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Fethiye honeymoon hotels are on the agenda of couples who will get married in 2022. Honeymoon is a very important issue, especially for those who want to leave the tiredness that comes from preparing for the wedding night for a long time and leave it to peace after the wedding. Because when you wake up for the first time in the morning after the wedding night, only the idea of a good holiday comes to mind. As SKY Fethiye, we have researched the best honeymoon hotels in Fethiye region for you. When you come to these hotels, you will definitely not want to go back.

If Fethiye is preferred for honeymoon, the individuals we expect from the holiday are sand, sea, sun, activity, nature and peace. Because Fethiye and especially Ölüdeniz meet all these demands. Also, this region is an ideal choice to reach the heights of romance on your honeymoon. If you have started to make your honeymoon plans gradually, this article will be very good for you. Here are Fethiye Oludeniz honeymoon hotels

The Most Beautiful Fethiye Honeymoon Hotels

Fethiye hotels can be said to be the best destination for a honeymoon. Because it has a magnificent structure with its untouched bays, Butterfly Valley, and the sea with every shade of blue. It is also a place where you can get enough of all the holiday elements on a honeymoon with its lush forests, adrenaline sports such as paragliding and canyons.

If you want to have fun and visit historical places on holiday, definitely add Fethiye to your plans. Because it has an exciting history. For example, you should definitely see the King Amyntas Rock Tombs. What will you see in the continuation of the article, the most beautiful Fethiye honeymoon hotels?

Hillside Beach Club: The Address of Comfort on Holiday

Hillside beach club is located in Calis. One of the rare seaside concepts in the Fethiye region. It is possible to enjoy the sun and the sea at the property’s own beach. In addition, if you like water sports, there are great water activities on site. Scuba diving, canoeing, ringo and water polo are some of these activities. This hotel is at the top of our list of Fethiye honeymoon hotels with its location, sea, beach and activities .

One of the important aspects of a honeymoon vacation is the meals offered by the hotel. Because you want to feel special in Fethiye honeymoon days, which will last for a short time. This is your most natural right. Hillside A wide variety of open buffets are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Beach Club facility. In short , you will have fun, find peace and experience wonderful tastes here.

Perdue Hotel: Paradise Among the Rocks

Located in Oludeniz region, Perdue Hotel has a very different architecture. Especially with its beach and different concept rooms, Fethiye deserves its second place in our list of honeymoon hotels. This is definitely the address of peace. Because the hotel does not accept individuals under the age of 18. If you are looking for peace and romance on your Fethiye honeymoon, Perdue Hotel is a great option. It is useful to mention the general features of the hotel.

  • 8 infinity rooms, 2 garden rooms and 1 superior room.
  • All rooms have a jacuzzi.
  • The rooms have a wooded view in the garden and a vast sea view.
  • The room concept does not consist of four walls. There is a tent room concept designed between the rocks .
  • It has its own beach and an outdoor pool.

Nautical Hotel: The Center of Romantic Vacation

Located in Kızılcakaya , Nautical Hotel is only 50 meters from the sea. Only bed and breakfast service is provided here. It is also worth noting that individuals under the age of 14 are not accepted. If you are in search of a romantic honeymoon hotel in Fethiye , Nautical Hotel is a great option.

  • The facility has a total of 18 rooms.
  • The rooms have a jacuzzi facing the sea.
  • There is a stone house specially designed for honeymoon in the hotel.
  • It has its own beach and a long pier.
  • Professional masseurs offer guests a great choice of massages.

We have presented the Fethiye honeymoon hotels list above. We wish you a wonderful honeymoon holiday and we wish you a happy life with your loved one. Also, if you want to paraglide on your holiday, you can follow our Instagram account.


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