Fethiye Activity Packages

Fethiye activity is the most diverse city in the region and even the world in terms of activities. Its geographical structure is suitable for many sports, entertainment, adrenaline activities and sightseeing concepts today. When the uniquely beautiful sea and lush nature are added to this, Fethiye Ölüdeniz becomes a complete tourism region. Every vacationer’s understanding of entertainment is different. Some are happy while flying, while others enjoy rafting and grappling with raging waters. Some find peace for themselves when they sail into the blue by boat. So what’s your style? Whatever your answer is, it has all kinds of answers here.

Vacation is a costly process. Especially for the domestic tourist, every stage needs to be scrutinized and touched frequently. Because tourism in the country is very expensive for domestic tourists. For this reason , you can pay less with Fethiye activity packages while creating your plans. While paying 150 dollars for paragliding, you can add a boat tour for 35 dollars as part of the package. Those who want to have a more comprehensive and fun-filled package can also benefit from full holiday tours.

Activity packages to be made in Fethiye:

  • Economic Fethiye holiday packages – Paragliding & Boat Tour & ATV Safari
  • Fethiye Extreme cheap holiday package – Parachute & Boat tour & ATV & Diving
  • Full Fethiye holiday activities – Parachute & Boat & ATV & Diving & Horse tour

Fethiye activity packages and tours are purchased from the SKY Fethiye brand. We operate as the most experienced and reliable Extreme event organizer in the region. Our prices are determined as being budget friendly and friendly to the numbers you set aside for your holiday. Also, anyone from 7 to 70 can participate. Make your reservations on our phone number Whatsapp right now and take advantage of our advantageous prices.

Fethiye Activity Packages

Since there are many activities in Fethiye, making reservations one by one can hurt you in terms of cost and time. In purchases within the scope of packages and tours, you contribute to your budget in the first place. Because you benefit from a discount of up to 30% on activity fees. It is also necessary to consider the time factor. Because if the right planning is not done, unfortunately, it will not be possible to realize all or a certain part of these entertainments. But what are Fethiye activity packages? Here is the answer…

Fethiye Cheap Activity Package

We have created a great package for those who have a limited budget but want to take advantage of the most beautiful activities of Fethiye Ölüdeniz. There are entertainment elements in it that will make your holiday unforgettable. You fly like birds in the sky with paragliding, sail to the blues via boat tour, and witness unforgettable moments in the heart of nature with ATV safari. Contact us for package price. It is possible with us to experience these unique moments for the most advantageous numbers.

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Fethiye Economic Activity Package

Fethiye activity packages with campaigns are very valuable for economic holidaymakers. Sometimes 3 activities can be done easily with the money given to 2 activities. We are talking about a discount of up to 30%. We recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities to fit many of your passions into your holiday this year. It is impossible not to paraglide or explore nature with an ATV safari while you are in the Ölüdeniz region. You should also see the untouched coves by boat and explore the underwater world thanks to scuba diving.

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Fethiye Full Activity Package

Fethiye’s full activity package is a feature where you will experience all the most beautiful activities in the region during the same holiday. It is the most preferred package of today. Because both the entertainment in it and the price offered are very, very advantageous. You will be involved in a total of 5 uniquely beautiful adrenaline processes. But for the price, almost one of them comes to you for free. If you buy separately, we recommend that you buy a package, as it will be costly in terms of money. We invite entertainment enthusiasts who want to be informed about prices to our phone line. This year , you will have an unforgettable holiday thanks to the Fethiye activity package .

Fethiye Activity Tours

Fethiye, the favorite city of tourism, has many attractive elements. Nightlife, bazaar, historical places, sea, natural beauties are the main ones. Also, the activities in it should definitely be added to these. You can participate individually or take your place in the process with organized tours. For example, to go on a boat trip, a tour is the best option. Or you will make an ATV safari, if you join a crowded Fethiye activity tour instead of individually , you will enjoy the process much more. Paragliding can be individual, but we recommend that other entertainment organizations also prefer this concept.

What are the Advantages of Fethiye Activity Tours?

There are many advantages that you will provide when you are included in the tour programs on your holiday. In this way, you can live your days to the fullest and achieve many of the things you dream of. Here are the advantages you will gain thanks to Fethiye activity tours…

  • You get more advantages in terms of budget. Participation in groups reduces the costs even more.
  • The level of fun gets even higher on tours. For example, when you join the boat tour, you can have fun with many people and increase the level of enjoyment.
  • You can share your happiness with your loved ones.
  • The process becomes more enjoyable as you will not have problems such as transportation and transfer.
  • Some packages also include food service. You will have the opportunity to taste good tastes.
  • Before starting the activity, private insurance is made on your behalf. You will be safe for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Hot and cold drinks are served.

Fethiye Activity Prices

Activity prices in Fethiye are very reasonable and have rates that will not tire the budget. Today, domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists can easily participate. Prices vary according to seasonal conditions. For this reason, exact figures can only be learned through communication. But we can specify the average rate for you to have an idea. You can have cheap holiday activity packages with an average of 250 dollars. Let’s say at the beginning that these numbers will increase as the package content increases.

Is Activity Expensive in Fethiye?

No, it is definitely not expensive to participate in activities where fun-filled and unforgettable processes will be experienced in Fethiye. If the right company is preferred, you can reach a reliable and affordable service. For this reason, SKY Fethiye is the most prominent Extreme organization company of today. It organizes all kinds of activities in the region in a professional way. While doing this, the budgets of the holidaymakers are always taken into consideration.

How Much Are the Activities in Fethiye?

The type of activity you will choose, its difficulty, the preparation process also prepare the answer for how much it will be. For example, the service fee of a paragliding jump and ATV safari are not the same. But if you prefer more than one activity by including it in the package, then you have the most advantageous options. But how much are Fethiye’s activities? How many activities can be done for how many TL? To answer these questions, it will be enough to use our communication tools.

We have come to the end of the article in which we explain in detail about Fethiye activity tours and packages. You can create your reservation right now by choosing the package that best suits your budget and style from the packages mentioned above. Do not miss the early period campaigns. As SKY Fethiye , we wish you a wonderful holiday season.


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