Fethiye İslamic Hotel 2024


Fethiye Islamic hotel recommendation for conservative families this summer vacation . Fethiye, which creates a wonderful holiday alternative with its sea, sand and paradise nature, is also a point of attraction with its historical beauties. More than a million tourists flock to this region during the summer season. Ölüdeniz is one of the places that are flooded.

When Fethiye was mentioned, only unlimited entertainment came to mind in the past. However, nowadays, special concepts for alcohol-free and conservative families are also becoming widespread. There are luxury hotels established just for this purpose. Those who attach importance to the Islamic life in their family prefer these hotels and have a wonderful holiday. All Islamic rules are considered with private pool areas, indoor saunas, sports facilities and harem beaches. So what are the alcohol-free boutique hotels in Fethiye ? In this article, we have listed the 3 best conservative hotels. We wish you pleasant reading.

Fethiye İslamic Hotel 2024

Fethiye Islamic Hotels 5 Star

Today , the demands for conservative concept hotels are increasing day by day. With this increase in demand, many new hotels are being built. Fethiye Islamic hotels have high options. While some are in a boutique atmosphere, some are 5-star and ultra-comfortable. In short, it is possible to find a suitable facility for every need. In the summer season of 2024, a wonderful holiday awaits you with your family in a facility that cares about religious rules. Here are the best conservative hotels

a)      Holiday Preference of Conservative Families in Fethiye: Zehra Hotel

Fethiye, one of the most precious towns of Muğla province, is also the apple of the eye for tourism in the world. It has calm and serene concepts as well as its fun aspect. Zehra Hotel stands out among the non-alcoholic boutique hotels . Offering unique tastes at the open buffet all day long, the property is located 1 kilometer from the sea. The fact that there are two separate pools for women and men within the facility also places it in the first place in the list of Islamic Islamic hotels in Fethiye .

Zehra Hotel features:

  • Blue flag beach (women’s and men’s sections available)
  • Playground and swimming pool
  • Non-alcoholic buffets
  • non-smoking rooms
  • Turkish bath and steam room

b)      Facility that attaches importance to Islamic principles: Katrancı Park Hotel

non-alcoholic all-inclusive hotel in Fethiye continues for the 2024 season. In this context, we see that Katrancı Park Hotel comes to the fore. The distance of the hotel to the sea, which is established in a green area, is 350 meters. It also has 3 large pools. One of them is for women only. If you are looking for a holiday with a conservative concept, this hotel is for you.

Katranci Park Hotel features:

  • 24-hour reception
  • Non-alcoholic buffets
  • Playground and swimming pool
  • Conservative family rooms
  • paragliding, ringo , pedalo and boat tour (paid)
Fethiye İslamic Hotel 2024
Fethiye İslamic Hotel 2024

c)      A Place in the Heart of Nature: Green Anatolia Club Hotel

With 136 rooms and a living area of 15 thousand square meters, Green Anatolia Club Hotel offers a wonderful holiday option in accordance with Islamic methods. There are also special price tariffs for those looking for conservative hotels with a campaign . With its pools allocated separately for men and women, the absence of alcohol in the menus and the playgrounds where children can have unlimited fun, Fethiye is definitely at a good level among Islamic hotels. After sunbathing on the sandy beach during the day, you can have a wonderful experience with paragliding . Also, to spend a cultural night, take a look at the Fethiye Event Calendar 2024 .

, we made a nice presentation about the best conservative hotels in Fethiye. You can send us your comments and opinions on our Instagram account. We wish you a pleasant holiday.


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