Fethiye Family Hotels 2024

Fethiye family hotels are on the agenda of people who want to relieve the tiredness of the year in this region, even for a short time, and who are looking for a hotel with suitable content for children. Fethiye is a very ideal region in this regard. In addition to the unique beauties it offers for adults, it also has great opportunities for families with children. The biggest problem for adults is not being able to go on vacation with a child. Also, to think that even if you go, it will be a very difficult process. But this is a wrong approach. Because Fethiye is famous for its kid-friendly hotels.

Fethiye Family Hotels

The concept of a family hotel is different from other hotels and has issues that need attention. The service and facility structure should be suitable for the peace and happiness of children. With Fethiye family hotels, it is possible to meet all these demands. So, what kind of details should a family hotel with children have? It is worth mentioning this in a few articles.

  1. The facility structure must be suitable for children. Playgrounds, children’s pool, activities can be given as examples.
  2. The most important thing in Fethiye family hotels concept is calmness. Hotel activity concepts and service approaches need to be built on calmness. In this way, families can relieve the tiredness of the whole year with their children.
  3. An all-inclusive concept is expected in the fee schedule. Families do not want to think about the money problem while having a holiday with their children.
  4. It is imperative that the personnel working at the facility have experience in child psychology and its approach. Thus, a healthier communication is established.

Fethiye Non-Alcoholic Family Hotels

We would not be wrong if we say that Fethiye and its surrounding regions are a world brand in the field of tourism. Millions of tourists from different parts of the world flock here every year. In our country, local tourists relieve the tiredness of the past year in the warm waters of Ölüdeniz. Here, there is an option to suit every style and demand. This is what makes the region popular in the world. So what are the alcohol-free family hotels in Fethiye ? Here are the details…

Lycian Roard Resort Hotel

Lycian Roard located in Dodurga area of Fethiye Resort Hotel is a great option for those looking for a conservative holiday. The facility, which is completely alcohol-free, also has an all-inclusive concept. It is also worth noting that it has a private beach and a large pool. Among the all-inclusive concept of Fethiye hotels, Likya Roard definitely stands out.

Oludeniz Zehra Hotel

Relying on the lush nature of the Fethiye region, Zehra Hotel welcomes holidaymakers with its completely conservative family hotel concept. There are 2 pools in the facility where alcohol is not available. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and quiet family holiday with children, we recommend this hotel.

Reis Royal Hotel

Royal Hotel is an attractive option for those who prefer to stay in the center of Fethiye . Especially the interior and rooms of the hotel have a very stylish design. Being in the center provides access to many activities. Especially those who want to do paragliding can easily pass to the Babadağ runway from this hotel.

Fethiye Family Hotels 2024

Fethiye Family Hotels Price 2024

In these days when the weather is slowly warming up, families with children started to make their holiday plans. Fethiye offers many hotel options with special concepts for families with children. Moreover, there are holiday packages for families of almost every budget. So , how much is the price of family hotels in Fethiye in 2024 Here are the details…

Due to the exchange rate fluctuations in our country, an increase is observed in hotel prices this season. It is possible to say that fire is expensive, especially for 5-star hotels. But Fethiye family hotels price is more reasonable as it is a non-alcoholic concept. You can find a 2-night holiday between 3000 TL and 4000 TL.


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