Fethiye ATV Tour Age Limit


Fethiye ATV tour age limit was determined as 14 as per the rules. Children under the age of 14, either alone or with their parents, cannot participate in this activity. As we mentioned before, security should be kept at a high level in such activities. Otherwise, human life is put at risk. Thanks to the measures we have taken, we have made it a 100% safe activity. The age limit of 14 is the most important of these rules. There is no upper age limit. Anyone who feels healthy and loves fun can participate. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 years old. The door of adrenaline is open to everyone.

Riding an ATV is a dream for children as well as adults. Families can include their children in the tour when they join the tour. A couple of people can ride an ATV and take their children behind them. A beautiful process is experienced with these unforgettable moments to be experienced as a family. 14-year-old children can ride ATVs. But to be sure of their abilities in this regard, we put them on a test drive before the track. If our trainers give the ‘can drive’ approval, it is possible to participate alone.

When making a reservation via SKY Fethiye, age information must also be given. If there are children among you, be sure to indicate their birth dates. It should be noted that if there is an individual under the age of 14, which is the age limit for Fethiye ATV tour , he cannot participate.

What is Fethiye ATV Tour Age Limit?

Individuals who will participate in the ATV event in Fethiye must have certain characteristics. The age application comes first. There is no upper age limit, but there is a base age limit. We can specify this as +14. Apart from that, he should not have any serious health problems. Heart disease is one of them. Because although it is safe, we are talking about a process with a high adrenaline level.

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Holidays can be boring sometimes because they are spent with the same things. Although the sea, sand and sun are fun, it becomes a routine when it is done frequently every day. Especially in the last days of the holiday, this problem is experienced a lot. How about trying something different and full of adrenaline at such moments? Fethiye has uniquely beautiful options in this regard. Paragliding, underwater diving, safaris and of course ATV tour. Among all these, you can choose the one that appeals to you the most, or you can fit them all in one holiday and have a great summer vacation. SKY Fethiye offers you all in one package.

Do not think that adrenaline tours are organized only for adults. Children can be a part of this fun. If you wish, they can join you alone or as a spouse on the ATV. In both types, their security is provided at a high level. Our trainers provide all the data they need.

Can Kids Do Fethiye ATV Tour?

Children within the age limit of Fethiye ATV tour can be included in this process. By completing the tracks on an ATV, they can have fun and increase their self-confidence. The sense of achievement is a very important element in the development of self-confidence in children. For this reason, we organize tours with hundreds of children every year. We witness their unique happiness every time. Our happiness is the expression of joy on these faces.

Finally, we would like to tell you about our paragliding activity. Here the age limit has been reduced to 4. Yes, small individuals can also fly in the sky with us. You can do both activities with your children by purchasing both ATV and paragliding packages. If you are tired of routine holiday concepts, it’s time to do something different. As SKY Fethiye family, we provide this to you in the best way.


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