Fethiye Jeep Safari Tour


In winter, most individuals dream of summer by working intensely. When summer comes, he wants to throw away his adrenaline passion with Fethiye Jeep safari . The program of this activity has one of the most enjoyable and entertaining processes that can be done in Fethiye and Ölüdeniz. The feeling of exploring nature, seeing new areas, and standing through rough conditions is invaluable. So what’s in the tour program? What is the price? Who can do it? All at the end of the article.

Fethiye Jeep Safari Tour

Jeep safari activity is an activity that takes place in rough conditions with off-road vehicles, progresses in a wonderful geographical structure such as nature, rivers and canyons, the main purpose of which is adrenaline and exploration. The exploration aspect is high because you encounter unique historical and geographical views on the route. These landscapes put the Fethiye jeep safari tour in a great location for holidaymakers. We are talking about the process that you will definitely take into your next vacation planning once you join.

You had a tiring and intense winter season. You think you deserve a nice holiday with your family and loved ones this summer. So, are you going to spend a routine holiday with the classic holiday concept? Or will you experience an unforgettable process with the uniquely beautiful activities of the SKY Fethiye brand? Fethiye jeep safari is one of the most beautiful activities we will recommend to you after paragliding. You will add color to your holiday and leave lasting memories with lots of photos and videos. Nature is waiting for you.

You must be wondering what kind of process goes on in his tour. In this section, we will detail the Fethiye jeep safari tour program. While doing the activity, you discover many places and also take part in different fun games. You live a day filled with every moment. what’s up? Here are the details…

Tour program list of jeep safari event in Fethiye:

  • Departure is made from the place determined in Fethiye region.
  • The tour starts with jeep vehicles, which are private off-road vehicles.
  • A water fight organization is organized on the route.
  • Unique tastes are experienced with the lunch break.
  • Excursions are made in the ancient city of Tloz.
  • Yakapark trout facility is visited.
  • Unique photos are taken at the Secretkent waterfall.
  • Mud bath is done in Saklikent canyon.

Jeep safari is a completely safe and risk-free activity. There will be no situation that will put the health of your loved ones and children at risk. How would you like to organize this event with the SKY Fethiye difference, which you can attend with a peace of mind and will be full of fun? Our experienced guides are always guiding you. All your needs are met by us. You can come in the morning and have fun until the evening without the need to rent an extra equipment.

Where to do Fethiye Jeep Safari?

With a safari tour, you almost completely conquer the Fethiye region. The route that started in the center was arranged to cover many places. Our first leg is the Ancient City of Tloz. With its historical structure, this is a place where hundreds of thousands of people flock every year. You have the opportunity to reach the area with your off-road vehicles and observe the historical textures closely. The second stop of the journey is Yakapark trout facility. While you can see the growing conditions of the trout here, you can closely examine these sweet creatures. Afterwards, it is passed to the Saklıkent region and the magnificent portrait of the Secretkent waterfall is observed there. This is a region that offers great photo opportunities for participants. While you are here, we do not finish the tour without giving you mud bath fun.

When it comes to Saklıkent Canyon, only mud bath is included in the tour. But there are many more activities to experience while you are here. For example, you can also do rafting. But you have to specify this in advance and make an extra paid reservation. Rafting tours are also organized within SKY Fethiye. We recommend that you join this fun the next day instead of squeezing it into the same day.

How to do Fethiye Jeep Safari?

Safari offers a slightly different process from other Fethiye activities. First of all, even the off-road vehicle you use gives you good adrenaline. You can enter these off-road vehicles alone or join with your family. As the crowd increases, the level of entertainment also increases. You are proceeding on a route specially prepared for you. You encounter bumps from place to place. You run through puddles of mud. You double the adrenaline level. We are giving a taste break at noon. It becomes a dining experience where you experience the natural village concept. In the final, the tour ends with a mud bath.

Services included in jeep safari in Fethiye:

  • Your transfer from the hotel is within the scope of the service. You will be transferred to your hotel at the start and end of the tour.
  • You will not pay any fee during the lunch break we will give on the route. You can provide free consumption from the specified menus. Remember that you will pay extra for different product preferences.
  • Before starting the tour, we insure you in order to be financially and morally secure. With this aspect, we position ourselves apart from other tour companies.

How Long Does Fethiye Jeep Safari Take?

The safari tour starts early in the morning, at around 10:00, from the center of Fethiye. Their vehicles take action at this time and proceed on the route. You will encounter many fun and surprises along the way. You will not realize how time passes. If it is towards 17:30 in the afternoon, the tour ends. In other words, you will have an experience of about 7 hours. Moreover, it is an experience that you will enjoy every second of it.

Who Can Do Fethiye Jeep Safari?

An activity that everyone can participate in. There is no age limit for children. Because the level of risk is an activity at a minimum level. However, it is not appropriate for wheelchair users to participate in terms of their safety. If you have a different and special situation, please inform our authorities at the time of booking.

What should I bring with me for a Jeep Safari in Fethiye?

You don’t need to rent or buy any extra equipment for this entertainment. You can bring some items just for your personal comfort. Towels, shorts, swimwear, glasses, sunscreen, sneakers and a waterproof phone case are the most important ones. It is important that you provide these things for your comfort. Throughout the tour you will see how much each of them is needed.

Fethiye Jeep Safari Prices

Prices are always important for holidaymakers. There are many activities in the region and a budget planning should be made accordingly. Fethiye jeep safari prices have been prepared considering your budget in the 2022 – 2023 season. If you choose SKY Fethiye, you only pay 30 dollars for one person. This figure was reduced from $ 35 for a short time. But let’s also give you the information that there will be periodic changes. You can reach the current figure when you call us. In addition , if you want to fly with paragliding, we organize special campaigns for you. You have the opportunity to participate in more than one event profitably and advantageously.

YouTube video

Photo and video shoots on jeep safari are also subject to an extra fee. You pay a small amount like 60-70 TL for this. Pictures are given to you in the form of digital output. This is an application that you should choose in order to make your entertainment immortal.

You can participate in this activity not only in the season but also in the winter season. We organize the event non-stop in fine weather. Be sure to consider the winter option as well. Because nature takes on a wonderful beauty this season. As the SKY Fethiye family, we are waiting for your reservations. You can reach us 24/7. We wish you a good holiday.


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