Fethiye Veterinary Clinics


Fethiye veterinary clinics are a topic for private cats and dogs. The number of animals in the world is high. From one of these little ones and their cat. It’s about eating your little friends who come on summer vacation with you. But both routine examinations and emergencies can be difficult to call. As the SKY Fethiye family, we care about our little friends. This product compiled the topic of Fethiye regional clinics. Happy reading…

Who prefers Fethiye and Ölüdeniz during the summer holidays? As accommodation, alternatives such as hotels, bungalows, tents, rental villas or their own summer house are chosen. Nowadays, the accommodation facility allows pets. In the merge, they do not think of bringing their little friends to their versatile side. So, a situation situation, how to go to Fethiye clinics roads? Here’s what…

Fethiye Veterinary Clinics
Veterinary Clinics

Fethiye Regional Veterinary Clinics

Fethiye and Oludeniz regions have a wide choice in terms of practice. Professional health services can be reached in clinics in specialist veterinary service. In the continuation of the article, we will explain the subjects of Fethiye en veterinary, Fethiye 24-hour veterinary hospital in a good way.

Ankavet Veterinary Clinic

Ankavet’s practice is in the middle of its center and has one of the best practices with its specialist physicians. Health facilities are available for almost every animal. It has the features of providing services under emergency conditions as well as routine inspections.

Address: Akarca Mahallesi, Mustafa Kemal Bulv. State Hospital on the way

Phone: (0252) 613 33 23

Kentvet Veterinary Clinic

Kentvet is the ideal spot for a friendly and expert service option for your Fethiye office rental. It makes transportation easy in the heart of the city. In addition, the example of user comments is high. Here you can do all kinds of care with your real friends.

Address: Mustafa Kemal Bulv. Next to Migros Cafe

Phone: (0252) 612 20 10

Tülin Hanım Veterinary Clinic

Tülin Hanım is one of the best quality clinics in Fethiye. They have a wide awareness experienced at events in cities in tall cities. It can also be produced in a location. They offer services with their physicians who are experts in special cats. They also have what you can tell their prices are reasonable. You can contact us for detailed information.

Address: Next to BİM, Yeni Mah. Turgut Ozal Blv. No: 37/A

Phone: 0533 361 89 92

Sherlock Veterinary Clinic

A rare spot among Fethiye clinics offering 24/7 service. Smiling female physicians are about taking care of little friends. Also, according to customer reviews, they don’t issue cash upfront processing for ingredients. In short, joy is a reasonable clinic possible. If you’re on vacation or looking for a specialist for your dog, Sherlock is the perfect fit…

Address: Akarca, Mustafa Kemal Bulv. Issue: 153/3-4

Phone: (0252) 613 58 85


Fethiye Free Vet

An important issue about cat and dog health is Fethiye free service item. Because the prices of special street animals are entered for such a search. We should specifically point out that private security is neglected. But this troubled municipality has one wonderful feature. It is possible to examine your animals free of charge with the Animal Care Center offered by Fethiye Municipality. All you have to do is transmit. Private ambulance and his little friends are one of the authorized places.

Address: Çatalarık Mah. 1325 Street Fethiye

Phone: (0252) 613 58 25


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