Fethiye Nightlife 2024

Fethiye Gece Hayatı 2023

Fethiye nightlife continues unabated in 2024. Nightlife, which lost momentum during the pandemic process, gained momentum again after the bans were lifted in the past few days. This region has been the center of entertainment for every period from past to present. It is expected to maintain the same level this season.

Fethiye offers great activities during the day with its warm beaches and uniquely beautiful bays. It is possible to experience the peak of adrenaline by jumping paragliding from the Babadağ runway. Afterwards, the stress of the whole year is relieved by swimming in the cool waters of Ölüdeniz. When the sun goes down, a completely different life begins in Fethiye. In this life of dance, music and unlimited entertainment, local and foreign tourists continue until the first light of the morning. In this article, we will shed light on the nightlife of Fethiye, which is famous for its bars street, venues and pavilions. Happy reading…

Fethiye Nightlife 2024

Fethiye’s Best Night Club

Hisaronu bars street always comes to mind . It is possible to find all kinds of music and dance in this street, which is especially flocked by foreign tourists. Unlimited entertainment continues until the early hours of the morning. Local and global electronic music artists give unique performances in the cabin. We have listed the best 3 night clubs of Fethiye for you.

a)      Hisaronu Bar Street – Revolution

Revolution , which is the most popular place on the street of bars , also has the feature of being one of the largest venues in Fethiye. All tourists, especially the British, flock to this place . The fun continues without limits with master DJ performances and light organizations. If you are looking for unlimited entertainment, we recommend this place .

b)      Time Out Club

If you are looking for a different and high dose of entertainment, Time Out Club is a great option. It is very popular with local tourists for its karaoke and dance concept. The unique performance of female dancers fascinates the audience. We recommend this place for Fethiye nightlife 2024 season .

c)      Flow Art Lounge Bar

Flow Art Longe Bar is a good alternative for those looking for a quieter nightlife in the Fethiye region . It offers great entertainment, especially with salsa nights. You can create a unique night by making salsa in this place where every corner of its architecture smells of art . We also recommend you to experience their special cocktails.

Fethiye Bar Street

If you are on holiday in Fethiye and want to spend an unlimited night, the right address is the street of bars. Night clubs, bars, pavilions and restaurants are located on this street. It is the most popular area for domestic and foreign tourists in the summer months. Some of the clubs in the bars street, which is the heart of the matter for Fethiye nightlife , are as follows:

  • deep Blues Bar
  • Time Out Bar
  • Barrumba Bar
  • Zombie Bar
  • Green House Garden Bar
  • Mejnun Club
  • Hourglass Lounge Bar

Fethiye Pavilions

The pavilion culture in our country is an attraction point especially for foreign tourists. This culture, which is identified with Ankara, also has wonderful representatives in Fethiye. In short , Fethiye pavilions offer all the necessary services to their participants. If you want to meet this interesting and fun-filled culture during your summer vacation, you can experience it by choosing a tight place . We recommend making a reservation in advance. Because in the summer season, the interest in the places is very intense.

Fethiye Nightlife 2023
Fethiye Nightlife 2024

Fethiye Clubs 2024

Fethiye nightlife is getting ready for the 2024 season in a great way. It is possible to find concepts suitable for every style. But for electronic music lovers, it would be a better choice to choose Fethiye clubs . The country’s best house and techno DJs perform in the booths of these venues. It is up to the participants to leave themselves to unlimited entertainment.


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