flying is a branch that requires experience as much as it is exciting. Pilots engaged in tandem activities in this field receive training for a long time, and at the end of this, the program is completed with a certificate. Experience is very important in tandem flight. A pilot who is a professional in his field will have the motivation and knowledge that can reduce the excitement of the participants to a minimum. As a result, participants experience a much more enjoyable process. For this reason, the subject of the best company in Bodrum parachuting is important. Since the region is not at a very good level in paragliding , it is not possible to say that the flight schools are also top-notch.

Bodrum life paragliding , individuals should head to the Fethiye region. The jumps on the Milas track do not give the participants the desired excitement and pleasure due to the fact that the track is not high enough. SKY Fethiye, which has provided thousands of flight lovers with a sky experience for more than 15 years, is the leading flight school in the region. If you want to witness the most special moment of your life in the summer season of 2022, we are waiting for you.

Bodrum Paragliding Tours

The 2022 summer season continues unabated in Bodrum and its surroundings. Seaside, natural areas, breakfast places, restaurants and nightclubs are packed. Sometimes paragliding comes to the fore for a different and adventurous activity that gets rid of routine activities during the holiday period . In this context, we meet all the flight and adrenaline needs of the region with the Bodrum paragliding tours we organize.

Many individuals may be thinking about how to go to Fethiye region for a tandem flight. In fact, the distance between both locations is quite short. It is possible to reach the runway area in about 2 hours. Private transfer services are also available upon request. After your journey in the morning, you can do your activity and then return to your hotel. After this process, you will leave behind an unforgettable memory for the rest of your life.

Bodrum Paragliding Weight Limit

As in every activity, there are some rules in parachuting to ensure safety and make the process exciting. The most prominent issue in this regard is the problem of weight limit. It is possible to describe this subject as a lower and upper limit. The lower limit is set at 45 kilos. While the upper limit is 85 for women, this rate is accepted as 100 for men. Of course, if these rates are exceeded at a reasonable level, it is useful to consult the pilot’s initiative .

weight limit for Bodrum paragliding as over 45 kilos and under 100 kilos. In addition, pilot selection is made in proportion to the weight of the participants. It is precisely in this regard that the necessity of a high quality flight school emerges. Agreeing with the school, which has a large crew of pilots suitable for each individual’s flight, makes the process much more practical. On the other hand, we should state that the ideal upper limit for women is 85. Our pilots do not recommend that women above this limit fly. You can use SKY Fethiye communication tools to learn more about this subject and to find out if your weight is suitable for flight.

Who Cannot Do Bodrum Paragliding ?

Bodrum paragliding , which everyone from 7 to 70 has the opportunity to do, is not recommended to be applied by individuals in some special situations. As we mentioned before, the weight limit is one of these factors. The lower limit for men and women is 45 kilos. The upper limit is 85 kilos for women and 100 kilos for men. Of course, who can’t do this is not limited to these. We detail other factors below.

age limit can also be a limit for paragliding . The lower age limit for the flight may vary in each company. SKY Fethiye has set the lower age limit as 7 in this regard. This is the reason why we say that anyone from 7 to 70 can do it anyway. There is no restrictive procedure for the upper age limit. Whether you are at twenty or on your face, you can soar like a bird in the sky. In fact, the age of the oldest person in tandem flight in the world was 104, which entered the record books.

Is Bodrum Paragliding Dangerous?

Although people desire to fly, the feeling of leaving their feet in the void from a 1900 meter slope can often be frightening. Individuals who have not experienced this activity before are often asked ‘Is Bodrum paragliding dangerous?’ encounters the problem. The basis of this is that a person succumbs to gravity throughout his life from the moment he is born. The soul, as well as the body, gets used to this situation over time, and flying causes fear every time. Now we will explain to you about the safety of the tandem activity.

If the subject wants to fly, we can definitely say that paragliding is the safest among the parachute types. We can elaborate this in the light of scientific data rather than an opinion. The results of a study conducted at a university in the United States in recent years were quite surprising. According to this study, the mortality risk ratio of current sports activities was compared. According to the results, it was seen that the risk of death of an individual playing a football match was 7 times higher than an individual jumping with a parachute. As you can see, you can participate in this activity with peace of mind.

