Fethiye Conservative Boat Tour 2024


Fethiye conservative boat tour is an important issue for those who want to spend their holidays in accordance with Islamic rules . In recent years, families have been planning a quiet, alcohol-free and peaceful holiday. Among these plans is mostly to join boat tours. Because the blues, sailing to the deep, swimming and most of the time fishing is everyone’s passion. As the SKY Fethiye family, we care about your requests. For this, we have listed great boat tours.

If you want to enjoy the blue voyage, boat tours offer a great alternative. Fethiye has private and untouched islands and coves. Here you have the opportunity to swim with your family in accordance with Islamic methods. Of course, for this, you will first need a quality and conservative boat with a specially designed concept . But don’t worry. There are many options for your needs in Fethiye. Here are the details…

Fethiye Conservative Boat Tour 2024
Fethiye Conservative Boat Tour 2024

Halal Concept Boat Tour

Today, the number of families who love to sail but cannot participate in this special activity due to their beliefs is at a very high level. If the right tours and routes are reached, such a problem is not encountered. When you choose the recommendations we have for you, you will enjoy the sun and the sea throughout the day. There are female personnel on these yachts. Thus , conservative families can easily meet their demands. Here are the conservative boat tour options in Fethiye …

Fethiye Conservative Boat Tour Program

Oludeniz halal tours depart from the central port. When you set sail with a private and luxury boat, you enjoy the sea and the sun all day long. Since the number of people on the boat is kept low, you spend your day in a spacious and peaceful environment. The blue cruise starts at 9:30 in the morning and ends at 17:00 in the evening. Unique places are discovered in the tour program. The most popular points of the route are:

  • blue cave
  • butterfly Valley
  • Nicholas Island
  • Soguksu Bay
  • Aquarium Cove

Fethiye Conservative Boat Tour Price 2024

Prices for participating in boat tours are also very curious. Because during the summer holidays, individuals want to participate in many activities in the region. However, it is an important detail to have information about the prices in order to set the budgets correctly. So , how much was the conservative boat tour price in Fethiye in 2024? Here are the details…

First of all, there are differences in the fare descriptions of the boats departing from Ölüdeniz and Fethiye ports. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an exact price. However, we can say that the average fees for 2024 are between 250 TL and 400 TL per person. Note that tours are at full capacity during the season. For this reason, take your place on the journey to the blue by making an early reservation. As the SKY Fethiye family, a brand in paragliding, we wish you a great holiday.

Conservative Boat Charters

You can join private tours in the Fethiye region, as well as rent a private boat for your family. For this, there are great yacht options in Fethiye harbor and Ölüdeniz harbor. These special boats create great alternatives for conservative families who prefer calmness . If you want to rent a boat instead of a conservative Fethiye boat tour this summer , here are a few options…

Conservative Yacht Charter:

  • Prices between 1700 and 3000 TL
  • female staff
  • Custom route
  • Departure at 10:00 in the morning and arrival at the port at 17:00 in the evening
Conservative Boat Charters
Conservative Boat Charters

One of the best advantages of renting a private boat is that you have the right to determine your own route. During the day, you almost take the helm and anchor at every cove you are curious about. In addition, special menus are prepared for your taste with wonderful food presentations. You can contact for reservation.

Oludeniz Conservative Boat Tour

Conservative families and all religious women definitely want to experience a boat tour in Ölüdeniz. It is impossible to come to such a special region and not experience the blue, untouched coves and unique natural wonders. But for this, it is necessary to participate in a tour program with a special concept. The practices in standard boat tours do not appeal to veiled female individuals. But where to find a conservative Fethiye boat tour? We are the best company in Oludeniz region in this regard. We maintain an organizational process based entirely on halal elements.

Blue voyage is everyone’s dream. It is especially important for individuals who adhere to Islamic values. Because sailing to the open seas, swimming here and enjoying the scenery is a religiously permissible activity. However, if it is applied in accordance with Islamic values, it is considered permissible. For example, the personnel on the boat must be women. Also, absolutely no alcoholic beverages should be included. Otherwise, individuals will be put in trouble.

Is Alcohol Available on the Conservative Boat Tour?

No, alcoholic beverages are strictly not allowed on the conservative boat. Because in the view of Islam, such products are strictly forbidden. You can join the tour with your family and consume halal cold hot soft drinks with peace of mind. While some organizations in Fethiye Ölüdeniz are organized under the conservative name, they can also sell alcoholic beverages. As the SKY Fethiye family, we do not approve of this situation.

Are There Men on the Boat Tour in Fethiye?

If you choose us, you will definitely not see male individuals on the boat. As the name suggests, we organize halal tours in Fethiye. All of the employees on the boat are women. In the services you will receive, you will only deal with female personnel. This is an important factor for you to feel safe and enjoy the process to the fullest.

