Fethiye Shopping Center

Shopping is perhaps one of the most enjoyable processes of a holiday. Fethiye shopping center is a facility where this activity can be met in the best way in the region. Erasta AVM is the biggest shopping place here. It houses many big brands. In addition, there are the best brands in food and beverage at the global level. On hot summer days, you can do a cool and pleasant shopping here, witness your children having fun in the playgrounds and catch a nice meal with unique tastes.

Fethiye shopping center is the place where all kinds of souvenirs that local and foreign holidaymakers need on their return journeys. From clothing to accessories, from bags to shoes, from glasses to watches, in short, every detail that should be in a shopping mall is gathered here. Erasta AVM Fethiye , a company of Eroğlu Holding , started its operations in June 2014 . They continue to provide the best service today. The facility is built on a huge area of 42 thousand m2 in total. We can easily say that it is the right spot for walking, walking, shopping, eating and having fun. The rest of the article will be very useful for those who are looking for places to shop in Fethiye .

Erasta Fethiye Shopping Center

Where to shop in Fethiye? It’s a question for everyone. For those who come to this charming holiday region of Muğla for the first time, shopping can be a bit difficult. To find the right spot, the best Fethiye mall must be found. Erasta stands out at this point. There are 62 stores in total. each of them corporate and high-end brands. It also stands out with its modern lines in its architecture and has an architectural structure that is appreciated by users. A shopping mall with 1 floor in total. It is divided into two as the ground floor and the first floor. There is also a car park with a capacity of more than 100 vehicles. Let’s take a look at the general features of the building…

Features of Fethiye shopping center:

  • ATM: All banks have an ATM area:
  • Baby Care Room: There are 2 special rooms where you can meet the care needs of your babies.
  • Bicycle Parking: There is a section where you can safely park your bikes.
  • Counseling Point: There is a consultation point for you to convey your problems and suggestions.
  • Parent Toilet: There is a special WC where families with children can enter together.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station: There is a nice section in the parking lot where new generation electric vehicles can recharge.
  • Disabled Chair: There is a vehicle supply service for disabled individuals who need a chair.
  • Disabled Toilet: There is a specially designed WC area for people with disabilities.
  • Masjid: Muslim individuals who want to fulfill their religious responsibilities can use a masjid.
  • Parking: There are indoor and outdoor parking spaces.

Paspatur Bazaar area is also one of the good options for shopping. There are nice shops and businesses in the historical area. But there are limited possibilities in terms of variety. There are also more traditional gift shopping concepts. If you want to experience an up-to-date and modern gift buying process, we definitely recommend you to choose Fethiye shopping mall .

Fethiye Shopping Center Stores

Which stores are in Erasta AVM for holidaymakers ? being wondered. Some individuals want to know the store list because they are looking for a particular brand. First of all, the best brands you can find in Fethiye are gathered within this structure. If what you need is in Fethiye Oludeniz region, it is definitely located in this AVM.

List of food and beverage stores in Fethiye shopping center:

  • Baydoner – Floor 1
  • Burger King – Floor 1
  • Haribo – Ground floor
  • Coffee World – Ground floor
  • Coffee Stop – Ground floor
  • Arbitrary Tea – Floor 1
  • KFC – Floor 1
  • Kofteci Ramiz – Floor 1
  • Taste Stop – Floor 1
  • Mado – Ground floor
  • Noodlebox – Floor 1
  • Passport Pizza – Floor 1
  • Pidem – Floor 1
  • Popeyes – Floor 1
  • Simitçi – Ground floor
  • Starbucks – Ground floor
  • Chicken World – Floor 1
  • Green Olive – Ground Floor

List of clothing stores in Fethiye mall:

  • Altınyıldız Classics – Floor 1
  • Colin’s – Ground floor
  • Defacto – Ground floor
  • Ekol – Floor 1
  • İpekyol – Ground floor
  • Karaca – Ground Floor
  • Kigili – Floor 1
  • Koton – Ground floor
  • LC Waikiki – Floor 1
  • Blue – Ground Floor
  • Polo Garage – Floor 1
  • Wraps – Floor 1
  • Twist – Floor 1

In addition to these, there are good companies in the field of cosmetics. Bargello , Gratis , Watsons and Tves Rocher are the best examples of these. For electronics enthusiasts, there is a Samsung and Vatan Camputer store. Of course, the children were not forgotten either. You can buy the most beautiful toys for your child from the gift shop.

Fethiye Shopping Center Cinema

Where is there a cinema in Fethiye? Erasta AVM has the best quality movie theaters in the region. You can watch the newly released vision movies here, either with normal or 3D options. Children are not allowed in films with a +18 age limit. It also has a cafe where you can buy popcorn . Let’s also say that the sound system really deserves praise.

Erasta AVM cinema ticket prices:

  • Erasta AVM full ticket price – 45 TL
  • Erasta AVM student ticket price – 40 TL
  • Discounted ticket fee – 40 TL
  • under 6 – Free

Fethiye Shopping Center Hours

Is Fethiye shopping mall open? This is the most visited shopping mall in the region during the season. Movie theaters, entertainment activities and shopping stores attract great attention. Working hours start at 10 am for summer and continue until 23 pm. We have prepared a table for the opening and closing times.

Working hours table of Fethiye shopping center:

Monday Opens at 10:00 It closes at 23:00
Tuesday Opens at 10:00 It closes at 23:00
Wednesday Opens at 10:00 It closes at 23:00
Thursday Opens at 10:00 It closes at 23:00
Friday Opens at 10:00 It closes at 23:00
Saturday Opens at 10:00 It closes at 23:00
Sunday Opens at 10:00 It closes at 23:00


Where is Fethiye Shopping Center?

Fethiye shopping center is located in Fethiye district of Muğla. Very close to the central point. It is easily accessible by car. It is also very close to the bus station. You arrive in a few minutes. How to go?

Transportation options to Fethiye shopping center:

  • You can use MUTTAŞ buses within the municipality.
  • can reach Ölüdeniz and Taşkaya by minibus.
  • You can come to Muğla Makası location by bus from the beach and you can come from here with a 5-minute walk. You should not only take the Calis and Nursing Home buses.
  • You can come to the mall by using your private vehicle. Parking lots are available here. You won’t have any parking problems.

Address: Tasyaka , 180. St. No:48, 48300 Fethiye/Mugla

Phone: (0 252) 614 63 65

Website: erastafethiye.com

Instagram: erastaavmfethiye

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