Fethiye Yacht Charter 2024

Fethiye yacht charter service, people add a special experience to Fethiye and Ölüdeniz holiday in 2024 . It is possible to sail to the open seas of this unique town, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean intersect, to swim in the clear waters of the bays and to have a special holiday as a family. There are many options and different concept types to charter a yacht in Fethiye. You can either take an anchor in the morning and discover the blues during the day, or you can meet the mysterious sides of the Mediterranean with an evening cruise.

Although there are many activities in Fethiye holiday, the experience of the blue cruise with a private yacht is another level. In this blue cruise, which is rented exclusively for the participants and mostly takes the ready route, sometimes shaped according to the demands of the person, the opportunity to swim in untouched bays and waters is caught. Those who want to enjoy the sea in a calmer environment after being overwhelmed by the busyness of Fethiye Ölüdeniz shores in the summer season, prefer Fethiye yacht charter service in 2024 .

Fethiye is undoubtedly the most beautiful holiday region in the world for everyone. Thanks to its deep blue bays, historical texture, unlimited nightlife and luxury accommodation facilities, more than a million domestic and foreign tourists flock to this famous region of Muğla every year. Regardless of the duration of the holiday, people do not get bored in Fethiye. Because by adding an activity to every day, it can ensure that the holiday is full . Of course, Fethiye yacht charter activity is one of them. Two concepts are applied. One is a yacht tour with a mixed group, and the other is a private yacht charter.

It is everyone’s dream to charter a yacht and go on a blue cruise. However, the following questions arise in the minds of those who will experience this activity for the first time: What is Fethiye yacht charter? Where to rent a yacht in Fethiye? What needs to be done to charter a yacht in Fethiye? What was Fethiye yacht charter prices in 2024? Which is the best yacht charter company? Here are the answers…

Current Information About Fethiye Yacht Charter 2024

As every year, thousands of tourists will get Fethiye yacht charter service in the 2024 holiday period . Because experiencing the most beautiful state of the water, the most beautiful shade of blue in Fethiye Ölüdeniz offshore, gives a person a special process. Fethiye yachts are a great option for individuals who love the sea, swimming, exploring or fishing. Boats provide services in different ways according to their physical conditions, service size and concept.

The places to see in Fethiye are not only on the mainland, but also beyond the blue. You can discover the beauties created by nature such as Boncuklu Bay, Hilside Bay, Tarzan Bay, Turunç Bay, Samanlık Bay and Knight Island with Fethiye yacht charter. An anchor is taken at each bay and one can enjoy the cool water while sunbathing.

Advantages of yacht charter service in Fethiye:

  • Large families or groups of friends receive a special service only for them.
  • Food and drink can be brought from outside.
  • A safe route is completed with expert captains.
  • Taste discovery is also made with dinner yacht charter.
  • You can go to 5 different coves.
  • Benefit from the comfort of modern and reliable yachts.
  • Anyone can enjoy sunbathing on the deck.
  • It is also convenient in terms of cost as it can accommodate up to 12 people.
  • Those who wish can also apply the fishing activity.
  • The physical features of the yacht are suitable for children.

There are dozens of reasons, features and advantages to charter a Fethiye yacht. We have listed the most prominent ones above.

There are dozens of different types of yachts used for yacht charter service in Fethiye harbor. A boat can be selected according to the number of people and the budget. The most preferred yacht is the type of boat with a length of 30 meters. It generally has a 2-storey structure and has a large sunbathing area in the front. Up to 8 participants can sunbathe from the front of the yacht at the same time. At the back, there is a dining and seating area with a capacity of up to 12 people. At the same time, there is a ladder system on the boats used in Fethiye yacht charter, where children can easily enter and exit the sea. Adults, on the other hand, can experience adrenaline by jumping off the ramp into the sea.

a)      Yacht Charter Hours Table 2024 in Fethiye

Fethiye yacht charter service is organized 2 times a day during the summer period. It is divided into two as the day expedition and the night expedition. Starting from June 2024, the first round starts at 09:00 every day on weekdays and weekends. The return time to the port was determined as 16:00 . For those who will join the evening expedition, the departure time is 17:00. At 21:00 at night, the yacht returns to the port. In other words, the tour takes an average of 7 hours with yachts chartered in Fethiye. The captain decides for extreme situations such as early return due to the weather opposition that may be experienced during the tour.

