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Fethiye is a city where people from all walks of life come together and find a common denominator in entertainment. Conservative paragliding is one of these common denominators. There are many conservative accommodation establishments in the area. Fethiye Islamic Hotels We have listed these places in our  article, you can take a look if you wish.

Every place has its own things to experience, taste and see. What this place identifies with around the world is paragliding activity. Hundreds of thousands of people perform this sport, which has reached a global level, every year. Moreover, a large part of them are women with hijab.

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Every individual who lives religiously and completely in Islamic principles and rules conducts preliminary research when participating in a new activity. They do not want to be involved in any practice that would contradict their beliefs. This is a perfectly justified demand. Our conservative paragliding activity was also created for this. According to the religion of Islam, it is permissible for female individuals to fly with female pilots. For this reason, we serve you with the most experienced female pilots of the region.

Women wearing hijab can go paragliding. They have a very enjoyable process. The female pilot makes every moment of the process enjoyable and fun for you. Beforehand, you will be briefed with your tea and coffee. You become ready for the jump both mentally and spiritually. After jumping off the Babadağ slope, you float in the air for about 35 minutes. In some places, you go above an altitude of 2000 meters. The flight ends at Ölüdeniz Beach. When your feet hit the ground, the first thing you say is “I should definitely do it again”.

What is Conservative Paragliding?

Conservative paragliding is the allocation of women in hijab in tandem flights and a female pilot exclusively. As it is known, the pilot and the participant get on this aircraft together. Conservative individuals do not prefer to fly with male pilots. Here, the practice of female pilots is the main feature of conservative flights. We are the only company operating these flights in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region. We fly hundreds of people every year with this special option. How would you like to be among them? Contact us right now, reserve your place among the busy season.

How to Do Conservative Paragliding?

There is no difference between other tandem flights and conservative flights. Only the pilot who drives the aircraft is a woman, not a man. You make a reservation by calling us first. While doing this, you definitely specify your flight style.

Early booking is important. Because the number of female pilots in the region is very limited, sometimes it can be difficult to find a place. When the day of the flight comes, we give you a short theoretical training at our school. Then we take our place on the runway and prepare for takeoff. After that, you only have a few steps left to reach the sky. After a short run, the parachute fills with air and you are in the sky!

You don’t need an experience to be conservative paragliding . Our professional trainers already manage the whole process. You enjoy the view and being at an altitude of 2000 meters in your comfortable seat. You also have the freedom to dress as you wish while attending the event. Our advice is to have sunglasses with you, wear sneakers and fasten your hijab tightly. Glasses allow you to observe well, shoes allow you to be comfortable on the descent. It is useful to fasten your hijab well to protect it from the wind.

Where to Do Conservative Paragliding?

There are many paragliding tracks in our country, but the most ideal track suitable for women wearing hijab is possible in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region. Babadağ summit has a very suitable geographical structure for jumping and can meet all the needs of female pilots. In short, the best answer to the question of where to do it is Babadağ track. Another factor is the density of Islamic hotels in the region. Many religious individuals from the Middle East and our country flock to these hotels.

The pool, sea, sand and sun can become boring after a while on long vacations. Fortunately, Fethiye holidaymakers are very lucky in this regard. Because they have the biggest trial opportunities of their lives with paragliding. Moreover, it is only a few minutes away from the hotel where they are staying, and it is an adrenaline-filled activity.

Women in hijab continue to fly, have fun and have a unique experience with SKY Fethiye. If you want to be among these happy individuals, take advantage of our early booking opportunities. It is possible to reserve your place through our website, communication tools and Whatsapp line.

Conservative Paragliding Price

Conservative flights fall under a special type of service in Fethiye. Normally, individuals jump with male pilots. Of course, female pilots participate in this service, but due to the shortage of pilots, it is often difficult to find female instructors vacancies. We have elaborated on this subject in our Fethiye paragliding female pilot article. Coming to the price issue, we should say that there is very little difference compared to the standard flight. Here is that list…

Price list of conservative paragliding in Fethiye:

  • Conservative paragliding price per person – $190
  • Fee for two people Fethiye conservative flight – $380
  • Oludeniz conservative tandem price for three people – $570
  • Photography fee on conservative flight to Fethiye – 25 Dollars
  • Conservative paragliding transfer service – Get price
  • Conservative group paragliding price – Get information

How Much Is Fethiye Conservative Paragliding?

The conservative flight per person was set at $190. In , you can jump in for just $190. In addition, if you want to take photos and pictures, just give an extra $ 25. If requested, we also remove transfer vehicles from towns such as Marmaris and Bodrum. You can request detailed information about the price at the time of booking.

Is Conservative Paragliding Permissible?

Conservative paragliding is permissible . All Islamic scholars agree on this. They only note that the blood should be flown with the pilot. For this, SKY Fethiye provides you with the best pilots. You do not go out of the orders of your religion, and you experience flying, which is the most beautiful thing in this world. Absolutely everyone should experience this.

You may have some reservations before flying. You may not want to jump, especially with male pilots. This is your most natural right. We continue to resolve these demands with our female pilots. Not only women wearing hijab in our country, but also families from many Islamic countries of the world are doing this activity with us. With our experience, professionalism and friendly service, we will give you a different experience on your holiday this summer.

Conservative Paragliding Tour in Fethiye

You can also buy paragliding entertainment as part of a tour or package in Fethiye. You can get daily packages or seasonal packages with different activities. You both have more fun and access the most reasonable price. These are tours that think of you in every way. There are also services such as transfers, insurance and photo shooting within the tour. Up-to-date information on prices is available through our call operators.

We continue the season with numerous flights in the summer of . You can do this activity with us not only in summer but also in winter days. We are with you 24/7, 365 days a year.


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