Fethiye Fishing

Fethiye fishing is a great article prepared for fishing enthusiasts. There are hundreds of fish species in its sea, which is at a point where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet. Also, pastures are plentiful. In this way, it continues to be the focus of attention of fishermen. It is possible to specify which fish you want to fish in Fethiye, in a few articles:

  • Fangri,
  • Leer,
  • Lagos,
  • Sinarit,
  • Bonito,
  • Sea bream.

As we mentioned above, Fethiye fishing ranges have a great variety. The baskets are filled by going to the pastures with boats that sail from the land every day. Still, the fishermen are smiling. You have two types of options for fishing here. While the first is coastal fishing, the other is possible with private tours. Let’s examine the tours together.

Fethiye Fishing

Fethiye Fishing Tours

There are dozens of private boats operating in the region for hunting. Fethiye fishing tours operate for 12 months of the year. You can see tens of fish boats in the sea every day when the weather conditions are suitable during the winter months. The size of the boats determines the capacity of the tours. It is possible to participate in fish tours with an average of 4 to 20 people. So what is included in the tour? here are the details…

  • Fishing rod and other fishing equipment are available on board. You can use them for free if you wish.
  • Boats are very comfortable. Kitchen and WC are available.
  • You go to the most special points of the sea with experienced captains. So it’s impossible not to fish.
  • Hot food is served at noon. You can also find all kinds of drinks.

Fethiye fishing tours usually start in the first hours of the morning. In the evening, towards sunset, it anchors on the shore. In addition, occupancy rates are quite high in every month of the year. For this reason, we recommend making a reservation in advance. Now let’s answer the question of what are the best fishing tours in Fethiye…

  1. Brothers Boats Fishing
  2. Grain Boats
  3. Tour Fethiye Boats

Fethiye Fishing Pastures

Fethiye has the most fertile areas of our country in terms of fishing pastures. Dozens of tour boats stop by these pastures every day, giving dozens of fishermen great moments. However, it is possible to give a few tips for those who have not experienced fishing in the region before. In the tours, the captains take them to the right spots. We will answer the questions of those who are especially curious about coastal fishing. Here are the places to fish in Fethiye…

Fethiye Fishing

Fethiye Fishing Places

There are many places suitable for fishing on the shores of Fethiye. At the first light of the morning, you will see dozens of fishermen lined up on the central beach. In coastal fishing, we especially recommend you to cast a line from the pier next to Petrol Ofisi. Especially around 4-6 am, this place becomes a very fertile pasture. In addition to Fethiye fishing places, we recommend KocaÇalış Beach. The shores of this beach are also rich in fish. Likewise, we recommend that you cast your fishing line in the first waters of the morning.

However, if you still want to fish, you should prefer Fethiye fishing tours. You both witness more enjoyable moments and leave fishing rods on fertile pastures. In addition, you are not affected by bad weather as the boats are made sheltered during the winter months.

Oludeniz Fishing Places

Ölüdeniz is a very rich town in terms of places to fish. Although there is coastal fishing, fishermen generally prefer fish tours. Because there are wonderful fish in the open seas. We recommend that you agree with a good fishing tour rather than the shores of Ölüdeniz. In this way, you will both have a comfortable process and fill your basket with plenty of fish.

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