Fethiye Canoe Tour

Fethiye canoe is a little-known but enjoyable activity in this region. You can find peace with a calm glide in calm waters. It is carried out at different points. The most popular region is the Patara river. The natural beauty and water level of this place are just right for canoeing. Local and foreign tourists are brought here with special tours. It is possible to experience this process with your loved ones, whether alone or in a double canoe.

Fethiye canoe tour continues to attract a lot of attention with its long event period . A lightweight portable boat category, the canoe allows gliding on the water. It can be used in both flowing and stagnant waters. It is the oldest watercraft in origin. The oldest canoe vehicle in history belongs to 8200 BC. It can be said that man’s first acquaintance with water was thanks to this.

Fethiye canoe tour very popular. First of all, of course, the cool and wonderful waters of the Mediterranean provide a unique experience to the people who participate. It doesn’t require experience. Even if you have never used a canoe before, you can easily join the tour and after a few tries, you can have the skill of managing the canoe. How is it done? Where is it done? What is the price? Find answers to your questions and more below. If you have a question that is not here, you can use the SKY Fethiye communication lines. We are at your service 24/7.

Fethiye Canoe Tour

With Fethiye canoe tour, you are not just floating on the water with a sea vehicle. At the same time, you spend a nice day with many enjoyable activities. You force the peak of fun together all day long in large groups. There are regional activities that you must do during your Fethiye Ölüdeniz holiday. Paragliding is one of them. Canoe rentals also occupy a special place on the list. What is included in the tour? We will now detail this.

What is in the Fethiye canoe tour program?

  • The canoe tour begins with a meeting at the Patara river.
  • There is a collective breakfast process.
  • The canoe excursion will take 3 hours.
  • There are occasional rest breaks during the canoe tour in Fethiye.
  • A wonderful mud bath activity is organized within the tour.
  • A lunch break is provided.
  • The tour ends.

How Long Does the Canoe Tour Take in Fethiye?

Although there are different durations according to the course of the tour, you basically experience a total of 6 hours. You spend 3 hours in total using a canoe on the river. In the remaining 3 hours, you experience elements such as rest, lunch break and mud bath. We can clearly say that you had a full day.

Where to Take a Canoe Tour in Fethiye?

With its geographical structure, it is possible to say that Fethiye is a complete canoe activity center. Every vacationer experiences special moments with this vehicle on their rivers and beaches. There are individual rental services, but when you are included in a tour program, the day is even more full. You both eat delicious food, have pleasant conversations and participate in the activity in the company of professional instructors. Canoeing is done at two points in Fethiye. The first of these is the Patara River. The other is Ölüdeniz Beach. Both locations fascinate people with their unique beauty.

Canoeing is an Activity with How Many People?

Canoe vehicles are produced in two types. You can either ride and manage these vehicles individually. If you wish, you can carry out a team work in the management by riding two people. Both types are great fun. Kids can do it too. Young people and children of all ages can accompany you. Individuals under the age of 12 can ride 2-person canoes under family supervision.

Is Fethiye Canoe Tour Risky?

Canoeing is one of the most risk-free sports performed on the sea in the world. Because this activity is carried out in calm waters with low desisi in Fethiye. Since you are wearing your life jackets, if you fall into the water over the canoe, there is no situation that will threaten any safety. There is already an expert canoe athlete at the beginning of the tour along the route. These people keep you under surveillance from the beginning to the end of the process. Canoeing is one of the rare Fethiye activities that you can join with peace of mind.

Fethiye Canoe Rental

Some activities can be done both within the tour and sometimes with individual equipment rental. You can experience an individual process in this activity with Fethiye canoe rental . Oludeniz Beach is the ideal spot to rent a canoe. You can experience a peaceful ride on the still Oludeniz with the canoe you rent here within the specified periods. You will feel relaxed as you row.

You can also rent canoes on the Patara River. The water here is also very pleasant. You experience mini adrenaline with waves that form in places. While walking along the river, you discover the beauty of nature. It is also more reasonable in terms of cost.

How to Rent a Canoe in Fethiye?

First of all, you need to go to Ölüdeniz, Calis Beach or Patara River. You pay a rental fee for the equipment from the rental companies here. You print your identity information and make your payment. Afterwards, you can use a canoe in the sea within the specified time. You have to bring the equipment back before your time runs out. Otherwise you have to pay extra fee.

Fethiye Canoe Prices

If you are going to add Fethiye canoeing activity while preparing your holiday budget, you will need price information. Every detail is very important for individuals on holiday. The more reasonable the costs, the more opportunities to participate in activities. So how much are Fethiye canoe prices? Is it expensive? How many TL can be rented? Here are the answers…

Current price list of canoe tours in Fethiye:

  • Canoe tour price in Fethiye region – 650 TL
  • Canoe rental price in Fethiye – 200 TL per hour
  • Oludeniz canoe rental price – 175 TL
  • Patara river canoe rental fee – 200 TL
  • Fethiye canoe rental price for two – 250 TL

How Much is Fethiye Canoe Tour?

There are many activities in Fethiye and each of them is offered to the participants at ideal prices. Canoeing is among them. If you pay around 600 TL per person, you can benefit from every service included in the tour. This includes transfer service and food service. If you are one of those who say I want to experience an individual process, you can rent a canoe by paying 200 TL. You are sure to have 100% fun with both options.

If you are two people, you have two options. Either you will rent 2 single-person canoes or you will work as a team with a double-person canoe. If you pull the oars together synchronously, you can reach a nice speed on calm waters. We wish you a fun and enjoyable Fethiye canoeing process in advance.

What other activities to do in Fethiye?

If you have added the canoeing activity to your tour list, we will have another great activity suggestion for you. Have you tried paragliding, the most famous sport of the Ölüdeniz region? If you haven’t tried it, this summer is the best time for it. You will fly like a bird in the sky and feel the freedom to your cells. It will definitely be good for you to jump with a parachute. Then we invite you to the SKY Fethiye family. Call us and reserve your place before it’s too late and the quota runs out. Whether it’s summer or winter, we fly together. As the most reliable company in the region, we provide you with the highest quality service every time. Have a nice holiday.

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