Fethiye Parachute Prices

Fethiye parachute prices continue to be a matter of curiosity in the summer days of 2022. Individuals who are overwhelmed by the reinforced concrete structure of the city want to glide in the skies of Ölüdeniz on hot summer days. For this, the most appropriate activity stands out as paragliding. In this article, we will answer all the frequently asked questions.

Oludeniz paragliding prices were on average 650 TL in 2021. In the summer season, thousands of people left themselves to the skies from the magnificent track of Babadağ and signed a unique experience. So how much do you have to pay to experience these unforgettable moments in 2022? Details are in the rest of the article…

Fethiye Oludeniz Paragliding How Much?

For those who dream of flying, the healthiest way to turn this dream into reality is to do paragliding. It is possible to feel the excitement of the sky in all your cells with the type of flight called tandem. Our country is almost the source of activity in this regard. Many cities have airstrips. But we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that Fethiye Ölüdeniz region is number one in the world in paragliding. So , how much were Fethiye parachute prices in 2022? Let’s look at the answer together…

As it is known, two people jump with paragliding. But one of them has to be a professional pilot. Although many adrenaline enthusiasts would like to jump with their loved ones, this is not possible. Because in tandem flights, the parachute has to be managed by the pilot as per the rules. But for those who want to fly two people at the same time, we have a great solution. It is possible to do this with a double parachute and a pilot. Also remember that you will often encounter them in the air. Now let’s talk about parachute prices. Fethiye Parachute Prices

Fethiye parachute prices are still reasonable this year. For a standard flight, you have to pay an average of 1500 TL. If you want an extra service such as photography and video shooting, the situation changes. It is not possible to give an exact price. Because there are changes according to the density of the season. For this reason, the best choice will be to take advantage of early booking opportunities.

Our company SKY Fethiye is the oldest and most experienced company in the region in Oludeniz paragliding. Over the years, we have brought hundreds of flight enthusiasts together with the sky. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that our pilot staff is the best in the country. Because they made flights not only from Fethiye but also from many runways around the world. In short, if you want to glide like a bird, you are at the right address.

Fethiye Parachute Prices
Fethiye Parachute Prices

How much is a parachute ride?

much does it cost to get on a parachute ?’ We hear the question often. From the outside, it gives the impression of a special and expensive sport. It’s true it’s private. But it is not an expensive activity. Because perhaps you will not find the excitement you will experience in 25-30 minutes in any area of your life. We guarantee that you will experience the most adrenaline-filled moments of your life. So, how much are the parachute prices in Fethiye ?

There are many companies providing services in this field. It is possible to see variation in prices as well. But if you want to know a reliable and accurate price, we recommend you to consult SKY Fethiye customer service. Our price ratios are always at the ideal level. Because we care about you.

Fethiye Parachute Price How Much?

This year, Fethiye paragliding seems to be the most beautiful activity of the summer months. Experience this special activity to add a different color to your holiday. In addition, considering the excitement of the special moments you will experience, the price remains at a very reasonable rate.

You can reach the answers to your questions about Fethiye parachute prices and all other issues by calling us. Our teams continue to serve 24/7.


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