Daily Paragliding Tour

is a daily paragliding event on their to- do list before they die . Man spends his life succumbing to gravity. He is constantly on the ground throughout his life. Looking at the sky is a peace. It takes the boredom in people and instills hope for the future. Do you want to be a part of that view when it is so beautiful to look at? If your answer is yes, this article will be of interest to you. Happy reading.

Daily parachuting activities are held in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region. The reason why it is called a daily excursion is that people who do not live in this region and who are far away come to Fethiye only for this activity. Numerous tour events are organized today. We would like to list some of them in a few articles.

Places where parachuting tours are organized :

  1. Fethiye daily tandem flight
  2. Ölüdeniz paragliding event
  3. Marmaris daily skydiving
  4. Bodrum daily paragliding
  5. Izmir daily flight
  6. Daily Aydin paragliding

You can leave your city in the morning and come to Fethiye early in the morning and make your jump. It is also a nice detail that you are descending to Ölüdeniz Beach by parachute. Because on hot days, it will be a nice option to cool off on this uniquely beautiful beach. Then, after a nice shopping in the city’s bazaars, you can start your return journey. As a result, a wonderful 24 hours awaits you.

Daily Paragliding Tour

It is useful to have information about the process before participating in parachuting tours. For those who will do it for the first time, they are often asked about the daily paragliding tour and how the process progresses. The first step in this activity is choosing the flight school. Our country is at a highly developed level in terms of paragliding companies. In Fethiye, the best brand stands out as SKY Fethiye. You can make a reservation through the website or communication tools. We recommend that you make a reservation 10-15 days in advance during the season. Because it is crowded.

Submitting your transportation requests while making a reservation is the second step of the process. For example, if you are on holiday in Bodrum and you need a transfer service, you should indicate this to the staff. When your flight day comes, we take you from the hotel or from a certain common location in Bodrum and bring you comfortably to the Babadag runway where the flight will take place. Now we can move on to the next phase of the tour.

briefing about this special experience you will have in the air . Thanks to this information you get before you jump, you prepare yourself for what will happen in the sky. Thanks to the professional approach of the pilots, even those who have any fear of heights feel ready for the process. You do not experience any kind of fear or anxiety when your feet are off the ground.

Daily Paragliding
Daily Paragliding

Now you are in the sky… You have come to the last stage of your paragliding tour. You make a short run on the track and meet the sky as the air fills into the parachute. As you jump from 2000 altitude, a panoramic cloud view welcomes you. It is a comfortable process as if you are sitting on your sofa at home and watching. When you come out of the clouds, the view that comes before you makes you say ‘I’m glad I joined’. Because in those moments, you are alone with the unique beauty of Ölüdeniz Beach . After gliding for an average of 30 minutes, you come to the end of the day tour. So you land safely.

down, you can enjoy the sea if you wish . After cooling off at the beach, you can proceed to the return journey. The decision is entirely up to you. We can say for sure that after your first jump, you will want to do it again next year.

Daily Paragliding Places

In the last 20 years, Turkey has given great importance to paragliding activities and beautiful tracks have been opened. Each of them attracts a lot of attention both in season and out of season. Of course, the center of this business is Fethiye Oludeniz region. However, you can choose the cute tracks in other provinces according to their proximity to you. But for your first time, you should definitely choose Fethiye. This way you will fall in love with flying . So let’s take a look at where to do it now.

Places to jump with parachute for the day:

  1. Babadag – Mugla
  2. Munzur Mountains – Erzincan
  3. Mount Ali – Kayseri
  4. Mount Nemrut – Adıyaman
  5. Asas Hill – Antalya
  6. İnönü C Hill – Eskişehir
  7. Bozdag – Izmir
  8. Dynamite Hill – Denizli

Valuable tracks, each one. After experiencing this activity on the Fethiye circuit, you can try other tracks to get a different taste and explore. Asas Hill and Bozdag will be good options for your next flights. Also, if you want to jump from a high place, you can choose Mount Nemrut.

Where to do Daily Paragliding?

In our country there are more than 10 options for this activity. But of course, everyone’s eyes and ears are on the Fethiye tracks. In summer, the sky is filled with colorful parachutes. A butterfly painting appears in the air. Expert pilots always have this approach. Flying for the first time makes sense in Fethiye. Other tracks can be tried after gaining experience. But none of them can match the taste of the Babadağ runway. Consider this information when making your decisions. In this way, you will be able to choose the right parachute point.

Daily Paragliding Price

Each activity has a fee. It is normal for adrenaline sports to be a little more expensive than ordinary activities, as they require quality equipment, professional service and space to perform. However, let us convey with peace of mind that it is not at an unattainable level. In particular, the money paid for an event such as skydiving, which brings the most special moments of human life to life, will not shake the budgets at all. But how much was the daily paragliding price in 2022 ? Details are at the bottom of the article.

Prices are updated as each season enters. Sometimes there are minor ups and downs during the season. In other words, this sport does not have a net service fee. If you want to jump with a parachute just for a day, you give 150 dollars this year. That’s just the price of the jump. It includes equipment and pilot service. But services such as transfer and photo shooting are charged extra. Let’s list the details.

Daily skydiving fees of 2022:

  • Single tandem flight – $ 150
  • Double tandem jump – $ 300
  • Triple tandem flight – $ 450
  • Quadruple tandem jump – $ 600
  • Daily transfer service fee – Ask
  • Photo and video shooting – $ 25

Is Daily Paragliding Expensive?

The answer to this question differs from person to person. But when we make a general evaluation, the price of daily paragliding is not expensive. Because , whether it is the transfer process , the supply of equipment or even the video and picture shooting, the price you will pay is not high because you will experience the most special moments of your life. You can create your preferences with peace of mind.

As you can see, daily paragliding is a unique experience. Of course, for this, you must first agree with the right company. So which company can you trust? In fact, the answer is very close to you. SKY Fethiye realizes the dreams of thousands of sky lovers every year. You can be among them too. We also have private transfer options. You can specify your requests during the reservation. Our teams will provide the best solutions. Use our communication tools right now. Remember, life is short and birds fly.

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