Fethiye Event Calendar


Fethiye event calendar has been announced for the 2022 season. Fethiye, one of the country’s rare tourism resorts, is flooded by hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. Its wonderful nature, deep blue sea, untouched and calm coves, adrenaline-filled activities and luxury accommodation options are the most important factors for people to choose this place. But it also has very rich organizations in terms of events. Dozens of organizations, from music to theater, from festivals to special events, offer unforgettable moments to the people of Fethiye during the summer months.

Music and art are the elements that make a holiday even more beautiful and meaningful. While having fun with the activities held on the beaches during the day, it is possible to rest the soul with activities in the evening. Fethiye also has a very good importance in this area. Every year, many special artists perform in this city. It gives vacationers unforgettable moments. So , how is the Fethiye event calendar in 2022 ? We will provide a detailed list later in the article.

Fethiye Event Calendar
Fethiye Event Calendar

Fethiye Event Calendar List

The Fethiye event calendar list for the summer of 2022 is slowly starting to take shape. The place and time of concerts and art events have been determined. If Fethiye is among your plans this summer, you should definitely visit the activities we recommend below.

1.      Eco Yoga Festival – Fethiye

There is a very different organization that will be held in Fethiye for the first time this year. Eko Yoga Festival will take place on Thursday, June 23 . In addition to yoga, meditation and healing practices, there will also be sustainable farming practices. You can participate in dance workshops, or you can have a pleasant time in storytelling. This different and creative festival is at the top of our Fethiye event calendar list.

2.      Babadag Movement Festival 2022

We have a great activity suggestion for those who care about spiritual calmness as well as entertainment. Babadağ Movement Festival will be held for the second time in 2022. Last year, many firsts were signed. He also made a name for himself with intense participation. Do not miss this wonderful organization that will start on August 31st. We can list the organizations that took place within the scope of the event as follows:

  • Yoga
  • Thai chi
  • Acrobatics
  • Martial Arts
  • DJ Performances

3.      International Fethiye Oludeniz Air Games Festival 2022

A special festival is held every year in Fethiye, which has gained a global reputation with its paragliding activities. It is possible to say that sky lovers from all over the world participate in this organization, known as the International Fethiye Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival . Pilots from different fields and branches perform great acrobatic stunts in the sky. The date of the festival, which will be held for the 22nd time this year, is 19 October 2022. It is expected to last four days, as it does every year. We recommend you not to miss the third air games festival in our Fethiye event calendar list.

International Fethiye Oludeniz Air Games Festival 2022
International Fethiye Oludeniz Air Games Festival 2022

Fethiye Concert 2022

For those who want to take a short music break on holiday, Fethiye concert 2022 comes to the fore. There is quite a wide variety of activities here. Nightclubs, open air or municipal concerts are the areas where events are held. Famous artists continue to meet with the people of Fethiye in these 3 ways. So what ‘s on the Fethiye concert 2022 list? We have listed 3 organizations for you that you will not regret when you attend.

  1. MillionFest Fethiye 2022 – September 4 İnlice Beach
  2. Nurettin Rençber – April 27, Fethiye Municipality Cultural Center
  3. Fethiye Music Festival – 13 August Aksazlar Bay

Fethiye event calendar is at a full level, as can be seen in 2022. You can take your place at the events by buying your tickets now. In addition, we invite you to paragliding activity during the day of all these activities. You can learn more about the flight by following our Instagram account.

Fethiye Music Festival 2022

Fethiye is famous for its special organizations and unlimited entertainment in all seasons of the year. Especially when it comes to summer months, great concerts and festivals are held in Ölüdeniz, especially in the center. Fethiye music festival is one of them. After the announcement of the event artist list for 2022, ticket sales started to attract great interest. So who is at the music festival this year? Here are the details…

Fethiye music festival is famous for hosting artists from many different music concepts. It is possible to see many different styles on the stage, from rap music to rock music, from pop to electronic music. This is an element that increases the interest in him. In this annual festival, we see not only music but also magnificent stage shows. The list of artists in this festival, whose Fethiye event calendar is the most popular organization of 2022, is as follows:

Fethiye music festival Day 1:

  • Haluk Levent
  • Mero
  • Ceylan Ertem
  • Clock at home
  • XIR
  • Kurtalan Express
  • Mary Jane
  • Yalcin Topyanak
  • Ceylan Koynat
  • Alara Eric
  • Ozan Turan

Fethiye Music Festival Day 2:

  • Selda Bagcan
  • Angel Mosso
  • Manus Baba
  • Tugkan
  • Hayki
  • Yigit Mahzuni
  • Elyas & Taha
  • Umit Sayin
  • Reyhan Karaca
  • Sibel Alas

Fethiye Music Festival Day 3:

  • Murda
  • Boss & Ati242
  • ceg
  • Rozz Calliope
  • Yener Agile
  • Burak King
  • raven
  • MIR
  • Ceren Cennet

The festival will take place between 14 and 16 August in Aksazlar Koyu. Tickets are already on sale. It is worth noting that the interest is intense. Because for a few years, festivals have been suspended due to the pandemic. This year will be the explosion of past years.

