Fethiye Camping Areas

Fethiye Kamp Alanları

Fethiye campsites summer offers great options for those who want to integrate their holiday with nature. Fethiye, which has the unique natural areas of Muğla, has beautiful camping areas. If you are a camping life enthusiast, be sure to evaluate our article before making your plans for this summer.

Are there any free camping areas in Fethiye? The question is one of the prominent ones. Unfortunately, there are no free campsites in Fethiye. In other words, there is no facility that provides this service for free. However, there are those who camp in the bays or in natural environments with their tents. Although this is prohibited, thousands of people prefer this method during the summer months. In the continuation of the article, you will find the best Fethiye camping spots…

Oludeniz Nature Camping Site

Ölüdeniz is a region famous not only for paragliding but also for its camping area. For this reason, hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists flock here during the summer months. Camping is prohibited in areas close to the sea. But in the deserted parts towards the inside, camping is done. For those who want to make a quiet camp in the forest, Ölüdeniz nature camp is in the first place in our list of Fethiye camping sites .

You are staying with tents in Ölüdeniz nature camping site. During the day there are many different activities here. If you want to add a little adrenaline and plenty of Oludeniz views to your holiday, Fethiye paragliding is a good choice. Also, prefer underwater diving organizations.

Butterfly Valley Campground

Butterfly Valley, which hosts 80 different butterfly species, has one of the most beautiful bays in the Fethiye region. This bay, with every shade of blue, is almost the description of heaven on earth. There is also a campground here. You can set up your tent in nature. Or it is possible to choose a ready-made tent from the enterprise. Where are the best Fethiye campgrounds? For those who ask, our answer is Butterfly Valley camping area. If you want to have detailed information about the wonderful bay of Butterfly Valley, our article on Fethiye’s Most Beautiful Bays may interest you.

Kabak Bay Campground

Fethiye camping areas , a camping area stands out with its unique beauty. Kabak Bay camping area is one of the rare coves where nature and sea come together. Moreover, there are many camping areas in the bay. In short, Kabak Bay camping area will fascinate you with its unique beauty.

Kabak Koyu camping area has many different accommodation options. If you wish, you can set up your tent among the trees and sip your coffee against the sea view. Kabak Bay is a great alternative for tent camping. In addition, those who want to stay in bungalow houses designed by businesses as ready-made.

Katrancı Forest Camp

For tent camping enthusiasts, Katrancı Orman camping is a great option. With its reasonable prices, it welcomes thousands of tourists every year. Also, the sea and the forest are intertwined here. But the affordable prices and the wonderful atmosphere make Katrancı forest camp very crowded. This means that the tents are very close to each other. The ideal accommodation for the Katrancı forest camp, which is on our list of Fethiye camping areas , is the daily accommodation option.

camp Caretta Campground

camp The most distinctive feature of the Caretta campground is the open distance of the camping tents to each other. Thus, it is possible to make a comfortable and calm camp. This place, which is at the foot of a slightly wooded slope, is also famous for its orange trees. Also within walking distance of one of the most beautiful bays of Fethiye, is the Daily Bay. Thus, we have completed our list of the best Fethiye camping sites . If you like this article, we invite you to our Instagram account. If you want to paraglide during your Fethiye holiday, you can contact us.

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