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has the most special spots of the Mediterranean and Aegean for Fethiye diving . The mystery of a mysterious life fascinates you by descending meters deep in the sea, where the most beautiful shades of blue are found. This event, in which individuals of all ages participate, takes place in regions such as Dalyan bay, Kızıl Ada lighthouse, Afkule and Üç Tunnels. In addition , the Baracuda Reef and the Cold Cave are some of the places that adrenaline enthusiasts love the most.

A unique option for sea diving activity in Fethiye. We can count many factors to this. One of the most important indications of why you should do it is that the water is clean and the light beams provide a very comfortable transition under water. Thus, you have a very clear image even at the bottom. You can see living things up close and even touch them. This is a unique detail, especially for photographers. When you participate in Fethiye diving tour , your photos and videos are taken with professional cameras. You will have memories that will never be forgotten for a lifetime and that will create beautiful smiles as you look at them.

There are many special creatures in the depths of the region. These are the kinds of sea creatures you can only come across in the sea here. For example, you may come across creatures of unique beauty, whose real name is ‘ Plesionika Narval’, known as the cleaner shrimp . These shrimp species live in underground caves. In addition, if you are on your lucky day, it is possible to encounter triangular fish species peeking out from the Red Sea. There are exploration enthusiasts from most parts of the world, even just to see these special sea creatures in Fethiye diving event. How would you like to join them this summer? So let’s get into the details.

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Fethiye Diving Tour

Every person has a geographic structure that they are passionate about. Some are excited against the sky, some are opening the doors of the mysterious life under the water. But there’s definitely something he’s excited about. Fethiye diving tour is the best option for those who are happy to be under the water . It dives 10 meters deep and the doors of a new world are opened. In some diving points, this depth can reach up to 15 meters. You don’t need any experience or training. Professional divers assist you. The whole process is safe and full of excitement. It is also necessary not to forget the share of peace. Everyone should experience the calming feeling of water.

Fethiye diving tour is a process focused on the satisfaction of the participant from start to finish. Upon request, you will be taken from the hotel and go to the diving school. Pre-training is given there. After this training, which lasts about 25-30 minutes, you will gain a good theoretical experience about the process under water and you will feel ready to dive. Then you put on your special equipment and go to sea with professional divers. Diving is also performed in groups with these divers. So you are in an extremely safe activity.

Discover the Underwater Mystery with Us!

The number of schools providing diving services in the Fethiye region is quite high. But the number of professional divers and visionaries is few. The most important factor that makes the process beautiful and enjoyable is diving with an experienced team. With SKY Fethiye, this is more than possible. You have many advantages within the scope of Fethiye diving tour. First of all, the materials are provided by us. We also take out private insurance for you. Let’s list other services in a few items.

Services included in the diving tour in Fethiye:

  • You have the right to cancel your previous reservations 24 hours before the dive.
  • Reservation cancellations are refunded without deduction.
  • You stay under water for an average of 30 minutes.
  • opportunity to participate in 2 different tours a day, in the morning and in the afternoon .
  • Diving takes place in the Blue Cave Bay.
  • Insurance is provided for the diving activity.
  • Diving equipment is provided by our school. You do not need to buy any extra materials.
  • You can take advantage of the photo and video shooting service. But this is within the scope of extra service.
  • We provide food and beverage services.

All the above possibilities and opportunities are available with SKY Fethiye. There is much more. If you want to experience a nice activity, you can call right now. Our communication tools are at your service 24/7. We wish you good diving.

Anyone from 7 to 70 can dive with us

The passion for the sea has no age limit. Most of the time, this passion shows itself in childhood. Diving during these periods means self-confidence about the future for children. You can participate as a family. Both you and your children can save a good memory with Fethiye diving . Let’s note that the minimum diving age determined by our diving school is 14. There may be slight stretches in this regard. You can arrange a meeting by contacting.

Fethiye Diving Prices

Diving can seem like a costly activity from afar for those who have never done it before. However, it is possible to say that it is the most reasonably priced activity according to the adventure that today has to offer. Fethiye diving prices are offered to participants at more attractive rates compared to other provinces. In 2022, a person can observe the underwater world with a payment of 35 dollars. It would be wrong to say that diving is expensive considering it’s a 30-minute adventure.

Families choose activities according to their budgets when creating their vacation plans. Having many options in Fethiye is also a good alternative for tourists. Those who want to fly in the sky head for paragliding, while those who are passionate about the sea head for scuba diving. Those who wish can participate in both parachuting and diving activities at the same time by taking advantage of package tours. Buying a double tour is always more advantageous. All you have to do is pay $185. You benefit from all services. Photo and video shooting only, not included. In general, let’s detail the subject in tabular form.

Price list of scuba diving activity in Fethiye in 2022:

Fethiye diving price per person $ 35
Two person dive fee $ 70
Three person scuba diving fee 105 dollars
Photo and video shooting price $ 20
Paragliding and diving price $ 185

The prices above are current and may vary periodically. You can use our communication tools to reach the clearest price schedule.

Is Diving In Fethiye Expensive?

Definitely not. Especially when it is booked with paragliding , it falls to an even more reasonable rate. Such activities are extreme situations that a person will experience in a limited number of lives. But the trace lasts a lifetime. You can make your reservation immediately by paying a figure of 35 dollars per person.

Fethiye Diving Centers

Fethiye has now become a center for this activity as it has many diving schools. Undoubtedly, the long coastline and the large number of diving spots play a large part in this. While making a reservation, the participants also want to encounter a professional service. Because after all, diving is one of the extreme activities. With SKY Fethiye , which has been in the industry for more than 20 years, you can find the best response to all your requests. We have the most experienced diver team in the region. We prioritize your safety and make the process enjoyable for you. If you want to enjoy the sea this summer, you can take advantage of early booking opportunities right now. In addition, it is possible to spend a wonderful holiday with a double package with paragliding.


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