Fethiye Parachute Price Expensive?

From the outside, it may seem like a costly activity. For this reason, is Fethiye parachute price expensive? the question comes up. In fact, in the first years of its existence, namely in the early 2000s, paragliding was indeed an expensive activity that only a certain group could do. The fact that experienced pilots and equipment were as weak as the number of runways in our country were among the main reasons for this expensiveness. However, in the last 20 years, there have been radical changes in paragliding, just as many things have changed in the world.

Today, every adrenaline activity covers a special service area. In other words, there is a preparation phase before inexperienced individuals come to the flight process. Not only the pilots, but also the personnel working to make the flights comfortable and safe are in the background. For example, services such as routine checks of equipment and instant monitoring of weather conditions are included in this activity. In terms of price, we can say that skydiving has reached very good levels in the last twenty years. Today, almost everyone has the opportunity to jump. But is Fethiye parachute price expensive? Here is the answer…

Fethiye has reached very attractive points in terms of parachute price. Therefore, it is not possible to say that it is expensive. The increase in the number of pilots led to the competition in our country, and the competition, in turn, caused the prices to be reduced to reasonable rates. Whether it is Babadağ track or other tracks in our country, jumping can be performed with opportunity fees today. For example, in 2022, the flight price for the Ölüdeniz region was determined as 150 dollars.

Fethiye Parachute Price Is It Cheap?

It would not be correct to use the term expensive or cheap for parachute prices in Fethiye . The most correct concept for this would be ‘reasonable’. Because, ideal prices are provided for vacationers and adventurers. As it is known, flights with pilot and tourist are called ‘tandem’. These types of flights fall into the commercial category and are kept under surveillance by civil aviation with certain rules. In other words, an individual is free to jump on his own, but if he is going to take someone with him, he must be trained and certified.

In the aircraft controlled by certified instructors, all you have to do is enjoy the moment and feel the freedom of being in the sky. After making your payments and making your reservation, you do not interfere in any process. The flight school does all the management and planning. Getting picked up from your hotel, climbing the Babadag runway and flying are the types of services included in this plan.

Fethiye Parachute Price Expensive?
Fethiye Parachute Price Expensive?

On the other hand, we can easily say that it is cheap for photography and video shooting. Because every moment and frame in the sky is photographed and recorded with video. You can keep these memories in visual media for life. Prices change every year. In 2022, this service was set at $25. You can access up-to-date and intimate information through your flight school.

Fethiye Parachute How to Pay the Price?

Payment methods are also an important issue for holidaymakers. You can make your reservation when you contact the flight school. At this stage, if you wish, you can make the full payment as well as give some deposit. For this, you need to use options such as EFT / money transfer, credit card or cash payment. We would like to remind you that you can pay the remaining payment on the day of the flight by hand or by credit card, after the deposit has been made.

SKY Fethiye, which is the leading flight school in and around Fethiye, continues to be in the top position today as it was in the past. Our reservations have begun. You can reserve your place right now through communication tools. Thus, you will have a place on the airstrip in the season. This year, you will have the opportunity to experience the best of flying with the assurance of SKY Fethiye.

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