Female Paragliding Pilot in Fethiye

Fethiye women pilot

Adrenaline flight sports continue to be in high demand around the world. Conservative sky enthusiasts also have the opportunity to fly with a female paragliding pilot in Fethiye . In fact, today there is a perception that this sport is only for men. However, the number of women jumping on world circuits today is almost more than men. So the lady enjoys soaring like a bird in the sky and flying among the clouds.

Skydiving is considered the most adventurous air activity ever. This activity also has different styles within itself. Among them, skydiving and paragliding are the most preferred ones. Skydiving is a little more professional. However, no experience or experience is expected from the participants in tandem jumps. They don’t even need to have an opinion about it. Because the pilots manage the whole process. Tourists, on the other hand, enjoy the weather, the clouds and the scenery. But is it possible to fly with a female pilot in Fethiye paragliding ? The answer to this question, which especially conservative women are curious about, will be yes. Here are the details…

The religion of Islam is at the top among the religions with the most believers in our country. There are millions of individuals who live according to the orders and methods of this religion. Fethiye is one of the most basic addresses for those who want to enjoy nature and life in line with Allah’s orders and provisions. Because paragliding is considered permissible by all Islamic scholars. But the only criterion for this is to carry out the activity with a female pilot. This is why female trainers are important. Unfortunately, there are very few such pilots in the region. The good news is that Babadağ’s most professional female pilot is in the team of SKY Fethiye.

Fethiye Paragliding Flying with a Female Pilot

It should not be thought that only conservative veiled women prefer female pilots in paragliding. Men also fly with these people. In fact, there is no criterion in this regard. Only because of the religious sensitivities of veiled women, Fethiye paragliding is the best option to fly with a female pilot. While doing this, our flight school cares about all your religious sensitivities and we do our best for your peace of mind throughout the process. We have flown thousands of veiled women in the process since 2008. You can add a unique memory to your life by joining them.

Flying with a female pilot is a choice, not a privilege. Anyone who wishes can choose female pilots in this activity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an adventure-loving man or a woman who has embraced your conservative lifestyle. You only need to specify this request during your reservations. Because during the season, there is excessive demand on the Babadağ track due to the limited number of female pilots. The earlier you book, the better your chances of joining.

Wouldn’t you like to fly with SKY Fethiye this summer? Want a conservative flight? This is also among our services. We have the most professional female pilot of the region and Europe. We realize the dreams of thousands of people in this season. Moreover, while doing this, we do not issue a price list for you. Individuals of all budgets can fly with us.

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Fethiye Paragliding Is There a Female Pilot?

There are many features that make Fethiye Oludeniz region the most beautiful skydiving point in the world. The female pilot is one of them. Unfortunately, many of the other tracks in our country do not have such an option. In those who do, it is often not possible to find a queue because the number is limited. We offer a nice alternative for those who want to do a different activity while spending your summer vacation in Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça or Didim regions. The process of flying a female pilot in Fethiye proceeds as follows…

  1. You make a reservation by calling our flight school.
  2. You specify your female pilot request during the reservation.
  3. If you request, you can benefit from our transfer and transportation services.
  4. On the day of the flight, we meet downstairs and together we go to the top of Babadağ.
  5. Before you jump, we give you a short but comprehensive tutorial.
  6. You are now ready to fly. You will fly as free as a bird for about 30 minutes.

Fethiye Paragliding Conservative Flight with Female Pilot

Conservative flights, also known as hijab paragliding, are carried out in the Fethiye region. Anyone who wants to glide freely among the clouds uses the runway in this area. Experienced pilots are gathered here as it is the most popular jumping location in the world. We can say that Fethiye paragliding is the safest area without a conservative flight with a female pilot.

Fethiye women paragliding
Fethiye women paragliding pilot

There is no age limit to participate in this extreme sport. Veiled women of all ages can participate with peace of mind. Just last year, more than 150 conservative individuals flew by choosing our flight school. This rate is increasing day by day. Every woman who learns that it is religiously permissible takes her breath away on the Babadağ track. After running a few steps, the feeling of eternity of that space creates an indescribable feeling in people.

