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Dalaman continues to host rafting enthusiasts with its geographical location and structure. Dalaman rafting tour applications witness the participation of tens of thousands of local and foreign tourists every summer. The event takes place on the Dalaman Stream. We will get to know this activity, which allows individual or family group participation, closely in our article.

Adrenaline enthusiasts can feel the highest level in the stream flowing between a deep valley. Dalaman rafting tours are as popular as Fethiye . The Dalaman Stream, which has a high water flow, is suitable for this activity in every aspect. Whether you are a professional or have no experience in this field, you can participate. It not only offers you adrenaline, but also gives you the opportunity to explore and explore the heart of nature. But what is Dalaman rafting? Where is it done? What are the current prices? Here are the details…

What is Dalaman Rafting?

The struggle of not falling on a boat in raging river waters and keeping the boat on the route is called Dalaman Rafting . There are 8 or 10 people in the boats. By means of oars, the boat is directed and it is ensured to move on the water without tipping over. It is definitely an extreme sport, every moment of which is full of excitement. Would you like to perform this activity, which should be added to Fethiye holiday programs, with the privilege of SKY Fethiye? We organize the best quality rafting tours in the Muğla region. We will be glad to see you among us.

It is also important to get to know the Dalaman Stream closely in order to know the excitement of rafting. This tea is located between the Mediterranean and Aegean borders and has a total area of 229 kilometers. Rafting is practiced in 26 kilometers of this distance. The difficulty level is determined at 3-4 level according to the international literature. The tea progresses in a narrow and deep valley. It offers wonderful natural landscapes that are hard to forget for the participants throughout the process.

Dalaman Rafting

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If we compare it with Saklıkent Rafting tour, it offers you almost the same excitement. But Saklıkent Rafting tour attracts more attention in the region. Because there is a wonderful geographical structure in the canyon. SKY Fethiye organizes tour activities here as well. Call us to find out about our comprehensive tours and to book.

How is Dalaman Rafting Done?

It is done on an inflatable boat. Participants balance the boat with their oars. At the same time, it adjusts the speed level thanks to these paddles. Teamwork is important here. Because rafting is a team coordination job. If rowing movements are made in a coordinated way at the same time, a much more fun and laughter-filled process is experienced. There are also high bumps on the route. It is not possible to find the level of fun experienced while falling from here in many activities. The pleasure of challenging the water will give you a very different happiness.

Dalaman Rafting Price

You pay a certain amount of service fee for rafting on the Dalaman Stream, which is located within the borders of Fethiye. There is no extra charge other than the price you pay. You do not need to rent equipment, because all the tools are provided to you. There is a list starting from 500 TL per person and showing differences according to seasonal dates. For current figures, the company should always be called and the rate should be obtained. People over the age of 7 can participate. There is a one-person payment for each age.

How Much is a Rafting Tour in Dalaman?

You can book at reasonable prices. You can book your place in the 2022-2023 period with prices starting from 500 TL. Purchases such as eating and drinking within the scope of the tour require extra payment. For this fee, you only experience the activity.

Dalaman Rafting Tour

You do not need to have a rigorous rafting experience to join the tour. Because a mini training is given with paddles before the activity by the river. You already acquire the basic requirements necessary in this process. Special guides accompany you throughout the journey that starts on the river. You can have fun 100% safe.

The program of the rafting tour in Dalaman:

  • Preliminary information trainings are given at the riverside.
  • The adventure begins with boats for 6-8-10 people.
  • Guides accompany you throughout the course.
  • Experiencing high adrenaline in steep descents.
  • The pleasure of resting in natural jacuzzis on the still parts of the river.
  • Professional photo and video shoots

Most of the time, individuals are in search of a different excitement on holiday. Fethiye’s sun, sand and sea are of course full of fun and joy, but the adrenaline aspect is even more at the forefront. While paragliding is the extreme activity in the first place, rafting organizations are in the second place. The event takes place in two different places. While the first one is on the Dalaman Stream, the other is on the Saklıkent Canyon. Both tracks contain tremendous beauties. The water safety level is also measured as +3 -4. In other words, the equivalent of this in rafting is neither an easy nor a difficult course. We can say that it means exactly at the ideal level. It will not give you pleasure to start rafting in extremely easy and stagnant waters anyway. You can get bored even in the first experience of sports. For this, you should definitely try these two tracks.

Dalaman rafting tour is organized by professionals. Although it is a very safe activity, it is a very important detail that experienced teams lead. In this way, your health is not at risk. You can have good times with your family and your children. SKY Fethiye family is the most comprehensive and experienced extreme activity organizer in Muğla region.

Where is Dalaman Rafting Done?

It is made on Dalama Stream. Some routes are 26 kilometers long, while others are 13 kilometers long. The fact that the activity period is in the range of 2-3 hours is also attractive. You get a lot more in return for the price you pay. We are waiting for your calls for this activity that you will include in your holiday program without thinking.

Is Dalaman Rafting Banned?

Dalaman rafting tour, which is flooded with tourists in the summer season, may be thought that it is not done today because it was banned for a period. This decision was made in 2011 and was banned due to the HEPP works to be done in the region. However, the ban has been lifted and the adrenaline-filled process continues at full speed today. In the 2022 and 2023 seasons, you can be on the river with peace of mind.

Who Can Do Dalaman Rafting?

Rafting is a sport that individuals of all ages can do. Both men and women can participate. Those whose health problems are suitable for adrenaline can take place on the boat. Participation of pregnant individuals is not appropriate. We do not recommend that patients with heart attack and high blood pressure participate without their doctor’s approval.

Dalaman Rafting or Saklıkent Rafting?

We witness that this comparison is made frequently. Both rafting regions have excellent advantages and features within themselves. Making a decision on this issue can often be difficult. But our first recommendation in this regard is Saklıkent rafting tour. The region is truly a perfect fit for this sport. Besides rafting, the region offers you a unique experience such as mud bath. While you’re at it, you can experience a discovery by visiting the natural structures in the Saklıkent canyon.

Dalaman rafting is also an ideal activity spot with its water level, excitement level and route length. If you are close to this area, you can definitely choose without hesitation. Safe process awaits you with SKY Fethiye . You can contact us on Whatsapp as well as write via WhatsApp.


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