What’s in Fethiye Bazaar?

Bazaar tours occupy an important place among holiday planning . Fethiye bazaar is also a place where local and foreign tourists coming to this region show great interest. After the holidays, individuals flock to the shops here to bring the best gifts to their loved ones. There are many souvenir shops. It is possible to find a store that appeals to all tastes. Where? How to go? What is taken? You will find answers to such questions in the following sections of the article.

Fethiye bazaar is also known as Paspatur bazaar. It is located between the marina and the bazaar street. Transportation is very easy from anywhere. Within walking distance. The origin of the name Paspatur means “Old City”. The general concept is also worthy of this name. There are many thousands of cultural values in the bazaar. You are both shopping and taking a cultural tour in these historical streets.

Fethiye bazaar, which is open every hour of the day, attracts great attention especially at night. This is one of the places to visit at night in Fethiye. After a short coastal walk, you can take a stroll through the bazaar. It will be a good activity not only for shopping but also for examining the old Greek architecture. There are also great cafes and restaurants in the bazaar. If you want to find delicious presentations for dinner, this is a good alternative.

What’s in Fethiye Bazaar?

Paspatur, which is the bazaar of Fethiye, has many beautiful places. It is very easy to find a place suitable for every individual’s taste in the categories of shopping, dining and entertainment. For holidaymakers who have not been to the bazaar before, we have compiled a list of things available in the region.

Shops in Fethiye bazaar:

  • Carpet Shops: Fethiye region has a very important status when it comes to carpets. Hand-woven special carpets are sold here. You can also find antique rugs.
  • Rug Shops: There are places selling rugs among the shops that tourists show the most interest. There are products as affordable as valuable rugs in these stores.
  • Delight Shops: It is impossible to take a holiday in Turkey and not buy Turkish delight. There are wonderful Turkish delight shops in Fethiye bazaar.
  • Jewelers: There are also special alternatives for those looking for gold and diamond gifts.
  • Leather Shops: Fethiye is a place that has reached good levels in leather production. The most beautiful models are exhibited in the shops in the bazaar.
  • Restaurants: You can choose the restaurants in the bazaar to experience a feast of taste with meat, chicken and fish menus. There are also special menus for vegetarians.
  • Cafes: There are nice businesses to take a nice break from the holiday with coffee varieties and chat with your loved ones.
  • Night Clubs: We can point to Paspatur region for the heart of the nightlife in Fethiye. Entertainment continues uninterruptedly until the first light of the morning in prestigious venues.

Places to Visit in Fethiye Bazaar

There are areas with different concepts in the Fethiye bazaar, which consists of Greek houses. Paspatur has both shopping places and eating and drinking areas. In addition, Paspatur bars street, which is the heart of nightlife, is also located in this region. We have listed 3 places that you must visit while you are here.

Fethiye Bazaar – Paspatur Tavern

The general majority of those who want to have a Turkish-style raki night prefer Paspatur Meyhanesi. They make beautiful presentations with their seafood-oriented menu and wonderful appetizers. They also offer live music throughout the night . It’s a very busy place in season, so it’s best to make a reservation.

ADDRESS: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, 45. Sokak, no 11 paspatur bars street, Muğla, 48303 Fethiye/Muğla

Paspatur Toast World

We have a great suggestion for a place where you can have breakfast in the bazaar or suppress your hunger on foot. In Paspatur Tost Dünyası place, wonderful toast varieties are prepared. It’s a quiet and natural place. You can eat your toast on the mini stools thrown in the street. It is very popular in the summer. Our favorite is their toast with tomato paste and cheddar sausage. You can also choose an ice-cold lemonade that will take your heat with it.

ADDRESS: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi 42nd street 1A Paspatur Carsisi, Fethiye Turkey

PHONE: 0 532 577 99 55

Zeki Restaurant

We recommend Zeki Restaurant for those who want to have a nice dinner while they are in the Fethiye bazaar area. They have delicious menus on fish, chicken and meat. It is an ideal level business in terms of price. You can come with your family or loved ones and wake up feeling full. If you wish, you can also benefit from the concept of self-catering here. You can cook and serve your products on the barbecue prepared specially for you. There is also alcohol service at the venue.

ADDRESS: Eski Meğri street no. 7, Paspatur, Fethiye 48300 Turkey

PHONE: 0 505 929 95 35

Fethiye Paspatur Bazaar History

Fethiye bazaar, also known as Paspatur, is a historical region. It is also known as the ‘Old Town’ by name. The origin of the name comes from French. Because in the 1800s, French people were working in the chrome mine in this region. If we refer to the oldest building in the bazaar, we can show the mosque built in 1791. In addition, the Ottoman bath, built in 1891, stands today with all its splendor.

It is known that the Greek people lived here for many years. They had to leave due to the war that broke out in the 1920s. After their departure, Turkish individuals started to use the empty shops. Today, carpets, rugs, leather and accessories are sold in these historical shops. Before you come here, be sure to bring your camera with you. You can come across a great pose or detail while walking around the historical streets. Capturing that moment is in your hands.

Where is Fethiye Bazaar?

Fethiye bazaar is located within the borders of Muğla province. It is located very close to the center, that is, between the marina and the bazaar street. You can reach here by walking from the coastal road. It should be noted that the best mode of transportation is walking, as it is a closed area to vehicle traffic. If you are somewhere in the center of Fethiye, you can be here in a maximum of 10 minutes by walking. If you are going to come from outside the province, bus services are organized here from all provinces. Those who will provide transportation by plane can use Dalaman Airport.

Is Fethiye Bazaar Open?

Since the bazaar is a bit secluded in winter, shops, venues and nightclubs can close their shutters early. However, people flock here during the season and the streets remain lively until the late hours of the night. Although most shops are open 24 hours, cafes, bars or some shopping stops may be closed during certain parts of the day.

Monday open 24 hours
Tuesday open 24 hours
Wednesday open 24 hours
Thursday open 24 hours
Friday open 24 hours
Saturday open 24 hours
Sunday open 24 hours


When to go to Fethiye Bazaar?

When you go depends a little bit on what you are going for. If you are thinking of going shopping, we can say that the best hours to visit here are between 18:00 and 00:00 in the afternoon. Those who want to benefit from the night life can also come to the bazaar between 22:00 and 01:00. Dining places offer good service at any time of the day. You can stop by here in the early hours of the morning to have breakfast. To summarize briefly, this is a 24/7 active bazaar in summer. If you happen to be on your way, be sure to stop by.


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