Can Children Paraglide?


Parachuting, gliding in the sky and having a unique experience is perceived as something only for adults. However, the passion for flying is something that starts at a young age. Since paragliding is the most popular flying activity today , can children often paraglide? problematic is on the agenda. Especially families intend to have a nice process by including the tiny members of the family in their tandem reservations.

Fethiye district, which has the most beautiful flight track in our country, continues to host individuals whose passion is to fly all four seasons a year. The term 7 to 70 really comes to life here. Today, many individuals over the age of 70 come to the Babadağ track and become a part of the fun. In fact, the world’s oldest tandem participant is 102 years old. As can be seen at the upper limit, the interest is great. But is it just the upper bound? Of course no. Can children paraglide? The best answer to the question would be yes. Here are the details…

You will be very surprised when you learn the place of children in paragliding. Today, families think that even their 14-15 year old children cannot do this sport. However, dozens of our little friends, who are only 4 years old, are jumping on the Babadağ track. Yes, you heard right. Children between the ages of 4 and 8 often prefer to skydive. Maybe you think they will be afraid. However, this is an erroneous approach. Children are more cold-blooded than adults.

Most children are not afraid at all when they are in the sky. Because their height perception is not formed yet. This is a good advantage. A child flying at a young age benefits in many ways. Here are some of them…

  1. Children who meet the sky at an early age are never afraid of flying in their later years.
  2. Maybe he is among the best pilots of the future because they will love the sky very much.
  3. As they have such a special experience, their self-confidence increases. Self-confidence is very important in social life.
  4. Families will have a beautiful and unforgettable activity together.

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Can Children Afraid of Flying Paraglide?

Fear of heights has no age limit. However, this fear is seen at a very low level in children because they are not yet exposed to gravity. Today, a 50-year-old’s fear of flying cannot be expected to be the same as a 5-year-old’s fear of flying. After all, we can easily say that the most enjoyable and trouble-free flights are realized with those between the ages of 4 and 16, in the years of experience of our pilots. If you want to help your child realize his passion for flying, you are expected to the Fethiye runway right now.

Ages of children who can fly in paragliding:

  • 4 year old children can fly.
  • 5 year old children can fly.
  • 6 years old children can fly.
  • Children 7 years old can fly.
  • 8 years old children can fly.
  • 8 years old children can fly.
  • 9 years old kids can fly.
  • Children aged 10 and over can fly.

As you can see, flying really has no age. Families should not delay this passion of their children who want to fly and should allow them to realize it with a tandem at a young age. It is also beneficial to choose a professional company in this regard . Thus, experienced trainers will guide your children and make them enjoy the process. When choosing, we recommend that you make an agreement with an experienced pilot, especially in flights with children. Because the professional people’s approach to children is much better.

If you wish , you can make a reservation from SKY Fethiye and fly with your child. You can sign a pose together by having a pleasant encounter in the air. We offer you great deals. Do not delay your passion. More importantly, let your children live out their passions. Remember, today is a great day to make your dream come true. Can Children Paraglide?


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