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Fethiye car rental is a very important detail for holidaymakers in the summer months . Because there are dozens of places to visit and see in this region. To paraglide in Ölüdeniz , to breathe the historical air in the Ancient City of Tlos , to sunbathe in the untouched bays with its deep blue sea, and to have dinner with the wonderful sunset, you need to be in different locations during your holiday . If your travel plans do not include transportation by car, our Fethiye car rental article will be very useful…

There are many companies that provide daily car rental services in Fethiye. You can comfortably pass to Ölüdeniz in a short time with the vehicle you will take from Fethiye. So what are the advantages you will get with Fethiye Vito rental ? It is possible to list the details in a few articles.

  • With your private vehicle, you will have the opportunity to have a cool and comfortable journey in the hot summer months.
  • You have the opportunity to see many more places during your holiday.
  • If you are a large family, traveling with a private vehicle will be in your favor.
  • Thanks to the special vehicle, you will also have the safety factor.

Fethiye Car Rental Service

Fethiye is a famous place with many regions. Not only the center but also its side locations such as Ölüdeniz attract millions of tourists during the summer months. There are cases where there is no need for a private vehicle for individual trips. However, having an individual vehicle in crowded situations brings many advantages. So what is Fethiye car rental service? Here are the details…

Fethiye car rental is the service of providing a vehicle for a fee in companies within a certain period of time. There are vehicle fleets to offer solutions to all kinds of demands. Those who wish can choose an economy class vehicle, or it is possible to have a wide and comfortable transportation with the Mercedes Vito . Times are determined at the beginning of the reservation. However, extensions are made according to demand.

Fethiye Luxury Car Rental

There are many different categories of service types in car rental methods. Fethiye luxury car rental is the most preferred among them. Although it is at a higher level in terms of price compared to other varieties, it stands out in terms of comfort and security. Mercedes VITO and BMW segment vehicles are the favorites of this category.

Fethiye VITO Rental

One of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to luxury VIP vehicles is the Mercedes VITO model. Because it brings the comfort of individuals to the fore with its large volume structure and equipment that offers solutions for every need. It can be rented individually or with a private driver. If you need Fethiye car rental , we recommend this model.

is also useful to mention the features of this vehicle when it comes to renting Fethiye VITO . It has a capacity of 8+1 in general. The luxuriously designed ones also have a special refrigerator, TV and safe. The driving comfort of the vehicle is at a very good level. It is possible to have a comfortable transportation process with this vehicle during your holiday in the hot summer months.

Fethiye Car Rental Prices

Fethiye car rental prices are a very important issue for those who have a car rental service among their travel plans . Because today, with the increase in the exchange rate, price increases are observed in this sector. First of all, thanks to early reservation, you can get this service at more reasonable rates . It is worth noting that the fees are quite high during the season. So how much is Fethiye car rental? Here are the details…

If you are going to rent a car daily, the price of a standard model vehicle varies between 150 and 300 TL. Of course, these prices vary according to the company and the season. For detailed information, you can contact a Rent A Car company. You can also learn about paragliding by following our Instagram account.


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