Fethiye Pet Friendly Hotels

Fethiye evcil hayvanla gidilecek otel

When making holiday plans, Fethiye pet friendly hotels is very important for pet owners. Unfortunately, not all hotels accept pets. When the number is limited, holidaymakers have difficulty in finding the right hotel. In fact, many individuals cancel their holiday plans if a hotel with this feature cannot be found. We have created a list of pet friendly hotels so that you do not encounter such a problem. As the SKY Fethiye family, we wish you pleasant reading and holidays.

Fethiye Pet Friendly Hotels
Fethiye Pet Friendly Hotels

Fethiye Pet Friendly Hotels

We have created a great list for those who find it difficult to find pet-friendly hotels in Fethiye . Thanks to these hotels, you will not have to leave your furry friends at home. You will enjoy a nice holiday together. However, before making a reservation in the hotels below, we recommend that you confirm that they buy cats and dogs. Because there may be updates in the facility policies. Here are the hotels that allow pets in Fethiye…

a)      Golden Moon Hotel

You can take dogs or cats of all sizes in this tourism facility. It is possible to say that it is a complete pet friendly hotel. It is an important detail for holidaymakers that they do not demand an extra product especially for pets. Considering this alternative among your holiday plans in Fethiye, you have the right to take the little paws with you. The only downside is that there is no pet friendly restaurant. Make a reservation with this information in mind.

b)      Faralia Boutique Hotel

A maximum of 1 pet is allowed in the rooms of this hotel. It is also worth noting that small and medium sized cats or dogs are allowed. It is located at the foot of a forested mountain. The pool among the trees promises a peaceful process. Faralia Boutique Hotel is in the second place of our list of pet-friendly hotels in Fethiye .

c)      Deep Ocean Camping – Aduls Only (+12 Age)

For those who love the concept of camping on holiday, this facility is a great alternative. Accepting 12 years and older, Deep Ocean has the best quality among Fethiye paw hotels . Pets of all sizes can stay here. Some of its features are:

  • Dogs and cats of all sizes are allowed
  • 1 pet can stay in the room
  • No extra charge for pets
  • No pet friendly restaurant

d)      Mandarin Mango Boutique Hotel

According to expert veterinarians, dogs should not be alone at home for more than 2 days and cats for more than 5 days. Psychological problems are observed in pets that are left alone at home for a long time. In order not to encounter such a problem, Mandarin Mango Boutique Hotel offers you a great alternative. Because it is possible to bring pets of all sizes to this facility. It is also one of the rare tourism businesses with a pet-friendly restaurant. In short , if you are looking for pet-friendly hotels in Fethiye, Mandarin Mango is exactly what you are looking for.

Patili Hotels 2024

Living together with a pet is one of the most beautiful senses in the world. Animals, which are a friend that people can relieve their loneliness, form a great bond with their owners over time. This bond causes great problems when they are left alone at home during the holidays. It should be noted that pets cannot be left alone for a long time . For this, there are hotels with great paws in our country . Moreover, it is possible to book in 2024 at reasonable prices.

Fethiye pet-friendly hotels have different features. While some have a paw restaurant, some do not unfortunately have this feature. In addition, some hotels allow 1 pet per room. So if you have more than one pet , consider this before booking.


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