Conservative parachute tours are held daily. We offer the option of flying at 5 different times during the day. But if you are going to be a part of this excitement for the first time, we recommend the first or last flight of the day. You can request it according to our availability. Because there is no visual pollution in the air in the morning hours and you are faced with a clear view. On the last flight of the day, the sunset greets you. It is really impossible not to be fascinated by this landscape in different color tones.

Is Fethiye Paragliding Female Pilot Reliable?

When it comes to extreme sports, safety is always at the forefront. In fact, it is the dangerous dimension that attracts people. But the mission of flight schools and pilots is to eliminate these risk factors. Because only in this way can perfection be achieved. People who have never flown before are often used to paragliding Fethiye. Is the female pilot reliable? in his curiosity. We must state very clearly that our female pilots do not have anything less than men. We can even say that among many of them, women are at a much more advanced level.

When you jump from a height of 2000 meters, the pilots take all your responsibility. This responsibility continues until a healthy landing on the ground is achieved. The experience of female pilots may be questioned. However, compared to pilots in Fethiye, women’s flight times are very advanced. Because there are very few female pilots today. As a result, they have to fly very often during the season. Every flight made adds experience to their experience.

Women’s power is present in all kinds of extreme sports today. It’s true that in the past it was mostly men who made careers in adrenaline demanding sports. However, especially in the last 20-30 years, women have been more involved in all extreme activities. You will also be able to jump with a parachute, and you can entrust yourself to these experienced pilots with your eyes closed.

Finally, we will advise you to be meticulous in your choices. Of course, we cannot say the best for every pilot. Just like it can be seen with male instructors… For this reason, you should contact a professional flight school. SKY Fethiye is the best in the region in this regard. Thousands of happy customers who prefer us every year say this, not us. You can join them right now.

Fethiye Paragliding Female Pilot Price

There is a service fee determined by the flight schools for the parachuting activity. Participants do not need to bring any materials or equipment when they will participate in the activity. Because every need is met by us. The 2023 price of flying with male pilots was determined as 150 dollars. But for women, the tariff changes and a slight increase is observed. The main reason for this is that there are a limited number of female pilots and they attract a lot of attention during the season. But how much was the Fethiye paragliding female pilot price? Here is the answer…

The price of paragliding with a pilot in Fethiye:

  • Paragliding price per person –175-190 Dollars
  • Two person paragliding female pilot price – 350-380 Dollars
  • Price of paragliding for three people 525– 570$
  • Photo and video shooting fee with a female pilot –Get price
  • Transfer service fee – Get price
  • Price for group participation – Get price

As can be seen, the service fee of our female pilots is also very accessible and reasonable. It is possible to see much higher numbers in the region. However, our priority is not only to offer you a professional flight, but also to consider your holiday budgets. Finally, please note that these figures may vary periodically. Before making a reservation, you can learn the latest paragliding prices by using SKY Fethiye communication tools.

Fethiye Paragliding Female Pilot How Much TL?

The numbers paid to fly with female pilots show a slight increase compared to male pilots. This is quite natural. Namely, although the number of female paratroopers is low in Fethiye, the demand is also high. Due to the intensity of the season, the pilots have to show extra performances. For this reason, a figure of 190 dollars was determined. Veiled individuals who want to paraglide with women in 2023 can realize their dreams by only paying this amount. Apart from this, no extra money is requested from you.

Is Fethiye Paragliding Permitted Female Pilot?

Maybe we’ve come to the most important part of the job. Is it permissible for a female pilot to paraglide in Fethiye before participating in this activity for conservative families ? the question comes up. It is a very reasonable and natural question for individuals who want to live the necessities of religion completely. The answer is also very clear. With a little research, you can see that it is absolutely permissible. In the religion of Islam, there is no rule that such a thing cannot be done, and at the same time, many today’s scholars clearly stated that it is permissible. Let’s give some examples to clear your doubts on this subject.