YouTube video

MillionFest Fethiye 2022

MillionFest is an organization that organizes festivals in different regions of Turkey throughout the year. They not only perform festivals but also concerts of famous names. Music lovers are already excited for this event, which will also be held in Fethiye this summer season. How much is the MillionFest ticket? If you are wondering, let’s also point out that the answer to this question will change according to the period. The ticket prices of the festival, which will take place on September 1, are currently set at 70 TL. It will last 4 days and you need to buy a separate ticket for each day. You can have a great experience by coinciding with the day of your favorite artists.

When it comes to summer months, music and entertainment come to mind. With MillionFest, sea and sun elements are added to this. As such, it is possible to experience an unforgettable festival. In short , we recommend that you do not miss this organization in the Fethiye event calendar 2022 season. Of course, price is also important. Because it is an organization that will last 4 days to the fullest. Camping is also available. MillionFest ticket prices were determined in the following categories:

  1. Daily Ticket – 01 September: 70 TL
  2. Daily Ticket – 02 September: 70 TL
  3. Daily Ticket – 03 September: 70 TL
  4. Daily Ticket – 04 September: 70 TL
  5. Combined Ticket : 120 TL
  6. Camp Combined Ticket : 150 TL

We recommend that you consider the events and festivals mentioned above when making your holiday plans. In this way, a holiday full of adrenaline and music will be waiting for you. It is also useful to add paragliding activity to these. We wish you a full holiday in advance.

Fethiye Culture and Art Guide

After the summer season in holiday resorts, music events come to the fore in general, but there are also great options in the field of culture and arts in Fethiye. While you are planning, you can experience an artistic activity by dedicating a night to a theater event. Moreover, these organizations are held at very affordable prices. Let’s take a look at which cultural and artistic activities are in Fethiye and Ölüdeniz regions in 2022.

Fethiye Culture and Art Guide
Fethiye Culture and Art Guide

A.      A Performance That Makes You Laugh and Think: Skirts and Pants

of Fethiye Municipality Cultural Center at the beginning of summer. Nurseli İdiz appears in the lead role in this performance in the concept of musical comedy. He is accompanied by Nergis Kumbasar and Kimya Gökçe Aytaç. Tickets for this wonderful theater, which will take place on Sunday, May 8, are on sale. Fethiye theater ticket prices were determined as follows:

  • 1st Category Ticket Price: 120 TL
  • 2nd Category Ticket Price: 100 TL

B.      Burak Honorable Children’s Concert

Families with children on vacation often have trouble making plans in the evening. Because the rhythm of nightlife is not very suitable for large and crowded families. At this point, Fethiye children’s theater comes to the fore . If you want to spend a wonderful evening with your children, the Burak Onurlu children’s concert is just for you. The event will take place on Saturday, June 4, at the Fethiye Municipality Cultural Center stage. In this musical with various instruments, your child will both have fun and learn. Ticket prices were fixed at 40 TL. Get tickets before they run out.

Fethiye Concert Calendar 2022

After the pandemic came into our lives, we had to take a break from outdoor or indoor music events for many years. The wonderful performances held every year unfortunately could not be held. Thus, we were deprived of a tight pastime. However, after the pandemic bans are completely eliminated in 2022, the country’s best concert and festival organizations are returning. So what’s on the Fethiye concert calendar this season? Let’s take a look at the prominent names…

mainly host festivals in 2022 . Concert schedules are usually clear when the season starts. It’s impossible to say for sure right now. But we will offer you some great festivals. We recommend that you buy the tickets before they run out and be ready to have a great time.

  • Fethiye Music Festival
  • Fethiye MillionFest 2022
  • 2022 Eco Yoga Festival
  • Babadag Movement Festival
  • Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival 2022
Fethiye Concert Calendar 2022
Fethiye Concert Calendar 2022

When is the Fethiye Concert?

The 2022 summer season will be full. In this first summer season, when we left the pandemic behind, all venues are getting ready for beautiful events. The leading artists of the country and the world will present their performances in Fethiye venues, giving music lovers great moments. Master DJs will be in this region, not only in pop, rap or rock styles, but also in electronic music. It’s almost time for dance-filled nights with techno and trance sounds.

Concerts in Fethiye usually come up with the concept of a festival. Among them, MiltonFest is at the forefront. This organization, where dozens of different names will take the stage, is already one of the most prestigious festivals in our country. It is possible to encounter leaders of almost every musical genre.

Where is Fethiye Music Festival?

Fethiye music festival, which is one of the events that is expected to start, continues to attract great attention this year. The tickets attracted great interest from the first moment they were put on sale. But curiosity about the concert venue also increased. This organization will take place between 14 – 15 – 16 August in Aksazlar Bay. If you are wondering how to get to Aksazlar Bay, you can easily use your navigation. We wish you a holiday full of music, dance and fun.


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