First Paragliding Experience

İlk Yamaç Paraşütü Deneyimi

Firsts are always unforgettable in paragliding, which is the most entertaining nature activity in the world. Everyone’s first paragliding experience is special. For some, reading and knowing about this experience of others causes an increase in enthusiasm and excitement towards flying. If you have never jumped from a height of 2000 meters before, read this article to the end, where we explain what kind of emotions and feelings you will experience during the process.

How is the First Paragliding Experience?

During your first paragliding experience , you may think that you will only experience great adrenaline. Or you may think that “it will definitely be very scary”. But parachuting from Fethiye Ölüdeniz is much more than all these. Because you will be flying against the best view by jumping from the best track in the world. Let me state that in order to describe such an experience, it must be experienced first. But what will happen when paragliding for the first time? Is it scary? Are you really having fun in the sky? Here are the details.

If You Are Going To Paraglide For The First Time, It Is Normal To Be Afraid At First

There is no person who is not afraid of heights. All individuals in the world are exposed to the gravitational force from the moment they meet the earth and step on the ground. Of course, expert pilots train these fears over time. For this reason, we can say that he wants to parachute from the slope, but if your fear is overpowering it, these are very natural processes. Enjoy your excitement and fears. Because these are also part of the adrenaline. You will forget all this in a short time when you are swept off your feet.

Pre-Flight Training Will Increase Your Confidence

experience provincial paragliding , instructors give you a short flight training. The excitement you experience until you reach this stage gradually leaves its place to self-confidence after the trainings you have received. Because flying is actually an unknown for almost everyone. This uncertainty can cause individuals to experience fear. However, scientific studies have shown that paragliding is one of the safest aircraft in the world. These trainings take approximately 20-30 minutes. Then the jumps take place. As long as you are in the air, you do not encounter a detail that you are unfamiliar with.

The Feeling Felt During The First Paragliding Experience Is Happiness

Every person who has never flown before often wonders, “What will I feel as I float in the sky?” The unknown creates even more excitement. As a summary of our experience of more than 20 years, we can state that the greatest feeling you will feel while flying with a parachute in the sky will be happiness. Because shortly after the jump, you realize how safe you are in an activity. Afterwards, you leave yourself to the privilege of watching Ölüdeniz from the air. Every frame and every view gives you great pleasure. If you want to get visual information about what happened, you can watch the flight videos on our Youtube channel. Watching a few videos will clear up a lot of question marks in your mind.

When You Land Your Feet, You’ll Want to Fly Again

Most of the time, there are those who say “I will never fly paragliding”. We hear those who watch people flying below say “never” all the time. But when these people meet the sky on an occasion, all these definite sentences leave their place to the feeling of “good luck”. Based on our experience, we can say with certainty that when your feet land after a flight, you will want to fly again. We will be with you then too.

Sky Fethiye, It is a flight school that gives confidence to individuals who want to have their first paragliding experience , is professional and applies an affordable tariff. Our pilots are the firsts of many people in Fethiye Ölüdeniz parachute jump . We give information about the new season details over the phone. Have a nice day.


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