Datça Event Calendar 2022


Datça event calendar 2022 program continues to be a matter of curiosity these days when the weather starts to warm up and holiday planning is made. This holiday resort, which is connected to Muğla, is one of the regions of our country that can be called paradise. Within its borders, it is possible to find almost everything from entertainment to art, from sports to adrenaline, from peace to dynamism. Datça region more than meets the holiday demands of every individual. As a result, it is flooded with tourists in June, July and August .

pandemic and had a very stressful time. Now you deserve a nice holiday this summer the most. That’s why everything should be special. Do not ignore all kinds of entertainment while determining a holiday program for yourself. Experience the sky with Fethiye paragliding or choose a performance from the Datça concert calendar and dance until the first light of the day. In short, reward yourself in the second quarter of 2022.

There is no end to the activity alternatives in Datça. Both artistic organizations and dance and music organize many events in the region. Of course, such diversity can cause individuals to have difficulties in elections. In fact, they often encounter problems such as missing the event they really like. That’s why we created the Datça event calendar 2022 list. You can join every organization in our recommendations with peace of mind. So let’s get into the details…

Datça Event Calendar 2022
Datça Event Calendar 2022

Datça Event Calendar List

full program of entertainment . Just music and dance? Of course no. At the same time, we will pass through a season in which art will come to the fore. If you have Datça and its surroundings in your holiday planning, you should definitely participate in the activities such as festivals, concerts and theaters mentioned below. Thus, you will have the opportunity to experience original performances. Datça event calendar What’s in the year 2022? Here are the details…

Datça festival 2022 list:

  • Can Yücel Culture and Art Festival
  • Secret of Knidos Art Festival
  • Contemporary Fest 2022

1.      Can Yücel Culture and Art Festival

Can Yücel is, of course, one of the first to come to mind when poetry is mentioned in Turkish literature. It was planned to organize a Datça festival every year in memory of this valuable artist who devoted his life to poetry and literature, produced countless works and translated hundreds of them . Because this is where the artist lived and died. It was first made in 2018 and attracted great attention. However, although it was planned to be held in the summer of 2022, it was canceled due to the pandemic . Likewise, it was canceled in 2021. But the fact that the pandemic is out of our lives this year will cause a great festival to take place.

Can Yücel Culture and Art Festival opens its doors to literature and art lovers for the third time. The event will take place in Cumhuriyet Square between 2-3-4-5 June. Datça municipality organizes the event, which will host dozens of artists in many different branches of art. If you are looking for a good program in the Datça event calendar 2022 list, do not miss this festival.

2.      Secret of Knidos Art Festival

The International Knidos Art Academy is getting ready to organize a wonderful festival for the people of Datça in the summer of 2022. As it is known, Knidos is an ancient city that is highly developed in terms of science and architecture. In this ancient settlement in the Carian period, many historical artistic works have reached the present day. Organized to reflect the spirit of that civilization, this Datça festival 2022 program will feature sculptors, interviews, live music concerts and painter meetings. Although the date of the event has not been clarified yet, it is expected to start on Saturday, August 20.

3.      Contemporary Fest 2022

Contemporary Fest , which is considered one of the most prestigious entertainment and festival organizations in our country , is preparing to present great performances to music lovers in 2022 . In this festival held in Datça every year, leading artists of many different music genres share the same stage. Rock culture is also emphasized , especially pop music, electronic music, techno DJ, rap and jazz music.

Unforgettable moments were experienced for music lovers who participated in the Contemporary Fest organization in the past years . As every year, great performances are expected this summer season as well. There will be unique experiences not only with music and dance, but also with sea, sand and camping organizations. Of course, the list of artists is already a matter of curiosity. So, let’s take a look at the artist list of this festival, which will be held within the scope of Datça event calendar 2022…

Contemporary Fest Day 1 / 13 July:

  • İrem Derici
  • Barren
  • Mirror
  • Cengiz Kurtoglu

Contemporary Fest Day 2 / July 14:

  • Edip Akbayram
  • Ray Roe
  • Bilal Sonses
  • sattas

Contemporary Fest Day 3 / July 15:

  • Koray Avci
  • Eypio
  • Umit Besen ft . pamela
  • Tugce Kandemir

Contemporary Fest Day 4 / July 16:

  • Selda Bagcan
  • Punishment
  • Symbol
  • Rerobus

perhaps the most remarkable organization of the 2022 season. As can be seen from the list we mentioned above, all kinds of music will be performed. This includes arabesque and slow music genres. Local and foreign tourists will enjoy the dance accompanied by wonderful performances while immersing themselves in the cool waters of the sea during the day. Of course, besides all this, how much were the ‘ Contemporary Fest ticket prices in 2022? ‘ is also frequently asked. Prices were announced by the organization company. Moreover, you will be able to do this activity with very reasonable rates.

Contemporary Fest 2022 ticket prices are sold in different categories. It is possible to enter the event by choosing a category that suits your budget. So how much is the Contemporary Fest ? Here is the answer…

contemporary Fest 2022 Ticket Prices:

  • Daily ticket price: 113 TL
  • Camp + Combined ticket price: 555 TL
  • Combined ticket price: 388.50 TL

Datca Concert 2022

How would you like to take a short fun break on vacation? If your answer is yes, Datça concert 2022 calendar offers you great alternatives. Special artists will be hosted in nightclubs, open-air venues and lecture halls. He is already impatient to meet his fan with the famous name. What are the best concerts to go to in the Datça event calendar 2022 program? Let’s examine the details together…

Datça concert list of 2022:

  • Selda Bagcan concert
  • Cem Adrian Concert

a.       Best Representative of Ethnic Music: Selda Bağcan

Bağcan , one of the best performers of ethnic music in Turkey , continues her tours throughout the country. Bağcan , who has performed duets with many local and foreign famous names throughout her career, and has reached millions of people with her unique studio recordings , will give a wonderful concert on the stage of Datça Open Air Theater in 2022. In addition to his popular pieces, different covers are expected to be exhibited. If you don’t have a mania, don’t miss this event.

Datça Event Calendar 2022
Datça Event Calendar 2022

Datça / Selda Bağcan ticket prices:

  • VIP category ticket: 392 TL
  • 2nd category ticket: 336 TL
  • Category ticket: 280 TL
  • Category 4 ticket: 224 TL
  • Category 5 ticket: 201 TL

b.      Artist Ignoring Clichés in Music: Cem Adrian

Datça event calendar Perhaps the most favorite concert of the 2022 season will be Cem Adrian . It has reached large masses in our country. Even the world star Britney recently Spears shared a song of him. This made the fans even more excited. No more words needed. Cem Adrian is the best choice for a tight night out .

Datça / Cem Adrian ticket prices:

  • VIP category ticket: 388 TL
  • Category 1 ticket: 280 TL
  • 2nd category ticket: 224 TL
  • Category ticket: 168 TL


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