Fethiye Winter Holiday

Fethiye Winter Holiday

Fethiye winter holiday… Fethiye , which hosts millions of tourists in the summer , brings together many options with holidaymakers with the winter holiday. Fethiye region takes on a different and fascinating atmosphere in autumn and winter seasons. The places along the waterfront, quiet and calm coves, open hotels for peaceful honeymoon vacations are a good alternative in this season. There are also many winter activities.

Every person’s favorite season is different. Some enjoy going down to the beaches in hot weather in summer, while others are happy to take a vacation in cool winter weather. Fethiye winter holiday offers opportunities with its fascinating options. First of all, paragliding has become a tradition here in winter as well as in summer. You can experience the sky regardless of November, December, January, February and March.

Fethiye is a central tourism region. There are many accommodation places. Although some of them are closed during the winter period, the most beautiful and popular hotels provide open service. In this article, we will both find accommodation suggestions for Fethiye winter holiday and suggest special activities. Be sure to read this travel guide article to the end, which you will never regret if you come in the winter season.

To-do list in Fethiye in winter:

  • Paragliding is done in Fethiye Babadağ.
  • Horseback riding in Kayaköy.
  • Participate in ATV safari tours.
  • Jeep Safari is done.
  • Breakfast is served in Kordon with a sea view.
  • Historical excursions are organized in Kayaköy.
  • You can watch the sunset at Calis Beach.

Activities to Do in Fethiye Winter Holiday

Whether it’s summer or winter, what makes a holiday beautiful is to do the activities of that region. When Fethiye is mentioned, many activities come to mind. Paragliding, ATV tour, horseback riding, Jeep safari and much more… Make sure to take note of the list below while planning your Fethiye winter vacation . We are starting to write our list that will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Paragliding: An Indispensable Activity of Fethiye Winter Holiday

Almost everyone thinks that paragliding is done on hot Fethiye days in summer. However, in autumn and winter, you can jump from the Babadağ track with parachute. All it takes is good weather. Just like in the summer, you do it 100% safe. You should definitely try paragliding, which is one of the most beautiful Fethiye activities in winter.

We recommend you to add at least one adrenaline sport when planning your Fethiye winter holiday . Babadağ track, which is extremely busy in summer, is calmer in winter. It’s a good season for paragliding. In addition, you can experience the uniquely beautiful atmosphere of Ölüdeniz in the winter season from above. You can make your winter reservations now. Contact SKY Fethiye, the most professional flight school in the region, and reserve your seat.

ATV Safari Tour: Discover Kayaköy Through the Eyes of Winter

Every part of Fethiye is beautiful in winter. Kayaköy, on the other hand, has a different beauty. This region, which fascinates people with its historical structure, takes on a very different atmosphere this season. You can have a nice day of discovery by participating in the ATV tour. Within the tour program, there is the opportunity to explore nature and historical places and to experience a different adrenaline with ATV vehicles. Make your winter reservations with SKY Fethiye before it’s too late.

Horse Riding: A Beautiful Fethiye Winter Holiday Activity

You also have options for a quiet Fethiye winter holiday . Horseback riding is one of them. You can witness pleasant moments by taking a few hours of your time during the day. This activity is suitable for both adults and children. So it is ideal for you to have a family participation. It is also a suitable winter holiday option. You can make a reservation by paying reasonable prices. Please contact SKY Fethiye.

Breakfast on the Fethiye Beach: Take a Taste Break for Your Winter Holiday

In winter, a peaceful landscape is formed in Fethiye promenade. Especially on rainy winter days, an enchanting image is formed on the horizon of the sea. You can come here in the first hours of the morning and have a nice breakfast accompanied by delicious presentations. There are many nice places on the coast. We recommend that you sit on one of them and complete your morning meal for reasonable numbers.

Bungalow Rental: Stay in the Heart of Nature on your Fethiye Winter Holiday

The most beautiful winter holiday accommodation type is renting a bungalow in Fethiye. There are great businesses in the heart of nature. A peaceful stay in the heart of nature by the Butterfly Valley is a choice that will relieve you of the tiredness of the year. There is also tent accommodation, but it will not be a suitable choice for families for the winter.

Boat Tour: Experience the 12 Islands Cruise in Winter

Boat tour stands out among the things to do for Fethiye winter holiday. It gives you a day as beautiful as summer at least. You witness unique landscapes in untouched bays. Some tour companies add fishing concepts to these trips. If you are a keen fish lover, you should definitely experience these tours.

Dinner with the Sunset: Experience the Unique Sunset View of Calis Beach

Calis Beach offers wonderful sunsets in the winter season as well as in the summer. You can come here in the evening and experience the peace of the sunset. There are also very nice restaurants along the coastline. We suggest you have a romantic dinner with the person you love here. In addition, a coastal walk at these times will definitely be good for you.

Jeep Safari: Organize a Journey to the Heart of Nature in Winter

Finally, we will offer you one of the most beautiful activities in our Fethiye winter holiday list. When you come here in winter, we definitely recommend you to join Jeep Safari tours. In this activity, which takes place in the most beautiful natural places of Fethiye, you push the limits of entertainment all day long. You can also join as a family and have a nice exploration trip. SKY Fethiye brand is one of the private companies that organize these tours. We recommend making a reservation before your holiday starts. Use the early booking opportunities and avoid the event-filled problem.

Fethiye Hotels to Stay in Winter Holiday

Muğla Fethiye district is the most important tourism region of our country. For this reason, there are great tourist accommodation places. Hotels, camping areas and other accommodation places, which are open at full capacity in the summer, continue their activities mostly open in the winter. But which hotels are recommended for Fethiye winter holidays? We have a few suggestions for you…

List of hotels to stay in Fethiye in winter:

  • Hotel Villa Daffodil
  • Fethiye Atapark Hotel
  • Oludeniz Blu Luxury Unique Hotel
  • Lighthouse Villa & Apart
  • Marina Boutique Fethiye
  • Odyssey Residence Suite Hotel
  • City Life Demir Hotel

These hotels will be a good alternative for conservative families and honeymooners. You can complete your reservation process by contacting us. There are also places to camp in the winter season. By renting a bungalow, you can find peace in nature.

Fethiye Winter Holiday Prices

Finally, it is worth mentioning how much your Fethiye holiday in winter will cost. Although it is not possible to give an exact figure, we can compare it with the summer holiday. You are on a cheap holiday in winter, as there are narrower options in winter and accommodation offers more reasonable prices. For a 3-night holiday, you pay an average of 4,000 TL to 10,000 TL. It will increase or decrease depending on your preferences. Call us for our affordable winter activities.


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