Fethiye Accommodation Suggestions

Fethiye konaklama önerileri

Fethiye accommodation suggestions are frequently asked by those who plan to come to this paradise holiday resort. Every year, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists come to Fethiye, which is home to the deep blue bays and virgin forests of our country. The enchanting beauty of Ölüdeniz , the view of the Butterfly Valley and the sunset at Calis beach are some of the most important factors in choosing this holiday resort. So where to stay in Fethiye? In this article, we will talk about the best Fethiye accommodation suggestions.

Fethiye Hotel Accommodation

Fehiye , which is a frequent destination for sea and nature holiday lovers in our country, has a large number of five-star hotels. Hotel accommodation has facilities for every budget. The general locations of the hotels are as follows:

  • Oludeniz
  • butterfly Valley
  • Calis Beach

The most important feature of the hotels in the regions mentioned above is that they offer nature and the sea together to their customers. It is possible to relieve the tiredness of the year easily by choosing the comfort offered by five-star hotels. Hotel accommodation is at the top of our list of accommodation suggestions in Fethiye .

Fethiye Bungalow Rental

For most people, vacation means calmness and being alone with nature. Especially those who are tired of the busy life of metropolises do not prefer crowded accommodation facilities such as hotels. For these people, we recommend the bungalow rental option, which is in the second row of our Fethiye accommodation recommendations list. There are many alternatives for bungalow rental in Fethiye. The best bungalow houses are:

  • Yeldeğirmeni Bungalow: Kayakoy located at the location. The most important feature of the Yeldeğirmeni Bungalow facility is that it has a large garden and offers different bungalow design options . While strolling among the lush trees, you may encounter farm animals and you can prefer the private pool within the facility to cool off.
  • Yeşilbahçe Bungalow: Yeşilbahçe Bungalow is a good choice for families with children to enjoy their holiday in nature . We definitely recommend this facility for those who are looking for accommodation suggestions in Fethiye.
  • Compass Bungalow: This place is famous for being close to the most important locations of Fethiye . You can easily reach Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley and Saklıkent regions via Compass Bungalow.
  • Kabak Avalon Bungalow: If we are asked where is the point where nature and life meet, we would definitely say Kabak Avalon Bungalow. Located on the slope of the mountain, this facility has two different views, nature and sea. In addition, the unique flavors of the establishment are loved by the guests.

Fethiye Campgrounds

Fethiye accommodation suggestions , we have a great suggestion for those who are looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday intertwined with nature. Fethiye campsites. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy nature and the sea at reasonable prices. Ölüdeniz Beach is among the best camping areas in Fethiye Camping stands out. Since it is a free camping area, it attracts great attention in the summer months. All you have to do is get your tent and Oludeniz Beach Coming to the camping area. Afterwards, a stress-free holiday awaits you.

We recommend Atlas Camping for those who want to feel the mystical spirit of historical places among their holiday plans . Located on the historical Lycian way, this facility is a 10-minute walk from Kabak Bay. Atlas Camping is an ideal choice for those who are looking for camping for Fethiye accommodation offers . Fethiye Accommodation Suggestions

Fethiye Daily House Rental

Fethiye daily house rental is an accommodation option preferred by those who take care of their private space and want to spend their holidays in a home environment. For this, there are many houses serving in Fethiye. You can make a reservation in this area through Fethiye daily house rental sites. Thus, we made a detailed presentation about Fethiye accommodation suggestions. If you liked our article ‘ What to do in Fethiye? Our article titled ‘ may be of interest to you. You can also review our paragliding posts on our Instagram account. 

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