Butterfly Valley Boat Tour

Butterfly Valley boat tour is the best activity you can do together with your family and loved ones in 2022 . There are lots of fun events in the area, but most don’t involve large groups. In general, individuality comes to the fore. But sailing to the blue with a boat is the opposite of that. We go as far from the shore as possible with large sea vehicles. You find peace as you open up, and you get rid of stress as you get away.

Butterfly Valley boat tour is also a means of transportation to the region. This is a national park and protected area. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach the region by road. Access is possible only by boat tours. When you reach the bay, you can swim in the virgin waters. If you wish, you can enjoy the sun on the boat and get a tan. Moreover, this journey is not only limited to Butterfly Valley. At the same time, we are going to 6 different untouched coves and caves. Each one is different and special. Come on, spice up your holiday this summer with our boat tours!

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Butterfly Valley Boat Tour Prices

Tours are available for a fee and have a private process. There are many things covered in the service. In addition to the 6 bay tours, you also get insurance. This is an app that secures you. We also offer lunch. The sea makes people hungry. When your appetite increases, we create a great menu and give you a feast of taste. Then you can gather your energy and continue swimming. But how much were the Butterfly Valley boat tour prices in such a beautiful event? What is the tour price list in 2022? Here are the details…

Butterfly Valley boat tour price list of 2022:

  • Butterfly Valley boat tour per person – 30 USD
  • Butterfly Valley price for 2 people – 60 Dollars
  • 3 Person Fethiye Butterfly Valley boat tour – 90 USD
  • Fethiye boat tour prices for 4 people – 120 Dollars
  • Butterfly Valley boat tour + paragliding price – 185 Dollars
  • Butterfly Valley boat tour + parachuting price for 2 people – 370 Dollars

SKY Fethiye tour prices are as above. The rates are valid for the summer season of 2022 and are updated every semester. However, we verbally convey the clearest figures to you at the time of booking. It is possible to take advantage of the special prices by making an early reservation.

Butterfly Valley Boat Trip How Much TL?

Dollars per person . Let’s say that it is among the most reasonable prices in the region. These prices are for early booking and may change during the season. Also, if you add paragliding to the activity, we have a very good campaign. You pay only $ 185 for 2 events per person . You have the opportunity to explore both the seas and the sky at once. We strongly recommend that you do not miss it.

Where is Butterfly Valley Boat Tour?

The boat tour starts from Fethiye central port. In the early morning, the participants meet next to the boat and in the first hours of the day, the journey to the blue begins by watching the sunrise. If you want to go to Butterfly Valley, the only exit point is Fethiye. If you are wondering where it comes from, the answer will be like this.

Can children join the Butterfly Valley Boat Tour?

Yes, anyone can join the boat tour and there is no age limit. We enjoy the blues with every individual from 7 to 70. We also organize special tours for families who have adopted a conservative life. You can participate in this alcohol-free and completely family-friendly concept with peace of mind. Of course , you must specify that you want a conservative tour at the time of booking. We will plan the event accordingly.


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