Fethiye Scuba Diving Prices


There is a completely different world under the waters in Ölüdeniz , where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. For this reason, Fethiye scuba diving prices know how to stay on the agenda every season. Especially the 12 Islands region has a worldwide popularity in scuba diving.

You do not need to be experienced for Oludeniz scuba diving activity . The fact that you have never scuba dived before does not prevent you from participating in this activity. Experienced and professional dive experts give you a mini briefing before diving. Then you dive under his supervision. In this article, we have detailed the subject of Fethiye scuba diving prices , which is very curious . We wish you pleasant reading…

Fethiye Scuba Diving Tour

Fethiye and Ölüdeniz coasts are places that offer wonderful and unique experiences to participants in scuba diving. Every year, thousands of local and foreign tourists visit the region just for this activity. It is possible to discover an unknown world in the special diving areas in and around the 12 Islands. It is also worth noting that it is extremely safe. So what is Fethiye scuba diving tour? Here are the details…

You have the opportunity to experience the underwater world professionally with Ölüdeniz scuba diving tours . There is nothing that requires you to do anything extra. Diving centers consider every detail for you. Including equipment, land transportation, sea transportation. But there is something to be noted here. That the company should have experience in the field. The process is much more enjoyable with professional divers.

As the SKY Fethiye family, we organize scuba diving organizations as well as paragliding. Thanks to the flawless services we have provided for years, we have become one of the best companies in the region. In addition , Fethiye scuba diving prices were determined to be budget friendly in 2022. If you want to add color to your holiday, you can contact us. Our call center provides 24/7 service.

Fethiye Aquarium Bay Diving

Ölüdeniz is a great place to glide above the clouds with paragliding and discover new worlds in the depths of the clear sea. If you are tired of the noise and oppressive state of city life, it is possible to refresh your soul with a different activity. Aquarium is a great option in this regard. Thousands of different aquatic creatures live in this region. You encounter a new creature in every second of your dive.

Fethiye scuba diving prices here. There are many factors that determine the price of this activity. In addition, there is a change in prices according to the density of the season. Contact us to get the most accurate and reliable price. You have the chance to make underwater diving more economical with early booking opportunities.

Fethiye Scuba Diving Prices

Curiosities About Fethiye Scuba Diving

For those who have not done scuba diving before, this activity raises many new questions. This is perfectly normal. Because the underwater world is a completely different universe. As the SKY Fethiye platform, we have answered frequently asked questions on this subject.

Fethiye Scuba Diving How Much?

Although it varies according to the diving companies and the intensity of the season, it varies between 350 and 500 TL on average. You can get detailed information by contacting us.

How Many Meters of Scuba Diving?

For beginners, it is a matter of curiosity how many meters deep the dive takes place. This actually differs depending on where the dive will take place. However, a depth of 8 to 15 meters is ideal for beginners.

Who Cannot Scuba Dive?

Some chronic diseases prevent diving. Examples of this are those who have ulcers, intestinal diseases, kidney stone diseases and obesity . It is also not recommended for those with aneurysm problems.


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