Is the Captain of the Oludeniz Boat Tour a Man?

Another issue that conservative female individuals are very curious about is who is the captain of the boat within the tour. First of all, let’s say that the only man on the boat is the captain. There are no female captains today. But the captain stays on his deck and does not have any contact with the participants. The process is managed entirely by female personnel. After anchoring in the bays, the captains are out of the boat, ie on land, while the customers are swimming or sunbathing. We have thought of every detail for you so that you feel 100% safe.

Can I Swim on the Conservative Boat Tour?

You can swim with peace of mind in our tours organized specifically for conservative women in Fethiye Ölüdeniz region. We are taking you to 2 of the most special and valuable bays of the region. After anchoring here, the captain goes ashore. You can swim with peace of mind and enjoy the cool waters when there are no male individuals in the boat.

Can I pray in Fethiye Conservative Boat Tour?

Fethiye conservative boat tour , which starts early in the morning , continues until later in the day. Individuals who want to fulfill their religious responsibilities during prayer times can pray in the boat upon request. There is a prayer rug for this. It is possible to perform this religious ritual by finding the direction of the qibla when the boat anchors in the bays.

Oludeniz Conservative Boat Tour Program

Individuals in hijab who have not participated in boat tours in the region before are wondering what kind of program is in the tour. First of all, let me state that the program and the route have been carefully chosen. In the first hours of the morning, you open your eyes in the exquisite beauty of Knight Island. They say the day will continue as it begins. The day starts off great here. After that, we move on to the other legs of the route. In short, you enjoy every minute of the process. But how is the process going? Here are the details…

How is the Oludeniz Conservative Boat Tour Route?

The first route of the tour is Knight Island. Since there is no transportation connection from the land, the island still maintains its virginity today. For this reason, its water is clear and clean. The coast of the island is completely covered with sand. In this respect, it is ideal for sunbathing. It also contains historical ruins. If you wish, you can also make a kind of cultural trip by visiting these ruins. The second leg of the route is Boncuklu Bay. Here, you can swim in the deep blue cool waters and enjoy yourself under the sun. Finally, our boat arrives at Domuz Island, one of the most valuable and must-explored places in the region. Here you are swimming in cool waters again. Then we start the journey back to the center. During the return, you witness the beauty of the sunset.

When is the Conservative Boat Tour?

Conservative boat tours in Fethiye are organized once a day. Departure is at 09:30 in the morning. There are departures from different points every day. Sometimes our boats departing from the center of Oludeniz and sometimes anchor from the Fethiye coast. You will be informed about this at the time of booking. The end time of the tour is generally determined as 15:30. Of course, there may be stretches and elongations according to the process.

Is the Conservative Boat Tour Free for Kids?

Conservative families can join our boat tours with their children. There is no age limit to join. The entrance fee is not charged to children under 3 years old. Normal entrance fee is required for children 4 and above.

Is There Food On The Fethiye Halal Boat Tour?

The issue of food is important for conservative families. Because it is not permissible to eat non-halal products. Within the scope of the tour, 1 meal is provided free of charge. The meal usually includes seafood. When there will be meat products, halal slaughter is provided. You can consume your meals with peace of mind.

Fethiye Halal Concept Boat Tours

Halal means that there is no objection to religion and that people can do it easily. Most people think that such entertainment and activities are sin. However, when applied with the right methods, they are completely permissible organizations. Fethiye conservative boat tour is one of them. We offer a completely Islamic process for you, from the employees to the places you go to, from drinks to food.

Fethiye Halal Concept Boat Tour Price

When the summer season comes, conservative and veiled female individuals plan a holiday that suits their style. The prices in these plans are also significantly high. You will participate in a halal concept boat tour in Fethiye, you have to pay the entrance fee. With reasonable numbers, you can have a pleasant period from morning to afternoon. So how much? Here is the answer…

Fethiye halal concept tour price list for 2024:

  • Fethiye halal boat tour price per person – 1500-3000 TL
  • Fethiye two person conservative boat tour fee – 1500-3000 TL
  • 3 person halal concept boat tour price – 1500-3000
  • Conservative boat tour price for under 3 years old – Free
  • Boat tour fee for over 4 years old – 1500-3000 TL
  • Photo and Video shooting – Paid
  • Lunch – Free
  • Drinks – Paid

How Much Is a Conservative Boat Tour in Fethiye?

Fethiye halal boat tour per person was determined as 1500-3000 . As the number of people increases, this number also increases. A small amount of discount is applied for group participation. You can convey this to our authorities at the time of booking. Our 24/7 call center takes reservations. Remember that there are limited places in the season and if possible, make sure to increase your space before your holiday starts. In this way, you will have the opportunity to open up to the blues that you dream of. We wish you a wonderful holiday in advance. Have a nice day…


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