Of course, although it is a safe activity, Bodrum paragliding is carried to more levels when performed by a specialist flight school. Elements such as the quality of the equipment used, the durability and control of the equipment, and the experience of the tandem pilot both make the flight safe and make the process even more enjoyable. Of course, as the SKY Fethiye brand, we are proud of our position as the leading company of the sector.

Bodrum Paragliding Prices

Budgets are calculated while planning vacations. Of course, companies that always have the most reasonable rates in terms of activity are searched, since there are too many expenses during the summer holidays. This is a perfectly just and reasonable request. Bodrum paragliding prices are already meeting these demands in 2022. You pay an average of 150 dollars for a one-person event that you will jump off the Babadağ track. In addition, if you want to take photos and videos in the air, you pay a small amount such as 25 dollars.

Parachuting is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime activity. For this reason, this detail should not be overlooked when considering prices. If you want to add a different fun to your holiday in Bodrum, you can come to Fethiye and experience the most special 30 minutes of your life for an average of 150 dollars. We also have great solutions for you about transportation and transfer options. It is possible to have information about this subject via the SKY Fethiye communication line.

2022 Bodrum Paragliding Price:

  • 1-person tandem flight – $ 150
  • 2-person tandem flight – $300
  • 3 person parachuting price – 450 Dollars
  • Bodrum paragliding fee for 4 people is 600 – USD
  • In-flight photo and video shooting fee – $ 25
  • Bodrum Fethiye transfer fee – (inquire)

For those staying in Bodrum, the question of whether paragliding is expensive comes up very often. Of course, the fact that it looks like a luxury activity from the outside has a big share in this. However, it is a sport that every budget can easily do. You have the opportunity to have the most special moments of your life by paying a small amount of 150 dollars in the 2022 season . Of course, this fee does not include a photo shoot or transfer service fee.

Bodrum Parachute Jump How Much TL?

Tandem flights have very reasonable rates for those living in the Bodrum area. Although there are many companies providing services in the sector, the number of those who make performance and price ratios is quite low. SKY Fethiye stands out as the best option in this regard. As in previous years, we continue our services in the new year with the most sincere price policy. The answer to the question of how much is 150 dollars for the year 2022. Of course, it should not be forgotten that these tariffs may change periodically.

How Much is Paragliding in Bodrum ?

Flight prices in each region are carried out with different tariffs. For example, since the Milas runway is at a short level, the fees are more reasonable. However, the rate of time and enjoyment in the sky is also low. Milas flight cost is around 900 TL on average. While investigating paragliding prices in Bodrum, most people turn their route to Fethiye region for this reason. Because it would not be an exaggeration to say that the tandem flight possibilities of this place are in the first place in the world.

Bodrum Tandem Price

The type of flight performed by a professional pilot and an inexperienced person is called tandem. Thanks to this method, participants do not need any equipment or training. Pilots manage the whole process. The price is at an ideal level. You will only pay 150 dollars for your tandem flights in Fethiye in 2022. If you want to immortalize this exciting moment with photos, you pay a $ 25 payment.

How many km is it from Bodrum to Fethiye?

There are many transportation options for those who prefer Fethiye quality for paragliding in Bodrum . Thanks to the water options, you can come to Ölüdeniz for a day, enjoy parachuting and even enjoy the sea on unique beaches. Thus, you will add a new place to your holiday. But how many kilometers from Bodrum to Fethiye? According to the results of the calculations, there is a distance of 232 kilometers by road. It is possible to complete this distance in 2 hours with a personal vehicle.

There is also a bus among the transportation alternatives for Bodrum residents who want to participate in Fethiye’s unique paragliding experience. Buses departing from the center arrive in Fethiye region in about 3 hours. If you leave early in the morning, you can take your seat on the noon flights. We also have a private transfer service for you as part of the Bodrum paragliding tour . You have the option of both arrival and departure for these transfers, which are carried out once a day.

Above, we have given a detailed explanation for holidaymakers from Bodrum who want to paraglide in Fethiye. We’ve clarified a lot of issues, from how to do it to the price. Of course, you may still have question marks in your mind. For this, SKY Fethiye communication line provides 24/7 service to you. We also recommend that you take advantage of the early booking opportunity. Because in the summer season, the track gets very crowded. If you make a reservation before your arrival, we can also contribute to the solution of the transportation issue. As the SKY Fethiye family, we are with you in these exciting and special moments. We wish you good holidays and pleasant flights.


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