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Free cancellation

Cancel up to 48 hours in advance to receive a full refund

Free hotel transfer

Free hotel transfer service from Fethiye for all our guests.

Photo and video

During your flight, a minimum of 100 photos and 3-4 full HD videos are taken.

25 - 40 minute flight time

Enjoy a long flight with the magnificent view of Ölüdeniz.

Hight Excitement Option

An aerobatic option in the sky for adrenaline lovers.

Flight times



Hotel transfer
Photo and video
Babadag entrance fees
Flight equipment

Who can join?

Ages 4 and over
Maximum weight limit 105 kg

Extra options

Female pilot
Sunset flight

What to bring

Sun glasses

Not allowed

Shooting with your own camera

 FAQ Fethiye Paragliding Tour

An average flight time with a paragliding is 25-45 minutes (depending on weather conditions). If you request acrobatics on your flight, your flight time varies.
There is a passenger weight limit of 100 kilos for men and 80 kilos for women for Fethiye Paragliding. (This limit may be reduced depending on wind conditions.) Passengers weighing 85-90 kg should inform us of this at the time of booking.
Every adult and child over the age of four can take part in this paragliding flight from Ölüdeniz Babadağ, the world’s most beautiful sky scenery. There is no age limit for paragliding.

For a tandem paragliding flight, it will be sufficient to bring a pair of sports shoes and sunglasses with you.

Yes. Each paragliding pilot has a third-party liability insurance covering them and their passenger.

All of our paragliding pilots are licensed by Turkish Aviation Federation (THK) and Turkish Aviation Federation (FAI). And each paragliding pilot has thousands of flying experiences.

Our hotel drop-off service is available 3 times every day. Warning; You can wait for the shuttle service at the office after the flight.

It is the most preferred sport for those who want to do an adrenaline and peaceful activity in the sky. Fethiye is one of Turkey’s holiday paradises. With its deep blue sea, untouched coves and unique nature, it offers many things to those seeking peace. In addition, there are many options for those who do not neglect the concept of adrenaline among their holiday plans. In short, everything that should be in a holiday is embodied in Fethiye. 

Fethiye is in a great location for this sport. It has a reputation not only for our country, but also at a global level. Babadag in the town of Oludeniz offers adrenaline enthusiasts a great jump with its 1965 altitude runway. Vacationers take off from the slope with a private pilot and glide along with the enchanting views of Ölüdeniz and Fethiye. Looking at the sea and nature from above during the flight  gives people an unforgettable moment in their life.

Fethiye Paragliding Tour

The Importance of Fethiye for This Sport

Fethiye is the best region for this activity, whether it’s the weather conditions or the airfield. Babadag is one of the few tracks in Europe in this area. The presence of a parade track suitable for many levels in Babadağ is a situation that shows the importance of Fethiye in this sport. 1200 meters, 1700 meters, 1800 meters and 1900 meters are the heights of the tracks.

This region is a place where adrenaline and nature meet. There are many reasons for it from other locations in our country and around the world. We have listed the points that explain the importance of Fethiye for this sport:

  • Location: This is a very convenient location for flying. In this way, those who love this sport can easily reach the city. The fact that 75,000 tandem flights were carried out last year is an indication of this.
  • Extra Facilities: This holiday paradise is famous not only for this activity, but also for its holiday options. After experiencing adrenaline during the day, you can immerse yourself in cool waters, and in the evening you can taste local flavors. In short, all kinds of needs are available in Fethiye.
  • Safety and Experience: Oludeniz region is one of the oldest places where this sport is practiced in our country and in the world. That means the most experienced pilots are here. The fact that the pilots are professional and the companies provide perfect service makes the sport ideal.
  • Pricing: Observed from the outside, it seems like a luxury activity. However, this is an erroneous approach. Because flying is a sport that individuals of all budgets can easily do. Sky Fethiye offers you the best experience at the most reasonable prices.

We provided detailed information on the subject in our article titled Fethiye Oludeniz Paragliding  which we wrote earlier  . If you wish, you can read our article and find out more about skydiving.

Things to pay attention

Although it has high adrenaline, it is actually a safe activity. But what makes skydiving safe is the observance of the rules from start to finish. Therefore, it is very important that you choose an experienced sky diving company. Companies should be researched and their experiences should be questioned and  customer satisfaction in flights should be investigated. As the SKY Fethiye family, we offer you a perfect service on flights.

It is also useful to pay attention to flight conditions. Because there are rules set for a successful and safe flight. Any movement that will risk the flight is prohibited in sports. For example, there is a limit of 100 kilos if a woman and 110 kilos if a man, for tourists who want to take a flight. If the weight is exceeded, individuals have to apply for qualification. In addition, pregnant and children under the age of 4 are prohibited from flying .

Fethiye Paragliding Tour

Fethiye Paragliding Prices

First of all, flying is a reasonable sport contrary to popular belief. Anyone who is an adrenaline lover can easily try the activity in their lifetime.  There are many factors that determine the price in skydiving. It is possible to show them the quality and experience of the company you choose, and the extra services you will receive on the day you make the jump.

SKY Fethiye is one of the oldest jumping companies in the region. For those who want to get a good service at reasonable rates, SKY Fethiye is the best option. Fethiye paragliding prices are also affordable in 2022. All season flight prices this year will range from $150 to $160. If you have special requests such as photography and video shooting, an extra price is charged.

Flight Times

It is held in Fethiye not only in summer but also in the whole winter season. We perform our jumps from Babadağ runway every day when the weather conditions are suitable. Our SKY Fethiye flight times are a matter of curiosity. First of all, we carry out a minimum of 5 flights every day during the summer season. Although it varies according to the weather conditions, the  flight times are generally as follows:

  • 08:00 – 10:00 Flight: It is the first flight of the day. We recommend it especially for those who will experience this sport for the first time. Because the calm weather and the sunrise view have a structure that fascinates people.
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Flight: After sunrise, wonderful color tones appear in the sky and sea. It is the ideal time interval especially for photographing.
  • 12:00 – 14:00 Flight: It is a busy flight time. But it’s a great time for photo shoots.
  • 14:00 – 16:00 Flight: An ideal time for photos.
  • 16:00 – 18:00 Flight: It is the last flight segment of the day. Especially the fact that it coincides with the sunset creates a unique visual feast.
Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals who have not experienced this sport before but are curious about this activity face many questions. Depending on the answers they get to the questions, they either make the jump or give up. As SKY Fethiye, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about skydiving today for you.

How Many Minutes Does It Take?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the activity is how many minutes it takes. Because while being in the air is exciting, it can be scary for some people. Fethiye takes an average of 35 minutes if the weather conditions are normal. Otherwise, the average flight time is 25 minutes.

What time is it done?

The question of what time this activity is done depends on the experience of the person doing the sport. If you are going to do the activity for the first time or if you want to catch a good view, we recommend the first or last flight of the day. Because the weather conditions are quite calm at this time. So you can enjoy the sky comfortably.

3 Persons?

3 people do not. It is a two-person or one-person sport. Two-person jumps take place in the form of a pilot and a tourist. This is called the ‘tandem jump’. The control of the parachute is completely under the pilot and you only have to enjoy the nature. You can contact us for our 2-person jumps.

How Safe Is This Sport?

Since sports contain high adrenaline, the issue of security is curious for individuals. First of all, we can easily say that this sport is a very safe activity. According to a study, playing football is 3 times more dangerous than flying. You can do it with peace of mind. By examining the pictures and videos we share on our Instagram  account, you can see that it is safe to jump with a parachute.