Fethiye Travel Guide


attracts the attention of individuals who focus their  holiday planning in this region. In our country, there is an atmosphere focused only on Bodrum and Çeşme. However, there are so many places worth exploring in this uniquely beautiful place of Muğla. Especially being a point where the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea intersect, it fascinates people with its deep blue seas. Fethiye Travel Guide.

Those who have not experienced this place before and those who come for the first time may be undecided about what to do. We also conveyed our experiences to you in the best way possible and created great lists. Here are the details…

making a good program first is an important way to have a productive holiday and not to miss the beauties of the city. At such moments, it is very useful to get user experiences or suggestions from Fethiye residents. As SKY Fethiye, we will introduce the region to you. We strongly recommend that you experience the Fethiye travel guide list below .

Fethiye Travel Guide

What to do in Fethiye?

When Fethiye is mentioned, there are activities to do, places to visit and delicacies to be tasted. When we come here, we can easily state that the holiday processes are full . Paragliding in Ölüdeniz , nature sports in Butterfly Valley, water activities in Saklıkent Canyon… You can add any kind of holiday program to your list. Let’s take a look at what can be done. Here is the Fethiye travel guide list of …

A)     Paragliding

Adventure sports and activities are very important for vacationers. It is possible to see this in the Fethiye Oludeniz region. Of course, paragliding is the leading adrenaline sport of the region. Every year, thousands of sky enthusiasts drop off from the Babadag track. With commercial flights called tandem flights, participants who have never experienced before witness the most special moments of their lives. You can make a reservation in advance by contacting SKY Fethiye, the most prestigious company in the region.

B)      Boat tour

When you have the most beautiful sea, of course, boat tours are located in an indispensable place. Boats departing from the central port sail into the blue and visit the untouched bays. With this activity, you enjoy the sun, cool off in the clear seas and color your palate with delicious lunch menus. In short, it is a tour that you must experience in the Fethiye travel guide list.

Fethiye Travel Guide
Fethiye Travel Guide

C)      ATV Safari

Fethiye ATV safari is a good alternative for those who are looking for a different activity to do with the family. With this event, where you step into the heart of nature with special ATV vehicles, you both experience adventure and discover nature. You can also take a nice break from your journey by experiencing the local delicacies on the route.

D)     Scubadiving

The unique beauty above the sea is not enough for me, if you want to explore the mysterious world underneath, you should definitely join the scuba diving tours in Fethiye. There are great diving spots in the clear blues. Moreover, you do not need to be experienced. You can have a great experience with very reasonable prices, including equipment and instructor fees. You can contact us for SKY Fethiye scuba diving tours.

E)      festivals

The region is also famous for its special festivals. Besides local organizations, wonderful camping festivals are also organized. It is possible to come across one of them during your vacation during the summer months. You can enjoy the music and dance by taking your place here . We have listed the most up-to-date organizations in our Fethiye event calendar article. You can take a look.

F)      Cultural Trip

You can add a cultural trip to the sun, sand, nature, music and dance factors. There are wonderful historical places in the list of Fethiye travel guide. You can take a short pleasant break by visiting these historical textures during your busy and fast-paced holiday. The list of historical places to visit in Fethiye is as follows:

  • Tlos Ancient City
  • Kings Tombs
  • Pinara Ancient City
  • Waterfall Collar park
  • Araxa Ancient City
  • Amintas Rock Tombs
  • Telmessos Ancient Theater
  • Letoon Ancient City
  • Kayakoy
  • Archeology Museum

Where to Visit in Fethiye?

We talked about the activities to be done so far. Next, we will look at where to visit and see in Fethiye. You can create the most suitable route for you among our suggestions. In this way, you will use your time more efficiently. Vacationers who use their time efficiently always have the opportunity to get to know the region they visit more.

Fethiye Travel Guide

Must-see places in Fethiye:

  • Oludeniz Beach
  • butterfly Valley
  • Saklikent Canyon
  • Calis Beach
  • Paspatur Bazaar
  • Letoon Ancient City
  • Tlos Ancient City

a.       Oludeniz Beach

When we ask a person about the region, whether they go to Fethiye or not, the first answer they will give will be Ölüdeniz. The importance of this place is very high for our country. It acts as a locomotive in terms of tourism. It is frequently used in world promotion, especially with its beach. The beach has a very calm sea. It has a deep blue and so clear structure. It is possible to relax by jumping into the calm waters at any time of the day.

b.      butterfly Valley

This place is a hidden paradise for many. It is number two in the list of must-see places in Fethiye. He more than deserves it. There is no road access. In this way, she can still maintain her virginity. You have to choose boat tours to go. Its name comes from the butterflies found in it, which has more than 80 species. Colorful and chirpy . It is also a very good area for canyoning and climbing sports. Walking in a canyon with a height of more than 400 meters gives one a very special experience.

c.       Saklikent Canyon

There is a unique beautiful place on the Fethiye travel guide list. Saklıkent Canyon is truly a wonder of nature. It contains ice-cold water. Everyone who is overwhelmed by the sun and the heat escapes here to cool off in the cool waters. You can also take wonderful poses under the rushing water through the steep rocks. If you are going to Saklıkent Canyon, make sure to make room for your camera. After the afternoon walk, you can recharge your energy with a nice menu at the cafes.

d.      Calis Beach

Calis Beach, which is a 10-minute drive from the center, has one of the most private coves of the city. Although the overcrowding in the summer season becomes a bit annoying, at least one holiday should be reserved here. It gets its popularity from the wonderful colors that appear during the sunset as well as the sea. You can have a romantic moment with your loved one as the sun goes down. There are also nice eateries and restaurants. It is possible to set the sun down with a nice meal here.

e.      Paspatur Bazaar

Vacation also means a little shopping. Experienced vacationers know this very well. It is important to buy local products from every new place and to keep them to remind good memories. Even a simple fridge magnet makes people happy in their later years. It brings you back to those years and the beautiful moments lived leave a smile on the face. There is a great option for this demand in the Fethiye travel guide list. Paspatur bazaar is located in the center and is full of wonderful souvenir shops. You can buy nice gifts for yourself or your loved ones here. Not to go empty-handed after the holiday is an important detail.

We have detailed the Fethiye travel guide list. You should definitely experience them. Let us know about your new place discoveries and experiences.


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