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Fethiye safari tour , holidaymakers add a different event culture to their summer programs. It is a nature sport that must be included in the holiday planning of 2022. Long kilometers are made with Jeep type vehicles on unique routes passing through the heart of nature. Not only the feeling of adrenaline, but also exploring the mysterious world of green causes a feeling of peace in people. You will see a creature unexpectedly, a century-old tree greets you, the feeling of success in continuing on a bumpy road… In short, the summer of 2022 will be very special with this event where special emotions come together.

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Our Jeep safari tours in Fethiye start with our Land brand vehicles. We come from your hotel with these vehicles and pick you up. The tour guide gives you a short briefing and introduces the route. Then we enter a unique route in groups. The tour, which proceeds in the form of a convoy, witnesses colorful and entertaining moments. Although there are many tour routes in the region, we prefer the Saklıkent safari line, which is the most beautiful area. Thus, every moment is special. This year, Fethiye safari tour offers a unique alternative for those who want to relieve stress with a different and original activity .

How can I join the tours? If you are wondering, all you have to do is create your reservation. As SKY Fethiye Jeep safari tours on the specified dates and times, we specially pick up the participants staying in Ölüdeniz and Calis from their hotel. It is an event that you can attend either individually or in groups. We would like to state that it is possible to have more fun in large participations. It is a unique opportunity for the participants to both explore new places and have nice conversations with friends while driving on the Jeep on rough terrain. So how is safari done? Is Fethiye safari tour dangerous? How many ages can participate and how much are the prices? Here are their answers…

Fethiye Jeep Safari Tour try now

As it is known, Jeep type vehicles are vehicles produced to get maximum performance in rough terrain conditions. Mud, puddles, dents, potholes or severe weather conditions are not enough to stop these vehicles. Experiencing these vehicles in a real forest is a very different feeling compared to city roads. A real safari pleasure is experienced. Fethiye safari tour is an organization specially organized for this pleasure. Dive into the heart of nature in groups with classic Land brand vehicles. Anything that might pop up along the way is a surprise. For this reason, every second of the tour passes in excitement.

Jeep safari tours taking place in Fethiye today attract the attention of local and foreign tourists. In the tour program, there is no excitement to progress on difficult terrain only with the vehicle. At the same time, there are resting areas, meal times, the opportunity to see historical buildings and dozens of different stages. In other words, you can taste delicious presentations and feel the historical smell while doing adrenaline sports. One of the most curious subjects about the Fethiye safari tour is what happens on the route. Let’s take a look at the details…

Fethiye Jeep safari tour program may change periodically in 2022. However, the most popular route, Saklıkent – Yakapark – Tlos Ancient City is preferred. The participants already like this route very much. Because there are beautiful and surprising elements on the way. Here are the details…

Fethiye safari tour route:

  1. A nice breakfast is organized. Because having a good breakfast means that the day is full of energy.
  2. After breakfast, participants are taken from the accommodation areas with Land brand Jeep vehicles. You will be transferred to the area where the safari will start.
  3. The tour starts with Tloz Ancient City. It is impossible not to get excited while walking through historical buildings. There are also places where you can take lots of photos.
  4. Afterwards, vehicles driving over the backs of the plateaus go to Yakapark, which is described as the heart of nature. This is a great place to escape the sweltering heat of summer days and stay in a cool weather.
  5. After that, lunch is eaten in a quiet area. After the energies are stored, we go to the Secretkent waterfall. This is the place for a photo shoot. Make sure to keep your machines ready.
  6. Is the route over? Of course it’s not over. The next stop is Saklıkent Canyon. There is a break of about 2 hours here. During the break, you can join the rafting adventure with SKY Fethiye if you wish. Or you can enjoy the moment in the coolness of the canyon.
  7. Finally, a special area where mud fights and baths are held is visited. The most entertaining moments of the day are experienced here. We are about to complete the day now. We had a lot of fun and we were just as tired. We can begin the return journey.

Fethiye safari tour , the participants are transferred to their hotels one by one. In the evening, when the tiredness of the day settles, dozens of different and special memories are accumulated for the participants. Wouldn’t you like to have the elements and more on our route above? If your answer is yes, we invite you to use SKY Fethiye communication tools. 2022 summer vacation will be great with safari.

Who Can Do Fethiye Safari Tour?

Every adrenaline activity has its own rules. Thanks to these rules, the whole process is safe and fun. Who can do the safari is an important problem for those who have not participated in this activity before. First of all, we would like to state that everyone from 7 to 70 can participate with peace of mind. There is no age limit. If you wish, you can participate with your loved one or with all family members. While our guides manage the process, you only have to enjoy nature and the moment.

Is There an Age Limit for Fethiye Safari Tour?

We are frequently asked if there is an age limit for the Jeep safari tour in Fethiye Saklıkent canyon. First of all, we should state that everyone can participate in this fun-filled event. Young, old, child, it doesn’t matter. Just loving nature, exploring and historical textures is enough. All of these are already present in the tour program.

Fethiye Safari Tour Prices

Everyone sets a budget when making holiday plans. Different entertainments, experiences and activities are added to the lists according to the ratio of the budget. Of course, Fethiye has a wide range of activities and entertainment. It is possible to see almost every different activity, from paragliding to boat tours, from ATV safari to horseback riding. Fethiye safari tour is one of them. It is preferred very often because it is sold with reasonable prices as well as entertainment. Individuals from all budgets can easily take their place in private tours. But how much did Saklıkent Jeep tours cost in 2022? We have detailed the answer to this very curious question for you. The prices we will present below are for informational purposes only. Currently, the figures show variability.

Fethiye Jeep safari tour price 2022:

DATE ADULT CHILD (over 6 years old)
8 May – 15 June 250 TL – 350 TL 125 TL – 175 TL
16 June – 7 July 250 TL – 350 TL 125 TL – 175 TL
8 July – 16 July 250 TL – 350 TL 125 TL – 175 TL
17 July – 31 July 250 TL – 350 TL 125 TL – 175 TL
1 August – 31 August 250 TL – 350 TL 125 TL – 175 TL
September 1 – September 30 250 TL – 350 TL 125 TL – 175 TL
1 October – 31 October 250 TL – 350 TL 125 TL – 175 TL



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