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Tired of the routine of the holiday? Then our Fethiye ATV tour article will attract your attention. Because in addition to adventure, discovery and adrenaline, you will add unforgettable memories to your holiday. Everyone enjoys different levels of adrenaline events. Some people fly with paragliders and some do ATV safaris. But the common feature of all of them is that they add color to the holiday.

Fethiye ATV tour route , which consists of the dusty and bumpy roads of Kayaköy , has many surprises along the way. While walking on muddy paths, you also pass through historical textures. You experience the excitement of discovery. Let’s also mention that you are in the heart of nature. You will have a great extreme sports experience this summer, alone or with your loved ones. Being alone with nature is the dream of every person. Driving with an ATV vehicle among trees, birds and many creatures opens the doors of a peaceful holiday. You are likely to encounter many surprises during the tour.

What is Fethiye ATV Tour?

The ATV tour in Fethiye is basically completing a challenging and enjoyable route with a 4-wheel and automatic transmission off-road vehicle. Along the way, you encounter many different types of terrain. Sometimes you pass quickly through a mud and puddled pit, and sometimes you proceed through the trees. This activity can be done by one person or two people. In double-seat safaris, one person sits in the management seat and manages the off-road vehicle. The other person enjoys the ride and adventure in the back.

ATV tours are one of the most popular extreme activities of recent years. There are many safari routes in our country. But those who come to Fethiye region are very lucky in this regard. Because they have the opportunity to experience one of Turkey’s most valuable safari routes. If your road falls in the Fethiye Ölüdeniz region this year, do not go without experiencing the excitement of ATV.

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How to do Fethiye ATV Tour?

Most extreme activities today require experience. But there is no need for such an experience with Fethiye ATV tour . Also, a motor license is not required. Since it is a four-wheeled vehicle, you get used to it after a short practice drive. Crowded groups are advancing in a single line. At the front, the instructor is leading the convoy. The participants from behind also follow the route of the trainer. A completely safe and risk-free entertainment process. Let’s briefly explain how it’s done.

Making the ATV tour in Fethiye:

  • You can make a reservation through the SKY Fethiye website or through communication tools.
  • When your safari day comes, we can pick you up from your hotel and take you to the beginning of the route.
  • We give a short test drive to those who have not used an ATV vehicle before.
  • Then the tour starts as a group and proceeds in a single line.
  • You have different experiences during your journey.
  • At the end of the tour, you will be transferred back to your hotel by private vehicles.

Where to do Fethiye ATV Tour?

The number of people is not important to start the tour. If you wish, you can take your place in the event with one or two people. Safari with ATV is held in Kayaköy region. This is one of the most beautiful places in the nature of the region. It also dazzles with its thousands of years old historical buildings. The scope of the route completely covers Kayaköy and takes about an hour and a half.

Fethiye ATV Tour with Which Company?

ATV tour is done with SKY Fethiye. We are a brand that organizes all popular activities in the region for over 20 years. In this process, we created a pool of happy participants exceeding tens of thousands. We are the best company for experience. You can contact us right now.

Fethiye ATV Tour Prices

This year’s extreme activity fees have been determined. While Fethiye ATV tour prices are seen to be around 30 dollars per person in 2022, you can join the tour by paying 25 dollars with SKY Fethiye. Holidays are costly processes. If budgets are spent in an unplanned manner, unwanted expenditures may be encountered. For this reason, you can join the ATV safari, which is the most ideally priced activity in the region, with peace of mind. We have many opportunities in this regard. You can click on the link to access the current ones .

ATV tour is an adventure that you can join as a family. A family of four can have unlimited fun with two ATV vehicles. Children can also participate. Bringing children together with nature and making them experience challenging tracks will give them both happiness and self-confidence.

Single ATV Tour Price in Fethiye

When you join a single person safari, you are the only one in the vehicle. No other participants are provided with you. A single ticket tariff is applied as the price. A discount was applied this year, which dropped from $30 to $25. If you want to add paragliding to your safari, you take advantage of a good opportunity. You pay only $185 for both events. How would you like to experience the two most special activities of your life during your summer vacation?

How Much is a Two Person ATV Tour in Fethiye?

It is the most preferred safari format. You can share the ATV vehicle with a loved one, while one person provides management, the other will both enjoy the tour and help you by observing the environment. The fee is set at $70 for 2022. Get started right now.

How much is ATV Tour in Fethiye?

ATV tours in each region and route are subject to different fees. It also varies from company to company. Because the quality of the vehicle, the service style and the scope of the services in the tour have an impact on the price determination. For those who wonder how much TL, we offer an updated list.

  • Single person ATV tour price: 35 Dollars
  • Double ATV tour price: $70
  • 3 person ATV tour fee: 105 Dollars
  • 4 person ATV tour price: 140 Dollars
  • Single person ATV + Paragliding price: 185 Dollars
  • Two person ATV + paragliding fee: 370 Dollars

Fethiye ATV Tour Reviews

What most determines our approach to activities we have never experienced is the comments of individuals who have done it before. You can find answers to all kinds of questions that come to our minds in these articles. Fethiye ATV tour reviews also give good information to those who want to experience this excitement with their descriptive form. Which company should it be done with? Is it difficult to drive the ATV? Is it a fun process? Are they expensive? The answers to all these questions can be found in the participant comments.

Comments for the ATV tour in Fethiye:

  • Selda K. “I have been going to Fethiye for 2 years. I’ve always wondered about the ATV tour. I experienced it this year and enjoyed it very much. I will be attending once again next year.”
  • Ahmet M. “We attended with my wife. My wife was hesitant at first, but she took control of the vehicle from me during the tour. We had so much fun. The tour guide was also very interested.”
  • Merve S. “We enjoyed every moment of it from start to finish. We went with 5 girlfriends and we had no trouble using the vehicles. Also, the route is a lot of fun. I advise.”
  • Ayşen Y. “We were on holiday in Fethiye in June. This activity caught my interest after seeing it online. I made a reservation with SKY Fethiye and joined the tour. I was very satisfied. The interest of the instructors was at a good level. Thank you.”

As you can see, reviews of Fethiye ATV tours are at a very satisfactory level. We can say that it is impossible not to be happy and not excited on such a uniquely beautiful route. We are waiting for your reservation requests. Have a nice holiday.


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