Scholars are often asked ‘Is it permissible to do dangerous sports?’ comes the question. Islamic scholars, on the other hand, generally say that any adrenaline activity can be done if it does not harm the body and mind. Of course, the common issue they comment on is that women should do this with a female pilot and men with a male pilot. If all these conditions are met, conservative women can fly with peace of mind.

Women paragliding pilot in Fethiye
Famele paragliding pilot Fethiye

The sport of paragliding may seem dangerous, but it does not pose a risk as many precautions are taken. Today, we can say that this activity has reached the level of perfection. Because the equipment is prepared using the latest technology. The quality of parachute equipment is at the highest level. In addition, pilots carry spare parachutes on flights. As can be seen, the risk factor has been completely eliminated. In addition, flights are not made unless the right weather conditions are present . Wind direction and strength are very important in this sport. Before each jump, the pilots make measurements on the runway and approve or cancel the flight accordingly.

Who can fly Fethiye Paragliding with a Female Pilot?

Anyone from 7 to 70 can experience flight with female pilots in Fethiye. No age or gender restrictions. Men can also choose this option. In addition, children generally prefer female pilots as they can overcome their excitement more easily. The only criterion looked at here is the weight limit. Whether male or female, individuals over 90 kilos cannot fly with female pilots. This is a decision taken by civil aviation as a security measure.

Another issue is that the health conditions must be favorable. People with chronic health problems, unfortunately, cannot fly. Heart disease, blood pressure disease, hyperattack can be given as examples. Despite having such ailments, individuals who want to fly should get a health report from their doctor. If the doctor does not get approval for the flight, the jump is not performed.

paragliding women pilot in fethiye
Paragliding female pilot in Fethiye

Who is the Best Fethiye Paragliding Female Pilot?

Now let’s move on to the answer to the most asked question. Who is the best Fethiye paragliding female pilot? We need to focus on the word ‘best’ in this question. Anyone can be a pilot, but not everyone can be the best. For this, it must have certain features and qualifications. First of all, he must be a pilot with a license and certificate. In any case, tandem flight without this is prohibited by civil aviation laws. Afterwards, the flight time is expected to be at a high level. For example, we cannot say that someone with 100 hours of flight experience will have the same professionalism as someone who has flown 1000 hours.

You should not focus only on the pilot while making your choices. You should also research the quality and vision of the flight school the pilot is affiliated with. Because flight schools are interested in all kinds of factors, from the quality of equipment to the efficiency of the pilots. If the brand is reliable and does its job well, the pilots will be at the best level.

For this reason, the majority of conservative women prefer the SKY Fethiye brand. More than 70% of reservations made by veiled women every year are SKY Fethiye. Now, we can easily say that we have become a brand in the region. Because our female pilots offer an experienced and very friendly service. How would you like to postpone your dream flight and realize it this summer? Life is short and today is a great time to get what you want so much.

Fethiye Paragliding Female Pilot Contact

In these days when female pilot reservations for Fethiye paragliding start, those who want to participate in the event are looking for contact information. There are many communication tools available to contact the flight school. If you wish, you can send your requests via e-mail or make your reservations via WhatsApp. Let us remind you that you can also communicate by phone. Our customer representatives provide 24/7 based online service during the season. In other words, you can reach us at the moment you decide to fly.

Contacting SKY Fethiye is not only important for reservations. It is also a good option to learn about current prices. By calling us, you can find out the most upsetting flight prices and arrange your holiday budget accordingly. It’s entirely up to you. On the other hand, you may have questions about paragliding. After all, it’s an activity that doesn’t fall within your field of experience. In such moments, we provide you with 24/7 support.

Finally, we recommend that you do not postpone this activity that you want so much. Let’s get together this summer and open the doors of a unique experience with our female pilots. There is no doubt that you will say ‘good luck’ after the flight. Just like thousands of other veiled female customers have said…

E-Mail: skyfethiye@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +90 538 494 45 05

Address: Oludeniz Mah. Denizpark Cad. Mugla / Fethiye

Instagram: Sky Fethiye

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