Fethiye Municipality Property Tax 2024


After the summer months come, Fethiye municipality property tax inquiry process has started for summer house owners. This district, which has a low resident population in winter, hosts more than a million people in the summer season. Among the visitors are summer vacationers as well as domestic and foreign tourists. Of course, taxes not paid in winter are allocated to the municipality during the season. First you have to find out how much. Thus, payments can be made online or in person. In this article, we have compiled the ones who are curious about the 2024 Fethiye property tax .

Since you live in different cities during the winter seasons, summer house owners often do not pay much attention to their property tax payments. He decides to deal with the issue when the season comes, saying ‘I’ll pay when the summer is gone anyway’. According to the decision of the municipality, no interest is applied to the payments made during the year. For this reason, you can make your payments regardless of June, July or August.

2024 Fethiye Property Tax

Fethiye municipality property tax is collected in 2 installments in 2024. Those who wish can make separate payments during the installment periods, and those who wish can make a total payment at the same time. If the payments are delayed for a long time, some interest is applied. Rates range from 5% to 10%. As the year progresses, interest rates increase.

Fethiye property tax payment dates for 2024:

  • First installment payments: 1 March 2024 – 31 May 2024
  • Second installment payments: 1 November 2024 – 30 November 2024

The legislation regarding the property tax of all real estates within the borders of the country has been dealt with by the law numbered 1319, and it is a legal obligation for the property owners to make payments every year. Fee determination, on the other hand, differs completely according to the region and the characteristics of the building. We shared the current data about how much it is in the rest of the article.

Fethiye Municipality Property Tax Fees 2024

Fethiye municipality property tax fees, which are changed and updated every year, are one of the most curious issues of homeowners in 2024. Last year, the short hike was received negatively by the people of the region. It remains to be seen whether the same price hikes will be applied this year. Because, due to the increasing cost of living and costs, the municipality throughout the country is going to hike in this direction.

calculating the 2024 Fethiye property tax , the price is increased over the renewal rate. These rates, which are updated every year, were determined as 18.10% in the new season. In other words, there will be an increase of 18.10% of the amount you paid last year. You can only determine the net fee on the Fethiye municipality property tax inquiry screen by using your personal information. It is possible to learn and pay your current debt by entering the public website.

Fethiye Municipality Real Estate Tax How Much TL?

Since real estate taxes vary in each district and province, individuals living in the Fethiye region wonder about the debt of their real estate. The amount of TL in 2024 is searched through search engines. In general, a price cannot be said. Because a price is calculated according to the value of the property. For example, there is a real estate tax rate difference between house A and house B. But we would like to state that the amount determined for this year corresponds to an increase of 18%.

Fethiye Municipality Property Tax
Fethiye Municipality Property Tax

Fethiye Municipality Property Tax Deposit

Every real estate in the Fethiye region has to pay annual property tax to whomever it is registered in the title deed. This fee, which is taken in 2 installments during the year, can be paid by the homeowners during the first installment if they wish. If you wish, you can also close your past debt when the second installment comes. There are two different methods for the Fethiye municipality property tax deposit process. The first of these is online payment and the other is hand payment.

Paying municipal property tax online is often preferred today because it makes this process very easy. You don’t have to go to the city hall and wait in long lines. You enter your personal information on the site. Then, you pay the property tax by clicking on the screen with your real estate information. Payment transactions are made via credit or debit card. In addition, money order / EFT options are also included in the payment of 2024 Fethiye property tax .

The other option is to go to the city hall and pay by hand. In the summer months, there can be some congestion in the allocation offices. For this reason, the online payment method seems even more reasonable. However, if you do not use online transactions and prefer to pay by hand, you can go to the institution. After paying the tax, they give you a receipt.

Finally, there are people who are exempt from the 2024 Fethiye property tax. Housewives, retirees, unemployed and disabled individuals with limited monthly income are exempted from these payments within the framework of the municipality’s decisions. However, these people must have only one real estate on them. Otherwise, they will have to pay property tax.

Where is Fethiye Municipality Property Tax Payment Made?

The most practical way to pay property taxes collected by the municipality is to visit the website. Fethiye municipality’s online transaction page has a very fast and user-friendly interface. You can do not only your real estate data, but also your other payment transactions here. Receipts are also issued for payments made through the site. You can save the resulting document on your device.

Fethiye Municipality Property Tax Inquiry

Persons whose real estate is registered in the land registry pay taxes every year. You can find out how much tax your property is subject to by asking Fethiye municipality property tax . First, you need to submit a property statement. If you buy an apartment or cottage in the area, you must go to the municipality and make a statement about your property. Taxes are determined on these declarations. It should not be forgotten that penal actions are applied in real estate declarations that are incomplete, erroneous or not given at all.

2024 Fethiye property tax inquiry process is done through the online portal of the institution. The most up-to-date fees can be accessed by entering the population and title deed information. If requested, payment can also be made here. You can also request an inquiry when you go to the municipality. There is a volume created just for this operation.

Only your current property tax information will not be seen in debt inquiry transactions. If there are, you will see the debts of the past years. You can also pay those debts here. On the other hand, we would like to point out that you have the opportunity to pay off your different debts related to the municipality.

Fethiye Municipality Property Tax 2023
Fethiye Municipality Property Tax 2024

Fethiye Municipality Debt Inquiry

Real estate taxes are made in the county where the real estate is registered. In other words, a person living in Fethiye has the right to make payments only to this municipality. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make inquiries or payments to a different regional municipality . Likewise, inquiries are made through the systems of the municipalities where the title deed is registered.

We are in the second part of 2024 payment installments. As of November, the payment calendar for the year 2024 will be started. You can pay your property taxes before it’s too late. Thus, you will prevent the interest from accruing, and you will prevent the increase in your main debt.

We recommend keeping your digital receipts after online Fethiye property tax payments. Because in case of system errors, there is a possibility of encountering a risk such as non-payment, albeit rare. As we said, it is a very rare possibility, but it is still useful to guarantee ourselves. After the payment is finished, the .pdf file appears on the screen. When you download it to your computer, you keep your receipt. If you have any questions about the subject, you can use SKY Fethiye communication tools. It is possible to reach the answers to your real estate tax questions 24/7.

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