Fethiye Scuba Diving

Fethiye Scuba Diving
Fethiye Scuba Diving

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Ölüdeniz, Çarşı Caddesi A Blok 5/2 Z10

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Free cancellation

Cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund

High level of security

Enjoy your flight with experienced instructors.

Covid-19 precautions

Necessary security measures are taken within the scope of Covid-19.

30 minutes diving time

30 minute underwater adventure.

An exciting activity

A great option for adrenaline enthusiasts.

Information About Fethiye Scuba Diving

Activity hours

We have two different tours every day for this activity.

Round 1
10:30 Departure from Ölüdeniz.
13:00 End of activity

Round 2
14:00 Departure from Ölüdeniz.
17:00 End of activity

What to bring

Shorts & Swimwear
Sun cream

FAQ About Fethiye Scuba Diving

Towels, shorts, swimwear, sunscreen, etc. Just bring your belongings.

Our scubadives are made at a maximum depth of 5 meters.

You do not need to know swimming for scuba diving activity. You will have a professional diving instructor with you throughout the entire diving process.

Anyone over the age of 14 can participate in the scuba diving activity.

Departure from Ölüdeniz
30 minutes diving in the blue cave bay

Diving equipment

  • 14 years old
  • Not suitable for
  • Wheelchairs.

YouTube video

YouTube video

YouTube video

If you are in a research to scuba dive into the wonderful world of underwater, you are on the right page. Because under the leadership of our company, you can perform this wonderful activity under the most favorable conditions. All you have to do is contact us and create your reservation. Afterwards, we are waiting for you in Ölüdeniz Fethiye on this date. If you wish, let’s not keep you waiting any longer and let us enlighten you on the conditions under which you will perform this beautiful activity. Of course, even if you have previous diving experience, this sport has to be carried out within the framework of certain criteria. For example, your diving gear must meet the standards of this activity. However, please do not worry about this and other technical issues.


Boat Tour Scuba Diving Offers Great Opportunities


With your permission, let’s first share some important details about the dive you will do. Boat tour and scuba diving, which will allow you to dive much more than land dives, will offer you great opportunities in this sense. Because thanks to the boat tour, both the number of dives increase and a much more controlled activity is realized. Apart from that, you have the opportunity to explore Fethiye’s magnificent view and bays down to the last detail. Moreover, your dive operator controls you from the boat and ensures that the dive is maintained in a healthy way without any disruption. All you have to do is enjoy this pleasant experience. Of course, if you do not have experience in this sense, our expert divers first train you and accompany you during the dive.

We Organize Scuba Diving Tour

If you want to do boat and scuba diving tours, which are among the most important activities of extraordinary holidays, we think that you will definitely want to take advantage of the opportunities we have provided for you. You will love this activity, where you can dive safely with all your safety equipment and all your equipment. Of course, the Aegean holiday is another beautiful thing in Fethiye and it is possible to do many different activities within the same holiday. For example, you can make a reservation on our website for Babadağ paragliding, ATV safari or Fethiye rafting options. For scuba diving and other activities, simply click the “book now” button. After this reservation made through the Whatsapp application, we are now waiting to host you on the said date, sir. We wish you a good holiday in advance. Our contact link

About Fethiye Scuba Diving Tour


Do you want to get the perfect experience with scuba diving? If your answer is yes, you are at the right address. At this point, you can make the most of the quality and excellent services offered by our company for you. As Sky Fethiye  , we guarantee you the best service in scuba diving boat tours. Now, let’s examine all the details about the scuba diving boat tour together. 

We have excellent news for those who want to experience scuba diving. With the promised service, you can get an excellent experience. Now let’s examine the advantages of scuba diving together.

YouTube video

Scuba Diving Advantages

There are some reasons why experienced divers prefer to dive from a dive boat rather than ashore accommodation. Now let’s examine the advantages of scuba diving together. 

More Diving Opportunities

With a land based dive operator, you can usually do a maximum of 3 dives per day. When diving from a diving safari, the minimum number of dives per day is usually 3. But you usually dive 5 times a day.

You Can Meet New People

Diving is not just about diving. It’s also about meeting people and exploring new places. Diving safaris are held in very tight spaces where it is very easy to meet new people and make new friends.

Professional Scuba Diving Tour


If you want to do scuba diving in a professional and quality way, you are at the right address. You can contact us immediately to get a perfect scuba diving experience with Sky Fethiye privileges.

Fethiye Scuba Diving 2024

Fethiye has a very diverse structure in the underwater world as well as the earth. Since it is the intersection point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean, the diversity of life under the water is quite high. Fethiye scuba diving activity is the most ideal one for 2024 to have a different and exciting experience during the holiday period. Moreover, the fact that there is no need for any training and only the guidance of professional pilots makes this activity even more attractive.

Fethiye scuba diving does not require any special skills. Knowing only intermediate level swimming is sufficient for you to perform this activity perfectly. Equipment is provided by diving schools. You do not need to take any materials with you when you come. In short, our diving tour company thinks about everything for you. All you have to do is enjoy the blue life and experience the excitement of observing the unique sea creatures closely.


Before diving, our professional instructors give you a short briefing. Thus, you learn about underwater life. Afterwards, you go to the clearest waters of Fethiye by boat and discover the undersea with an almost glassy view. If you want to travel to the very heart of nature during your 2022 summer vacation, you can make a reservation in advance. We recommend early booking to avoid the busy schedules during the season.

Fethiye Aquarium Bay Diving

There are many special diving spots in the region. However, Fethiye Aquarium Bay almost portrays a paradise for diving. With its clear water and wonderful corals, it is possible to see a thousand and one kinds of fish. Moreover, even if you have never dived before, you have the right to participate in scuba diving here. An ideal spot for amateur divers.

Fethiye scuba diving 2024 reservations have started on the SKY Fethiye site. After 2 years spent with the pandemic, this year we will have fun freely with activities and get rid of the stress accumulated in our souls. While experiencing the sky with paragliding, we will open the doors of the mysterious life under the water with Fethiye diving. Yes, this summer vacation will be full of fun.

Fethiye Scuba Diving Prices 2024

Each activity is carried out with a certain service fee. In some types, in addition to the service fee, it is necessary to purchase or rent equipment. This naturally means extra cost. However, Fethiye scuba diving prices are more reasonable as no extra equipment is needed. The fees determined for 2022 are at a very budget-friendly level.

It is worth noting that it is not possible to give a clear figure for those who want to know about Fethiye scuba diving prices. Because seasonal changes can be seen in the season. But we can help you get an idea by giving an average figure. 2022 fee for Fethiye diving activity


Fethiye Diving Tour

With diving tours, local and foreign tourists have the opportunity to discover the most beautiful underwater spots of Fethiye. Boats departing from the port and groups are taken to diving spots in the most beautiful bays of the region and are brought together with a clear view in clear waters. It is possible to meet eyes with fish during the scuba diving process in Fethiye.

We recommend that you add Fethiye diving activity to your list while making your holiday plans for the summer . Swimming in cool waters and discovering a mystery will be good for your soul. Moreover, your budget will not get tired with this activity. As SKY Fethiye, you can take advantage of the opportunities we have specially arranged for you. For example , with the Full Holiday Package , it is possible to have many activities together. In addition, if you want to experience a night full of dance with special events, our Fethiye Event Calendar article will attract your attention. We wish you a nice and fun-filled holiday in advance.