Day and night departure/arrival time table for Fethiye yacht charter in 2024:

Monday 09:00 – 16:00 17:00 – 21:00
Tuesday 09:00 – 16:00 17:00 – 21:00
Wednesday 09:00 – 16:00 17:00 – 21:00
Thursday 09:00 – 16:00 17:00 – 21:00
Friday 09:00 – 16:00 17:00 – 21:00
Saturday 09:00 – 16:00 17:00 – 21:00
Sunday 09:00 – 16:00 17:00 – 21:00

* Depending on the intensity in the season, there may be changes in the departure times.

b)      Capacity of Yachts to be Chartered in Fethiye

Participant capacity of private Fethiye yacht charter is determined according to the physical characteristics of the yacht. For example, when renting a 6-person yacht, a 12-meter boat will be sufficient. Yacht charters for 12 people can be made for the largest groups. In summary, a yacht can be prepared with a suitable capacity for all kinds of requests. In general, let’s say that you can rent a yacht for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people.

Person capacity of yachts to be chartered in Fethiye:

  • Fethiye 4 person yacht charter service
  • Fethiye 6-person yacht charter service
  • Fethiye 8-person yacht charter service
  • Fethiye 10-person yacht charter service
  • Fethiye 12-person yacht charter service

c)      Charter Yacht Travel Route in Fethiye

Yachts are privately chartered in Fethiye and no foreign person or group is accepted. However, the blue cruise route is determined by the captain in advance and the process continues on the determined route. The yacht anchors in many Fethiye Ölüdeniz bays and islands. People have plenty of opportunities to swim, sunbathe and have fun. Fethiye yacht charter route mainly consists of Boncuklu bay, Hilside bay, Tarzan bay, Turunç bay, Samanlık bay and Knight Island regions. The length of stay in which location may vary according to the demand of the people. For example, a group that loves Samanlık sheep may want extra time to stay here.

d)      Conditions of Yacht Charter in Fethiye

Not everyone can rent a yacht in Fethiye. Certain conditions and conditions set by the firm must be met. The primary condition is to be over 18 years old. It does not matter whether you are a Turkish citizen or a foreign national. Individuals from every country can make a Fethiye yacht charter reservation whenever they want. On the other hand, the number of people attending is not important. After making the payment, people can rent a 12-person yacht if they wish.

Fethiye yacht charter is also suitable for children. Children under the age of 18 can join the yacht tour with their parents. At the same time, pets such as cats and dogs can join the yacht under the responsibility of individuals. Anyone who wants to get away from the busy crowd of Fethiye coast and explore the sea on a private boat can have this activity.

e)      The Best Period to Charter a Yacht in Fethiye

Yacht charters are available in Fethiye and Oludeniz regions throughout the year. If the weather conditions are good in winter, a yacht can be rented day or night, while enjoying the sea, anyone can fish. But the best time to charter a Fethiye yacht is June, July and August of 2024. A serious demand arises in this 3-month period when the season is the most lively in the region and the sea is the warmest. In addition, the overcrowding in this period reveals the importance of early reservation.

Current Fethiye Yacht Charter Price 2024 List

Fethiye yacht charter price 2024, which holidaymakers are eagerly waiting for, has been announced. According to last year’s data, there is a 60% increase. For a 12-person Fethiye yacht charter, the average price is between 10,000 TL and 13,000 TL. Since the type of boat changes according to the capacity of the person, the price will also change. However, it would be correct to say 11,500 TL for the general cost of renting a yacht in the Fethiye region in 2024.

The current price list of Fethiye yacht charter service in 2024:

Fireplace Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
February Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
March Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
April Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
May Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
June Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
July Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
August Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
September Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
October Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
November Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8
December Fethiye 12-person yacht charter 10,000 TL – 18,000 TL 10/9.8

*These figures may differ in the season, please call and ask for updated information.

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Fethiye is a popular tourism city and yacht charter services get a certain increase every year. In general, a price policy indexed with the dollar is determined. Let’s look at the last 5 years. We see an increase of more than 220% . For those who are wondering, we have prepared the Fethiye yacht charter price 2024analysis.

Price analysis table of yacht charter service in Fethiye:

  • The price of yacht charter in Fethiye region in 2020 was 1,500 TL.
  • The price of renting a yacht in the Fethiye region in 2021 was 2,500 TL.
  • In 2022, the price of renting a yacht in the Fethiye region was 4,500 TL.
  • The price of yacht charter in Fethiye region in 2024 was 12,500 TL.
  • In 2024, the price of yacht charter in Fethiye region will be 17,500 TL.
  • In 2025, the price of yacht charter in Fethiye region will be 20,000 TL.

Fethiye’s Best Yacht Charter Company

more than 13 maritime companies providing yacht charter services in Fethiye. But the best Fethiye yacht charter company is SKY Fethiye. Judging by the user ratings and user comments, it has a performance of 10/9.8. For 2024 yacht charter reservations, choose SKY Fethiye. For more information about the boat tour, you can read our article by clicking the link. We wish you a nice day.

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