Fethiye Daily Activities

Fethiye Daily Activities Fethiye , one of Turkey’s hidden paradises, is also a popular area for daily activities. The fact that it offers many activity options to holidaymakers distinguishes it from other touristic places. It is possible in Fethiye to have fun, observe nature, enjoy the sky, and make your body vigorous by doing sports during your short-term holiday, where you will relieve the tiredness of the whole year. As SKY Fethiye, in this article, we have proposed 5 great activities for you where you will find fun and adrenaline together. We wish you pleasant reading…

Best Fethiye Daily Activities

We wouldn’t be wrong if we say Ölüdeniz is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The fact that it was chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006 officially confirms this. When Fethiye and Ölüdeniz are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the deep blue sea. However, this place is also famous in the world for its special activities. We have listed the most amazing of them for you. Here are the best Fethiye daily activities

Fethiye Daily Activities
Fethiye Daily Activities

1.      Oludeniz Paragliding ( Paragliding )

Ölüdeniz has the title of the best sportive and commercial paragliding flight region globally as well as in our country. The flights, which started in 1979, attracted great attention over time. According to 2016 data, more than 120 thousand people visited the Babadağ track. This data is increasing every year. Accompanied by professional pilots, you throw yourself into the void from 2000 meters. You float like a bird over Ölüdeniz for 25-30 minutes . For those who are looking for daily activities in Fethiye , paragliding is a sport that should definitely be done.

2.      Oludeniz Kumburnu Beach

Oludeniz Kumburnu beach fascinates people with its wonderful harmony with the most beautiful shades of blue intertwined with nature. Fethiye has the most used view in promotions. You can experience joyful moments by immersing yourself in the blue waters. You can also experience water sports by renting canoes and pedalos.

3.      Camping in Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a place isolated from the world and embodies the purest form of nature. It is not possible to go by road. This ensures that it preserves its naturalness. The only way to reach here is to use boat tours. In addition, if you can convince your paragliding pilot, it is possible to land in the Butterfly Valley. If you are looking for daily activities in Fethiye , you can camp in Butterfly Valley. It is also possible to come across butterflies, the miracle of nature, while camping here.

4.      Taking a Horse Tour

Horses have been the greatest helpers of mankind throughout its progress on the stage of history. Horses are shown as the chief architects of the establishment of civilizations. Even today, the interest and love for them continues. It is possible to have a great time in the heart of nature with Fethiye Ölüdeniz horse tour activity. You can spend hours away from stress by experiencing the nature life.

5.      Scuba Diving (Fethiye Scuba ) diving )

You can discover the new world under the deep blue waters of Fethiye and Ölüdeniz . You perform this activity in the company of scuba diving instructors without going through any training process. Paradise Bay, Aquarium Bay and Butterfly Valley are great areas for underwater diving. Scuba diving takes the fifth place in our daily activities list in Fethiye .

Fethiye Daily Activities
Fethiye Daily Activities

Fethiye Activity Packages

Since there are many activities in Fethiye, it is often not organized to do each of them. Because vacation times are usually limited. In addition, a more costly table emerges when done individually. At this point, the importance of the Fethiye activity packages comes into play. With SKY Fethiye economic activity packages , you can do all the activities that must be experienced at reasonable prices. You can contact us for detailed information and reservations. We also invite you to our SKYFethiye social media account for your comments and opinions .


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