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Fethiye rafting activity, which offers adrenaline and an exciting experience, continues to attract attention every season of the year. Especially in the summer months, tourism professionals who are bored with routine holiday concepts are looking for fun and exciting activities. The region has great diversity in this regard. Thanks to the unique organizations, holidaymakers spend time here without getting bored. Of course, everyone’s level of understanding of adrenaline is different. Some want to fly in the sky with paragliding, while others want to challenge the sea with rafting…

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Fethiye rafting tours are organized every day at certain intervals during the summer season. This event is held on the Dalaman River. Since the speed of the river is around 3-4, it offers a good alternative for both professionals and those who will experience it for the first time. Not only adrenaline, but also while gliding in the river, you will have advanced in the heart of nature. This means that it will be a journey that takes you to a different universe. In our article, we will provide information on many issues from where the tour is made to how much it costs. We wish you pleasant reading.

Fethiye Rafting Tour

Rafting is one of the biggest passions in the world. In our country, the interest in this activity has increased in recent years. This sport, which takes place on a boat in groups of 8 to 10 people, is basically based on staying on the water surface and resisting the fierce waves. The important thing here is the route. The beauty of the route also increases the excitement level of rafting. Today, routes are used level by level. Of course, there are very difficult routes, but only professionals can use them.

Dalaman rafting route has the most ideal speed. You don’t need to be a professional rafter to join the organization here. If you want, you can come alone or with a large group of friends and you can have the most special experience of your life with Fethiye rafting tour . It is worth noting that each stage has a different excitement and discovery feature. As the SKY Fethiye brand, we organize the most prestigious tours of the region. Under the leadership of our expert trainers, we organize tours at certain times of the day with boats for 8-10 people. If you want to be a partner in this excitement, you can reach us through our communication tools.

Where is Fethiye Rafting done?

Rafting is one of the first activities that come to mind for holidaymakers who come to Fethiye. We can say that it is an indispensable passion, especially for those with an adventurous spirit. In this regard, it is often wondered where the rafting is done. Because, of course, the route is very important in order to increase the dosage in entertainment. First of all, we would like to state that we carried out our tours on the Dalaman River. This place is really an invaluable caftan for rafting sport. The water flow rate is exactly at the ideal level. There are also many uneven rocks on the road.

Adventurers continue to meet in the summer months on the Dalaman rafting route. Fethiye rafting tours take place on the river here. Although the hours change in the season, they generally follow the same plan.

Fethiye rafting tour start times:

Monday 09:00
Tuesday 09:00
Wednesday 09:00
Thursday 09:00
Friday 09:00
Saturday 09:00
Sunday 09:00

The event, which starts at 09:00 every morning in Dalaman Stream, takes an average of more than 1 hour depending on the length of the route. You feel the excitement in every minute of this process, you struggle with nature and you have the opportunity to discover new beauties. Make your reservation now and take your place in this beautiful organization.

Is Fethiye Rafting Safe?

How would you like to travel a distance of 18 kilometers through the pine forests? If your answer is yes, we invite you to our private rafting tours. Every year, thousands of adrenaline enthusiasts come to Dalaman tea to experience this activity. For individuals who have not done it before, is Fethiye rafting tour safe in general? wonders the question. The answer to this question will definitely be yes. Because our expert trainers manage the entire process and ensure your safety at the highest level.

Before the event, the trainers give a short training to the participants. Thanks to this training, amateur rafters can have an idea about the process and put it into practice. All safety aspects, from the quality of the equipment used to the clothes, are fully fulfilled. In this way, you can enjoy the moment without worry and risk.

What to Wear While Going on a Rafting Tour?

Most adventure sports today require special equipment. This naturally means extra cost. But Fethiye rafting tour participants do not have such a problem. Because SKY Fethiye has all the necessary equipment and materials ready. This includes vests and helmets. The remaining elements are completely dependent on your demands. Before coming to rafting, you can wear sea shorts and a t-shirt. We also recommend that you use sports shoes that are not affected by water. Waterproof glasses can also be used upon request.

Fethiye Rafting Prices 2024

Every adrenaline sport has a service fee. Both paragliding and rafting are sports that are performed in return for a certain service fee. Because in this process, equipment, tour organization and professional trainers are working for you. In the light of this information, it is possible to give an average price for Fethiye rafting prices in 2024 . Wages, which were around 200 TL last year, increased slightly this year. It is possible to summarize the details as follows…

Fethiye rafting price list 2024:

· Rafting fee per person 2000 TL – 2500 TL
· 2 person rafting fee 5000 TL – 6000 TL
· 3 person rafting fee 7500 TL – 8000 TL
· 4 person rafting fee 10.000 TL – 12,000 TL
· 5 person rafting fee 15.000 TL – 16.500 TL
· Group discount for 8 people 20.000 TL – 24.000 TL


Fethiye Rafting How Much TL?

For those who dedicate themselves to adventure and those who like to travel in the heart of nature, the price of Fethiye rafting is an important issue. In 2024, prices per person vary between 2,500 TL and 2,700 TL. The increase or decrease in these rates is a situation that is completely indexed to foreign currency. For this reason, before making your reservations, we recommend that you call us and be informed about current and sincere prices.

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Is Dalaman Rafting Expensive?

Dalaman rafting sport seems to have very reasonable prices when compared to general adrenaline activities. So no, the rafting activity you will do in Fethiye is definitely not expensive. In 2024, while many activities are carried out at the rate of 2000 TL per person, rafting is only between 2,500 and 2,700 TL. Considering that it is an 18-kilometer route, it is indeed a reasonable fare.

Oludeniz Rafting Prices

Rafting participations in Fethiye and Ölüdeniz regions are carried out on the same route, namely Dalaman Stream. If you wish, we will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you directly to the activity area. Wherever you are, we have transportation facilities. As for the Ölüdeniz rafting prices, it is expected to be between 2,500 TL and 750 TL in 2024. Of course, there are variations in season. If you want to experience a nice process with sincere and budget-friendly prices, you are invited to the SKY Fethiye family. You will have a great holiday with us this summer. You can book now and get your place.


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