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Fethiye windsurfing is a great activity in Calis Beach. It basically carries the struggle to stay afloat with the use of surfboards and sailing vehicles. It is often confused with traditional surfing. But you don’t need the wave to make it happen. Your main fuel is wind. In this region, there is the desired wind at the best level. Thus, tens of thousands of kitesurf and parachute surfing enthusiasts flock to Calis from March to October.

untrained individuals to do windsurfing in Fethiye . Someone who is passionate about surfing must first attend courses and receive special training. It is possible to become competent after a certain lesson time. Afterwards, individuals can perform the activity on their own. There is no age limit. Today, there are children who make wonderful sirs even at the age of 7 years old. You only need to ask and learn to be a part of this fun.

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What is Fethiye Windsurfing?

Windsurfing, which is basically a sailing sport, is the event of gliding on the water surface with a board between 2 and 5 meters. There is no steering with the rudder. Orientation of the vehicle is carried out with operational movements. It contains many free styles. If you wish, you can jump or do acrobatic movements with quick turns. It is a highly entertaining sport. Some of these styles are:

  • speed style,
  • slalom style,
  • stage race style,
  • wave style,
  • SuperX style,
  • Free style.

Source: Wikipedia

Where to do windsurfing in Fethiye?

Wind Surf and Kitesurfing activities in Fethiye are held on the coast of Calis Beach. This area is completely designed for surfing activity. There are many trainers and training schools. The speed and direction of the wind is convenient for both beginners and professionals. For this reason, tens of thousands of people perform the activity on the beach during the season.

Fethiye’s Best Wind Surf Company?

The great interest in windsurfing in the tourism of the region causes the number of companies providing course services to be high. However, if you are going to do it for the first time, you should choose a professional brand so that you both have a good training process and love sports. SKY Fethiye is the leader of the sector in this field. We have a large staff of teachers. Most of the masses prefer the SKY Fethiye brand during the season. You can take your place among them.

Fethiye Surf Center

Calis Beach, located within the borders of Fethiye, is one of the most important surfing areas of our country thanks to its wind level. In this beach, where individual participation is very intense, the number of trainees is also quite high. Fethiye Surf Center is a training center. People who have never participated in this activity in their life, first learn through courses and then they can float on the sea on their own.

Those who want to be free on the sea attend Wind Surf courses. Each training session lasts 3 hours. It starts at 09:00 in the morning and continues until 12:00 in the afternoon. Experts agree that at least 6 sessions of training are required in order to receive basic training and to be able to surf individually. After 12-stage training, you now gain the ability to do a tight Fethiye windsurfing .

is an extremely safe and adrenaline activity for someone who knows windsurfing . However, if inexperienced people try to do this on their own, they risk their safety. Moving on the water according to the wind and, more importantly, standing on the platform is not as easy as it seems. Of course, SKY Fethiye is with you in this regard. We are the best windsurfing training brand in Calis Beach with our professional instructors, high-end equipment, and corporate perspective. Please use our phone number 0 536 660 82 32 for communication.

Fethiye Surf Prices

is possible to open a new page in your life with kitesurf, which is Fethiye windsurfing . Tired of traditional and routine entertainment? Think it’s time to experience something different this summer? Calis Beach is calling you. You will give your back to the wind and challenge your speed level. You will reach the peaks of fun while struggling with the waves. But how much are Fethiye surf prices? You have prepared lists for the new season. We have listed the course fees one by one.

Current Fethiye surf course prices list:

  • Fethiye Kitesurf 3 hour course price – 800 TL
  • Fethiye Kitesurf 6 days course price – 3,600 TL
  • Fethiye Wind Surf course fee – 750 TL
  • Fethiye Wind Surf exchange rate – 3,500 TL
  • Fethiye kitesurf camp price (3 days accommodation) – 4,500 TL
  • Fethiye Wind Surf camp price (3 days accommodation) – 4,200 TL

Fethiye windsurfing prices mentioned above include service and activity vehicles. But personal expenses are not included in the price. You cover all other expenses from your own budget. In addition, transportation service is not provided. You come to the activity area with your own means. As it is in a central location, transportation is very easy.

Fethiye Surf Cafe

Located in Calis Beach, Fethiye Surf Cafe is a place where those who come here to enjoy the wind and the sea meet their cooling needs. You both increase your energy with delicious meals and cool down with ice-cold drinks. You can also have many water games here. Including Wind Surf and Kitesurfing. If you are experienced in this field, you can rent equipment. There are no alcoholic beverages in the venue. Although this may get some reaction in the season, you can get alcoholic beverages from the side kiosks.

PRICE: Although the drink prices are ideal, the food prices are a little high.

PHONE: 0 505 55

INSTAGRAM: Sky Fethiye

ADDRESS: Foça, Barış Manço Blv., 48300 Fethiye/Muğla

Monday The place is open 24 hours
Tuesday The place is open 24 hours
Wednesday The place is open 24 hours
Thursday The place is open 24 hours
Friday The place is open 24 hours
Saturday The place is open 24 hours
Sunday The place is open 24 hours


Fethiye Kitesurfing Tour

Kitesurfing is known as both kitesurfing and windsurfing. In our country, there is a suitable wind in a very rare area. Calis Beach is a perfect fit for kitesurfing. You can also make a day trip, but special tours are organized as inexperienced people need a few days of training. There are many Fethiye Kitesurf tours nowadays. Organizations with accommodation usually last 3 days and 4 nights. You get training on the beach during the day. In the evening, you can stay in your private hotel. At the end of the tour you become a hard windsurfer.

What is in the Fethiye windsurfing tour program?

  • Course training service
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment supply
  • Transport

Your private expenses are not included in the tour. In addition, food service is not provided during the stay. We invite you to our 0 536 660 82 32 line for reservation. The best tours are available in the SKY Fethiye brand.

Daily Surfing Activity in Fethiye

At the end of our article, we have reserved this activity for those who want to do it for a day. If you have experience, you can contact us to rent equipment and perform the activity on a daily basis. You will change the ambiance of your holiday thanks to the Fethiye windsurfing activity. Call before it’s too late and reserve your spot now. We wish you pleasant holidays and good days.


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