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Fethiye is a city that hosts the country’s leading beaches and historical sites. For this reason, Fethiye conservative villa rental demands are also intense. There is a high demand for our country, especially the Ölüdeniz region, from the Eastern Islamic geography as well as from the Western countries. But most touristic facilities are not suitable for families who have adopted a conservative life. In this article, we have listed the wonderful 2+1, 3+1, 4+2 and 5+3 villas for rent by the owner for a holiday in accordance with religious values with both its calmness and its private pool.

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There are many rental villas in the region, as Fethiye is in the first place of every holidaymaker. Among these, we see that styles suitable for the conservative concept have become widespread in recent years. But which villa is beautiful and fulfilling all needs? Which conservative villa to rent in Fethiye? The answer to the question is hidden in the rest of the article. First you have to decide how many people you need. There are villas in the region with a capacity of up to 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 people, with sufficient number of rooms and meeting all necessary living needs.

Villas for rent suitable for conservative families in Fethiye and Oludeniz region:

  • Fethiye 3+1 detached conservative villa with pool – 0 (536) 736 14 07
  • 4+1 conservative villa with jacuzzi in Fethiye – 0 (252) 622 02 82
  • Fethiye conservative family villa 3+1 – 0 (539) 551 69 13
  • Conservative family rental villa with 3 bathrooms in Fethiye – 0 (555) 077 46 70
  • Villa for rent in Fethiye for large conservative families – 0 (252) 622 02 82

If you want to spend a holiday in Islamic ways and you have turned the route to Fethiye, it is important that you feel comfortable in the place where you will stay. Unfortunately, hotels cannot offer a sufficient level of service in terms of conservatives. We have already listed a limited number of private hotels for you in our Fethiye Islamic Hotels article. If you have such an intention, you can make a choice in it.

Fethiye Conservative Villa Rental

For families who are devoted to Islam, the primary factor of the holiday is a place where they can stay in peace and security. A conservative family who cannot feel comfortable cannot enjoy that holiday, no matter how beautiful the region they go to. But thanks to the conservative villa rental option in Fethiye, there is no such problem. Because the region is very diverse in terms of sheltered villas. You will be able to have that Mediterranean beach you have dreamed of with these private properties, which are 100% safe and have a layout that is invisible from the outside. We have detailed the most beautiful Islamic Fethiye villas for you in the rest of the article.

Villa Sandak – Karadere

Sandak is an excellent choice for conservative holidaymakers who value privacy . It is located in the most beautiful place of Karadere region. You feel 100% safe thanks to the stone walls around it. It also has a large pool. You can enjoy the cool water with your spouse and children.

PRICE: Between 1,250 TL – 4,000 TL per night

POINTS: 10/9

LOCATION: Very close to the beach

Villa Pandora – Kayakoy

conservative villa rental options in Fethiye, Villa Pandora is a good alternative. It is located in the historical Kayaköy area and is very close to the beach. The surrounding of the building is protected. Surrounded by very cute trees. At night, you can experience peaceful moments with outdoor and pool lighting . On the other hand, there is a nice pool for children to swim in. We recommend this place for an Islamic holiday with affordable price.

PRICE: Between 2,000 TL and 2,500 TL per night

POINTS: 10/9

LOCATION: Very close to the beach

Villa Ayumi – Kayakoy

For those looking for a spacious and scenic villa , we add Villa Ayumi to our list. It is surrounded by mountains and has a structure that provides the best privacy. With 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, it creates an alternative for large families. The pool is big and deep. Modern lines are used in its architecture. Here you can both visit the historical points of Kayaköy and go to the beach for a swim.

PRICE: Between 5,000 TL – 6,500 TL per night

POINTS: 10/8

LOCATION: Very close to the beach and historical places

Villa Mihman – Fethiye Oludeniz

Would you like to stay in a private, safe, private villa with a pool, surrounded by greenery in Fethiye Oludeniz region? Then we invite you to Mihman , one of the most beautiful Fethiye conservative villa places . One side looks at the mountain and the other side looks at the forest. You can enjoy the sun and the pool with your loved ones all day long in this 100% safe area. It is fully equipped with a holiday concept in accordance with Islamic methods.

PRICE: Between 2,400 TL – 3,500 TL per night

POINTS: 10/9

LOCATION: Very close to the beach and historical places

Villa Asli – Kayakoy

You can comfortably stay up to 4-5 people in Villa Aslı. The architecture of this building, which was basically created with the concept of stone, is really beautiful and does justice to the region it is located in. Since it is surrounded by stones, you can easily provide privacy. Let’s also mention that there are 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms. In short, those who dream of a quiet, calm holiday in the heart of nature can make their dreams come true with Villa Aslı.

PRICE: Between 1,800 TL – 2,500 TL per night

POINTS: 10/8

LOCATION: Very close to the beach and historical places

Fethiye Conservative Villa for 2 Persons

There are wonderfully conservative villas in Fethiye for those who do not have children and are planning a holiday for 2 people. You can make short-term or long-term rentals. Villas for 2 people are also a little more reasonable in terms of price. While the ones with a pool are around 1,700 TL per night, the villas without a pool can be found up to 1,000 TL. Of course, there may be differences in the season, but these are the general rates.

Conservative Family Villas for Rent in Fethiye

conservative villas in Fethiye give importance to privacy first. Because this secrecy cannot be caught in hotels nowadays. Having a quieter and more peaceful holiday is possible by renting the right villas. Having a pool is also very important. Because there is a conservative beach in the Fethiye region. While it is everyone’s dream to enjoy the sun with cool waters while on vacation, it is possible to do this by renting a private property.

Fethiye Conservative Villa From Owner

Finally, we will talk about the conservative villa rental in Fethiye from the owner. Those who do not want to pay commissions to real estate agents or brokerage platforms want to contact the owner of the villa directly. But this is not possible. Because all property owners prefer to rent with private intermediaries. In other words, if you want to have such a holiday, you should definitely get services from online platforms or real estate agents. You can have a great villa with a small commission. In general, they offer a minimum of 3 days rental option, but in some places, this limitation can also change for a day.

Finally, let’s give information about conservative activities while we are in Fethiye. As the SKY Fethiye brand, we organize very different and unforgettable conservative events in the region . Paragliding is one of them. You can flap your wings in the sky with our female pilots in accordance with Islamic methods. You should also experience our conservative boat tour activity. In this way, you will have an unforgettable holiday. We wish you a peaceful holiday in advance.


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