Fethiye Best Paragliding Company

Fethiye best paragliding company
Fethiye Best Paragliding Company

It is said that paragliding is more adrenaline-filled than other sports. Those who are going to do paragliding for the first time are a little nervous about this. Where is paragliding done? Which is the best paragliding company? People who are looking for answers to such questions should definitely read this article. When it comes to paragliding , the first place that comes to mind in Turkey is Fethiye. When you go to Fethiye, you will experience the excitement of doing the activity here. Fethiye is one of the most ideal places for paragliding with its nature and wonderful air . It will be invaluable to watch such a beautiful town from a bird’s eye view. 


There is a lot of misinformation about this activity. The most heard of them is that those who do this sport should be professional athletes. Sky Fethiye, the best paragliding company, allows you to do this sport safely in the company of licensed pilots. While watching the beauty of Fethiye Ölüdeniz, you will also experience the happiness of floating in the sky. 

Best Paragliding Company

Experience an Unforgettable Day with the Best Paragliding in Fethiye 

If you are one of those who do not want to have an ordinary holiday, Fethiye will be a perfect choice. You will never be bored here. Definitely add this sport idea to your list of things to do in Fethiye. Although it is a bit ambitious for those who are afraid of heights, be sure to have a safe flight with Sky Fethiye. If you like different experiences, this activity will satisfy you. You will never forget the moment you did this sport. 

How to Do Paragliding Professionally? 

If you want to do this sport many times after experiencing this pleasure in Ölüdeniz, you can contact us for training. When you find yourself floating like a swan in the sky, you will realize that excitement turns into a great pleasure. After all, muscle strength is very important for this sport. Wind is a must for this healthy experience. Let’s underline that if you want to make this sport professional, you have to make an effort. Sky Fethiye will appoint a licensed pilot for your professional flight experience. This makes you feel very safe. 

Best Paragliding Company

Read This Information Before Paragliding 

  • This sport should be done willingly. If flying gives you fear and you have a serious emotional control disorder known as a panic attack, you should inform us about this situation.
  • If this is your first experience while paragliding in Fethiye , be sure to follow your pilot’s commands. For your safety, remember that helmets and helmets are mandatory for take-offs and landings. 
  • Wearing tight-fitting clothes will prevent you from enjoying sports. For a sport in the sky, choose your most comfortable clothes. It would be best to dress up thinking that you will be attached to the parachute. 
  • You should never drink alcohol before flying in Ölüdeniz. Sport is beautiful when done consciously. You must avoid any negativity that will endanger the pilot and yourself.
  • In this sport, which is not suitable for children under the age of 4, the rules must be followed. There is a lot of difference between sports like running, exercising and flying. 
  • Before doing this activity, it is the duty of professionals to ensure your safety as the best paragliding company. Before playing this sport, the rules must be repeated several times. 
  • A first aid kit should accompany you in case of any negative situation that may occur during the flight. If you are sure that you want to fly when your preparation is complete, you can let yourself enjoy the view. 
  • You can even forget that you are flying while watching the beauty of Fethiye. The sunset will add peace to your peace. Reviews of people who do this sport in Ölüdeniz are mostly positive. If you don’t have any obstacles to do the best paragliding , experience this sport for once in your life. As a result, Fethiye, one of the most preferred flight destinations in Turkey, is waiting for you. If you are a sky enthusiast, you can contact Sky Fethiye if you want to watch nature by rising in the sky. If you are a true sports fan, your score will be full for this adrenaline-filled sport. 


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